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Love starts from Understanding – Riansh OS

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A girl was sitting in a living room with laptop


Girl’s pov

the most received and irritating compliment ever I received in my life is “you are so lucky ” from childhood I wanted to be a photographer but dad said it’s not needed and said me to study I thought if we study well then may be they may allow me to become a photographer but after that dad said you are good at study then continue it then I thought that yeah Im good at it then why can’t I study journalism but my father said me that it Doesn’t suit our business and family you should study Interior design as per his advice I completed Interior designing and joined a company for a experience in one year I had a first love and in another one year I had first breakup that time my father too fallen ill he scared that he would not do my marriage so within few days he arranged my marriage to his close friend’s son and I’m here in canada Hi my Name is Riddhima this is my story I don’t know who have written my story .

Pov ends

Her thoughts was distributed by a video call

Her friend sejal was on the call

Sejal – he riddhu how r you

Riddhu – hey Sejal I’m fine

Sejal – hey dude where are you

Riddhu – Canada

Sejal – it’s a good place dude have fun and how is your husband is he is Taking care of you

Riddhu – ha sejal he is a gentleman he is good than I expected

Sejal – what really

Riddhu – yeah Sejal


First night of Riddhu

Her husband – I’m feeling awkward its my room my home but I feel something awkward

I know you also feeling the same our marriage has done so soon we barely had a conversation in two days I’ll be leaving for Canada your visas are ready too I know you married me because your father said to do so till now you have lived your life from others control but from tomorrow there is no one will control you you can live your life for yourself

First night all of this just a ritual you are not forced to follow there in Canada First I’ll not force you to accept this marriage it’ll take time and I have a belief that if something happens in life it happens with a reason take your time and good night Riddhima

Flashback Ends


Sejal – sooper dude you’re so lucky

Riddhu – ok sejal he will be arriving in any minute I’ll speak to you later

Sejal – bye dude TC


A man near late 20s arrived and see Riddhima was working


Man – hey Riddhima I said right I’ll take you out we can go now

Riddhu – ok

Man – Ah Riddhima you looked great in that Pink saree will u drap it

Riddhu – actually it’s yet to wash

Man – ok then wear on your choice


They leave for the outing they reached a restaurant they settled down in table


TV was running in the restaurant a wedding function was taking place

Man – do you know weddings here are more simple and elegant I love it I also wanted these kind of simple wedding but ours was a sudden wedding

A dish was served to them

Riddhu – I think they placed wrong table

Man – that’s the speciality of this restaurant they serve your fav dish by using face recognition

Riddhu – stop playing

She opens the lid to see Pink sauce pasta

Riddhu – are you serious how do they know my favourite dish

Man smiles cheekily

Riddhu – how cheeky for a second I believed it , how you know my fav dish is Pink sauce Pasta

Man – your sister oly told me

Riddhu – Oh

She message her sister


R – Ooi did you tell him my fav food

Ah I don’t remember it Di -Radha


Man – don’t ask her I just steal it from her In conversation she just blurted out she would have forgot she told me


They both enjoyed the meal

Man – I have gift for you

He opened the box and showed a bracelet



Man – I don’t know what you understood about me but I like you and wanna a good friend with you will you accept me as your friend ?

Riddhu thought for a while and smiled at him ” yes “and taken his gift


After some days hi

It’s morning

Riddhu got up from the bed she went to fresh up and came back still he was sleeping

With a jerk he got up and see the time and ask riddhu ” Riddhima why you didn’t wake me up ”

R- you were sleeping since we’re working last night for some time so I thought not to disturb your sleep

” You should have woke me up Riddhima today I have very important meeting ” he said

R – o common yaar I was going to wake up after freshning up

“Don’t talk more than this I’m going I do not need Breakfast too ”

Before she say something he was in hurry mood he got fresh up and said ” I Don’t know how I will reach office tram will also be not Available in this time ”

Riddhima says – then take car

” Parking will not be Available I cannot search for it now I’ll leave bye Riddhima ”

He came out of the home he could see Riddhima was sitting in the car ” don’t worry I’ll drop you no more words ”

He just smiled and sat in the car

On the way he was adoring Riddhu

Riddhima asked what after seeing his continuous stares

” Your brother said you know to drive car but I did not guess you actually drive very well ”

He said with a smile

She was undisturbed , finally she reached his office , she dropped him he asked ” you know the way right or shall I …..”

Before he complete she said “the person who knows to come they know to go too ” Riddhi leaves in the car by saying it directly at his face



Riddhima was preparing toast And in the background her favourite song (my personal favourite 😜) was playing



she was dancing to that her husband came silently and he was admiring her dance and she was shocked and surprised to see him

He exclaimed ” you dance really well Riddhima ”

She became silent and he understands it

He say ” hey I know you are angry on me I’m sorry Riddhima ”

Riddhu – I don’t like the people who blame other for their mistake you got up late but u blame me

He just holds his ears and says sorry , but Riddhima didn’t melt for his sorry she comes to lawn and surprised to see


A lot of emoji cushions she was surprised she smiles seeing that emojis

She comes and sits in the middle of the cushions and start to hug each emoji cussion

She see her husband and questions “how do you know I love emojis ”

He answers ” your dad told me if you are angry you would like to hug your emoji cushions then your anger comes down I don’t know which emoji you like so bought all of it 😜 ”

At end Riddhu ‘s anger comes down

They both smiles at each other

Like this both understand each other they spend time with each other


After few weeks

Sejal calls Riddhu

R- hey Sejal

S- hey Riddhima how r u how is your life

R – I’m fine good it’s great

She was telling how well they understand eachother and how happy she is now in the end she says Sejal” Sejal actually I decided to start my life with him so I’m going tell him about my past”

S – are you crazy everything is ok now why are you going to spoil it man

R- no seju I can’t be untruthful to him I’m not going to hide then it will be mistake from my side

S – you are not responsible for your Break up with Lakshya you boldly told your mom about your love, but it was him who has not a courage to tell it to His family and he broke up with you your life is getting better now so don’t spoil it your self

R- no sejal I’m going to tell him that to today itself he deserves to know the truth

S- ok riddhu all the best I just pray that your relation with him doesn’t get spoiled bye Take care


Riddhima comes to living room after finishing her conversation with Sejal and see him listening 🎧 to songs she comes and keeps her hand on his shoulders he takes of the headphones and asks ” what happened Riddhima you wanna talk with me ”

She nods her head

He holds her hand and made her sit in the opposite chair ” what ”

R- Actually I wanna tel..l you about my..self

He looks confused

( Taking a deep breath she continues )

R- about my past when I was working I had a relationship when I was working

He get up to leave Riddhu hold him ” I’m sorry I will not talk about it I don’t know you will …..” Before she completes her sentence she could sense that he was laughing like a maniac , ” so..rry riddhu you thought I will get angry right but why would I get angry I know it you loved him a lot but it was because of him you broke up right ”

Riddhu was shocked and asked ” how do you know ”

He replied “your mom and brother actually even your dad said it suddenly that he want marry you to me but your Mom and Brother Angre told all about your first love and then proceeded I don’t know about other things but you are lucky in your family matter you are lucky to have them ”

Riddhu smiled and felt relieved and felt really good knowing about her family

After few more days

Riddhu made coffee ☕ for both of them and sat in a chair near him and hand over his coffee to him

He asked ” how was your day ”

Riddhu smiled ” Mmm good ”

RH – Riddhu’s husband

R – Riddhu

RH – had a watched your favourite soap opera

R – mm yeah today I talked with mom

RH- you speak with your mom daily right

R- I’m not talking about my mom I talked with your mom

RH – wah you speak with my mom too mm not bad so what she said

R – I asked her to come and stay here but she said she will get bored

RH – ah yaar Riddhima she will not like to stay here she will say she is bored here I called her many times

R – yeah but I said just for 2 month s but she said ok if she gets her grandchild she may come to take care of them

RH – I thought these topic will come that’s why I didn’t call her frequent

R- so when shall I call her

RH – you said she Will not come

R – yeah but she said na she will come if she gets her grandchild she may come to take care of them ( she smiles teasingly her husband understands ) they both go to their room and closed the door And my brilliant readers would have guessed the become one in all means



A guy is jogging and came near a par, his memories goes back


His pov

Life gives us chance to get better in life Me and Riddhima were child hood buddies due to some reason my family shifted to Delhi for few years after 16 years we returned to Mumbai I have seen Riddhima in a function from a sweet little girl she turned in to a beautiful lady but it was my bad luck she didn’t remember me and our childhood memories when I was about to talk to her that I see her with her Boyfriend I felt it was my bad luck I could not forget her so to change my mind I applied a job here in Canada I came here and started my life after some months my friends informed me she had a broke up and her father had a health issues Suddenly I thought it was my luck and life is giving another chance to get my love I decided not to miss this chance immediately I called my dad and asked him to visit his Friend I’m eagerly waiting that either my father or Riddhu’s father will talk about our marriage and finally it happened I was so happy and we got married and now we love each other I wanted Riddhu to accept me and our marriage not by situation but by mutual love and understanding since Love starts from Understanding each other

Hi my name is Vansh I have written Riddhima’s story

Pov ends


End of story


So hi guys this is my next OS sorry for the delay I hope you are not angry with me this story is a Tamil Short flim I liked it personally and I wanted as Riansh version all your comments are welcome






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