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Love is everywhere (a new entry) Episode 10

Hey guys this an another one as am not sure that I will be paying tommorow or not so let’s start 

Episode 9

It’s morning everyone wakes up

At dinning table

Rivan : sweetheart where is my meethibhaat

Lady : my son also love meethibhaat

Ridhima s smiles but from inside she was shivering

Ridhima : here is it my handsome hunk and I hope u got the email that of your project so start completing it ok after eating go and start your project

All the children : ok

Mahir arrives and said : I have pst in new about it I hope will get it soon

Lady : what about u are talking beta

Mahir :  I have pst your pics in new paper and channel if your family is in Mumbai then he surely come to take

Lady : thank u beta in today s life their is very less helpful people

Bela : asyi koi baat NAHI aur ek insan ek insan ki help karta hai

After their breakfast ridhima was teaching drawing to tanu in the hall bela was cooking mahir was busy in his laptop and sejal was painting her nails and chit chatting with that unknown lady and other children were doing their project

The scene freezes

The scene shifts to vr mansion

Everyone gets up they prayed to MANDIR and they breakfast and vansh sat at the sofa with new paper and Aryan was busy in laptop and siya and ishani was chit chatting and chanchal was in kitchen with dadi for cooking and rudra and angre were talking about bussiness the tv on s and in tv the reporter says

Reporters : aj mashur bussiness woman ridhima seghal ke ko kaal raat ek unknown lady milithi woh big injured yeh dekhiye is unknown lady ( the reporter shows the pic and raisinghania were shock vansh was about get a heart attack but didn’t) miss Rs ne request ki hai ki agar koi bhi inhe jante hai toh plz Rs mansion peh jayiye  or inhe contact kare on 9743******** the tv offs by mistakely by vansh hand

Vansh: mom she is alive

Aryan : yes badi mom is alive and bhabi founded her

Siya : yes

All raisinghania were very happy and Aryan

Aryan : bhai we can do ek tir seh do nisane

Vansh : yes I know what to do let’s go

All rai singhania went to Rs mansion

The scene shifts to Rs mansion

ridhima thinking : this aunty who s mother she would be

Suddenly a husky voice said : she is my mother

All seghal s and unknown aunty went to gate and ridhima was he’ll shocked seeing rai singhania

Riddhima: hello Mr vr

vansh: hii miss Rs so she is my mother (pointing to uma )

ridhima: any prove

Vansh : these is my DNA report you can plz check with my mother as u have admitted her yesterday so u can check with

ridhima: sure ashima

Ashima came with DNA ridhima match s with the vansh DNA reports and she was super shocked and she said

Riddhima: it’s match

vansh : so can I take her

Lady : who are u beta

Riddhima: aunty yeh apka beta

( pomu u were half right )

Lady : saach

ridhima: haa DNA reprt match karta haa

Bela : congrats aunty

Vansh hugs her mother raisinghania s share a grp hug and suddenly a cars comes a girl and a boy comes and bela goes their and hugs and said

Bela : at last u came vish

( guys in naagin 3 peh vishakha bhi thi)

Vish: yes let’s go hi ridhu

Ridhu was super happy

ridhima: agayi mere behen

( guys vish ridhima ki apni behen ha aur mahir ki bhi)

end  precap : plz don’t say no . Do comments target 30 love u all and maaf karna if any spelling or grammar mistake is their 

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