hi friends ☺️.here is the short teaser for friendship and love!!.


kartik and naira are romancing in a park..

naira: kartik….you are always on romantic mood.

Kartik: what to do my jaan?you are attracting me in such a way that I couldn’t resist myself from romancing you…

naira feels shy hearing this and kartik sees her shyness and he gets close to kiss her..

naira closes her eyes due to kartik coming close…while someone watches this from hiding behind a tree and he is said to be Aditya.

aditya gets angry seeing them together and he scratches tree’s branches in full anger and..

Aditya POV: no..naira is only mine.how can he come in between me and naira??.I won’t let him come near my naira…she belongs only to me!!I will separate him  from my naira now…

he smirks in anger and takes a knife out and smiles evilly.



suwarna visits vedika’s house and calls her and vedika comes and..

Suwarna: I came here to fix your marriage alliance with my Kartik beta..and are you okay with it?

vedika becomes happy hearing this..

vedika: iam so happy aunty..I always love kartik from our school days..

Suwarna: I know that you and kartik know each other since school days and that’s why I want to fix your marriage with my son and iam happy to accept you as my bahu..

Vedika: thank you aunty..

suwarna wears a chunri to Vedika and..

suwarna: ok beta..I will come tomorrow and fix the marriage with your mother and father okay?

Vedika: ok aunty..



professor Neil gets angry on Avni (the reason will be shown on episode)and shouts..

professor Neil shouts: just get out of my class miss.avni Parikh..

Avni: sir…

Neil shouts: I don’t want to hear any reasons from you miss.avni. I just told you to get out orelse I have to throw you out..it’s better you yourself get out of my class.

avni cries and goes out slowly out of classroom..



shivani is watching tv in her house and she sees a headlines..

”actor vyom and actress nikki are shooting for their film in Udaipur for their next project and it is going to be a special for them as they located in Udaipur and they are shooting near star hotel in udaipur”

seeing this shivani jumps in joy and decides to see her fan and crush in real and so goes to that place and she tries to enter the shooting area but the guards stop her..

guards: sorry madam..outsiders are not allowed and only the cast and crew of the movie are allowed here…

shivani becomes upset and she decides to jump inside through climbing the wall without the knowledge of guards and in the same way she jumps inside the wall but to her shock she falls down on the camera sets were the shooting has been recorded and the cameras gets destroyed which shocks her…

shivani POV: ohh noo..what did I do??if anyone sees me then iam gone…I have to escape somehow.

as the cast and crew were in break time they were sitting in other side and hearing the breaking sound the main lead vyom decides to see what is happening and he goes towards the side where the sound came and shivani tries to escape by climbing the wall but vyom reaches there before she escapes and shivani gets scared seeing vyom before her….


naksh and Keerthi:

naksh is seen walking on the road..

Naksh POV: today iam going to propose Keerthi..I asked her to come to park by telling lie but I will tell truth once she comes there by proposing…

thinking this he smiles himself and he reaches park and gets shocked to see Keerthi already there and she is seen standing opposite side facing her back towards naksh and he fears to tell his love but slowly he goes near her but doesn’t face her face and…

Naksh(in scared): I love you…..I really loved from start but due to fear whether you will accept me or not I dint propose till now but today I got courage to propose and I proposed you and my love is always true for you..will you accept me?

afyer proposing he bends down in his knees with a rose in his hands while Keerthi is still standing in opposite direction and hearing this she gets happy and turns towards naksh and naksh gets shocked seeing her face…

Naksh: tara?

Tara happily: naksh…I always loved you from our college days and I was waiting for you to propose and finally you proposed me.. thank you so much.

tara hugs naksh out of happiness and naksh stands still thinking something..

Naksh POV: how did tara came here?.ohh noo..now tara misunderstood that I love her but I love only keerthi.how will I explain her now??

naitik and akshara watches this from far and gets shocked…



bani gets angry on someone and was about to slap but veer holds her hand..

bani gets angry on veer and shouts..

Bani shouts: leave my hand..what do you want?who are you to stop me from slapping her???it’s my personal problem so just get away…

veer looks her angrily and..

Veer: if it’s your personal problem then it’s my personal problem too because the girl who you was going to slap is my bestie!!.I wont allow you to harm her…

Bani: ohh..so you are that idiot’s friend huh?

veer gets angry on hearing ‘idiot’ and slaps bani hard which shocks her…

Veer angrily: if you tell anything against my friend then I can go any extent to revenge for it…understood?

telling this he takes away his friend..(GUESS WHO IS THAT?)


hey friends!!!.this is the teaser and hope you all would have enjoyed it…so please comment!!.






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