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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Amrit accepts Veer’s condition

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amrit scolding the beggar for acting blind. He says people will kill me knowing my drama. She asks him about Randhir. Beggar says yes, I have seen him waiting for an hour, his car broke down. She says I can free Randhir now. Reporters trouble Nalini more. Vashma answers from Nalini’s side and defends her image. She asks the reporters to keep the image of Nalini well, she serves the people by her work. Nalini smiles. Beggar tries to suffocate Amrit. Veer comes there and kicks that man. He asks how dare you touch Amrit. Amrit says I will handle him myself. He says he is your only proof. He ties the man. She says leave him… He asks Amrit to really marry him if she wants to save Randhir. She gets shocked. The beggar says leave me. Veer points gun at him and asks him to shut up. Veer says you don’t love Randhir, you can’t save him from defamation, I m just asking you to marry me, I promise to get Randhir freed. She says I misunderstood you. She scolds him.

He says I also want someone to love me, I can’t hurt you, you are my pride, you want to help Randhir, you love him and find happiness with him, I find happiness with you, none can snatch you from me, marry me Amrit. She slaps him. She says I won’t stay with you, I will get Randhir freed, love isn’t snatched like this. Veer says I don’t know any other way. They argue. He shouts then help Randhir, if you are confident and proud of your love. He takes the beggar with him. She thinks to prove Randhir innocent.

Randhir thinks did Amrit know Veer’s truth or not. Amrit sees the servant going out. She thinks to find a proof. She thinks Veer has hidden the beggar here. He follows Veer. Vashma gets scolded by Saroj. She says Uday and Vijender went to catch that culprit. Saroj says that culprit is Randhir. Vashma says we want justice for you, we promise to find the culprit. Saroj says you and Randhir came as a curse in our lives, you have no value in my eyes. Vashma prays for Randhir and Amrit’s love. Amrit thinks that’s the beggar. She shouts stop. She sees Veer. He smiles.

He says you think you will get the proof easily, marry me, then I will give you the evidences, Randhir will get freed easily. She refuses. He says I have already sent Babu bhai after the servant, I will find out where you have hidden the witness. Amrit goes home and looks for Babu bhai. She gets his letter that he is going on a holiday. Veer says I have tricked you, you have no way than to accept my condition, marry me. She says sorry, this won’t happen. He says don’t be stubborn, I know if Randhir gets hurt, then you won’t be happy, I will give you a last chance, else you can’t help him later. She says I will bring out the truth. She goes to the police station to meet Randhir. She gets his death news and screams. She says nothing can happen to him. Veer comes and says thanks. He says Randhir is fine now, but won’t be fine always. He threatens her. He says he will really die. He thinks of Randhir. She thinks there is no way to save Randhir, I have no way than accepting Veer’s condition. Randhir asks Vijender to make him meet Amrit. Vijender calls Amrit there. Amrit recalls Veer’s words. Randhir says you know Veer is a big liar, just Veer is the reason for all this, he framed me. Amrit slaps him and shouts. Veer smiles seeing this.

Amrit thinks her sacrifice is to save her love. Randhir thinks I have decided to hate you now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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