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Kkb (Love of Life) Episode 5

In the previous episode Shahana asks Prachi the real reason behind her tension.Pragya is quietly watching them as she notices that Prachi is tensed.
Prachi describes the whole incident which happened at restaurant and office to Shahana. Pragya gets dumbstruck on hearing this.

Shahana – How can Rhea do this….
But stops in between noticing Pragya.
Pragya falls on her knees and cries, Prachi and Shahana go to her to console her.
Pragya- How can Rhea do this to me? I know she hates me but why, why did she asked her dad to marry Meera. She knows that I love him a lot and still why did she do this to me?
Prachi ( in tears ) – Maa she is like that but don’t u worry papa has promised me that he will convince Rhea to accept us before marriage. And I am sure papa will definitely do it.
Prachi and Shahana hug Pragya and take her to room. They make Pragya sleep and then they go to their room.
Shahana – I am sorry Prachi, it happened all becoz of me. If I would hv not asked u then massi would never come to know about.

Prachi- Don’t be sorry Shahana. Maa would hv got to know it some or the other day also and if this was that day then it’s okay. It’s really difficult for her to face the truth but she has to she can not run away from it. And I fully trust papa that he will make everything okay.
Shahana- I also trust Mehra sir. Let’s sleep now, I am too tired.
Prachi and Shahana go to their room and sleep.
In Mehra Mansion
The whole Mehra family hv their dinner and go to their respective rooms after it. While Rhea and Alia get ready to execute their plan to instigate Abhi against Prachi .
Alia – All the best Rhea. U go to ur room then I’ll come.
Rhea- Okay buji. But u make sure that dad also follows u.
Alia- Yes Rhea. Go fast bhai is coming
Rhea rushes to her room. While Alia intentionally asks Abhi about Rhea’s whereabouts. Abhi tells that she must be in her room.

Abhi’s POV
Why Alia is asking about Rhea?Alia can be behind the cause of Rhea’s hatred towards Pragya. I should also follow her to know what’s the matter.
After Alia leaves for Rhea’s room Abhi also follows her.
Alia comes to Rhea’s room and asks her to start the plan. While Abhi o very nice girl, she is not like that. But why would Rhea lie to Alia, she can lie to the whole world but not to Alia. In fact they both were not knowing that I was listening them quietly. It means that Prachi, Prachi is the real reason behind Rhea’s suicide attempt. I’ll not forgive u Prachi what ever u did with Rhea was wrong. But I’ll make this whole thing right by getting Ranbir and Rhea married.
Abhi is anger and cannot think anymore about it as his mind is filled with the nonsense told by Rhea and Alia. He leaves for his , while Alia and Rhea see him.
Alia – Well done sweetheart bhai got trapped in our plan
Rhea – Yes buji we did it, now by tomorrow be ready to hear the good news of my and Ranbir’s marriage.
Alia- I am ready sweetheart, in fact u should be ready to make Ranbir urs.
They both celebrate their victory and get happy.Alia bids farewell to Rhea and wishes her good night and goes to sleep.

The next morning
In Mehra & Kohli Mansion
Abhi calls everyone down including Rhea and Ranbir.
Pallavi – What happened Abhi, why did u call us?
Abhi – Actually Pallavi I want to talk about Rhea and Ranbir.

Pallavi – Why do u want to talk about them?
Abhi – I want Rhea and Ranbir to get married, if u and Vikram are happy with this decision.
Ranbir gets stun on hearing this.
Ranbir- But chief I don’t….
Pallavi cuts Ranbir in between
Pallavi- I and Vikram hv no problem with this alliance, in fact Ranbir loves Rhea I guess he is also not having any problem . Right Ranbir?
Ranbir is about to say no but suddenly remembers the words of Pallavi’ s doctor who said that her heart is weak and everything should happen according to her otherwise she won’t be able to tolerate it.
Ranbir- Yes, chief I am ready to marry Rhea.
Ranbir’s POV
I need to talk to Prachi about it, I know she’ll understand my condition. She knows that I love her very much.

Abhi and Pallavi get very happy. Rhea hugs Abhi and thanks him for this wonderful gift.
Vikram is sad thinking about Ranbir as he knows that he loves Prachi, but thinks about all the bad things Prachi has done with Ranbir to get him.
Meanwhile Abhi also decides to talk to Pragya about his engagement and also about Prachi’s wrong doings.
Alia- So let’s get Rhea and Ranbir engaged at the same day of bhai and Meera’s engagement.
Rhea gets happy on hearing this and thinks now her real plan will be successful.
Rhea – Yes buji, two engagement on same day , I am so excited.

In Rhea’s room
Alia hugs Rhea- Wow our plan succeeded Rhea.
Rhea- Yes buji, yes but u did a great job by fixing my engagement on the same day of dad and Meera aunty’s.
Ranbir calls Prachi and asks her to meet in the restaurant.

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