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Hamariwali Good News 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera makes a plan against Adi

Hamariwali Good News 3rd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Adi seeing Navya from far. He tries to ruin their date. Meera sees Adi and thinks he is so mean, he will never change. She throws a bottle in his way. Adi steps on it and falls aside. Navya sees Adi. Everyone comes. Adi asks why did you call me here, to show your romantic dinner. Navya asks when did I call you. Akki says I m sure you called him here. Mukund asks what’s this new drama. Adi says your bahu, sorry, your daughter, Navya called me, I think Ritvik doesn’t keep her happy, she finds excuses to come close to me. Ritvik gets angry. Navya stops him. Devika smiles. Mukund scolds Adi. Meera stops Mukund and asks them to calm down. Adi says I can tell about Navya’s character. Mukund says I will not leave you now.

Meera says control yourself, Adi is cheap, I will see him. Mukund asks Navya to pack her bags. He says we won’t stay here now. Ritvik says she is my wife, I will protect her respect, I will not let her stay here until Adi is here, I will go with her. Meera thinks Ritvik didn’t think about me even once. Devika says you won’t go anywhere. Ritvik asks Navya to get Bharat. Meera says you wanted to know why I m supporting Akki, actually Akki is pregnant, I can’t tell this to anyone, Devika won’t think of anything and get abortion done, Akki wants to keep the baby, its not the baby’s mistake, I m doing this to save Akki’s baby, now their future is in your hands. Navya cries.

Navya talks to Renuka and says this baby is your heir, your blood. Ritvik says Navya doesn’t feel safe here, I won’t let her stay here, so I m taking her along. He asks Navya to come. Navya says I won’t leave this house, I have no problem with Adi and Akki’s marriage, why shall I leave my house because of them, they want this, I won’t let them win, I m handling the responsibilities of this house. Ritvik says I respect your feelings, but I can’t let you suffer with them, we are leaving, come with me. Meera asks Akki to stop Ritvik, else Devika will not leave her. Devika gets angry and says when everyone has to do their wishful, then they don’t need me. Meera makes Adi fall in Navya’s feet. She asks Adi to apologize, if he wants to marry Akki, he loves Akki, right. Akki and Adi apologize.

Mukund says we won’t stay in this house. Meera stops him. She says Navya is doing this because of Renuka’s values, she can’t leave those values, she is keeping the respect of her Sasural, I m glad that Ritvik got a wife like Navya, Renuka was like her right, Navya is her reflection right. Its morning, Navya thanks Meera. Meera says I told the truth, you are sensible. Navya asks why can’t we tell dad about Akki.

Meera says you know him, he will not support us, Ritvik is sensible, I felt he loves me a lot, he will always stay with me, but yesterday he was ready to leave the house, he didn’t think about me, I was shocked when he said that, he was angry and would have broken Adi’s hands, think how will he feel if he knows about Akki, he knows that Adi is so mean. Navya asks what’s your plan. Meera says we have to show Akki that Adi loves her money, he doesn’t love her. Navya says Akki is with Adi. Meera says he has no interest in Akki, he wants her money, I have to tell this to Akki. Navya says I m just thinking that Adi changed so much. Meera tells some plan. Navya takes Bharat home. Adi sees her and blocks her way. He scolds her for insulting him in front of everyone. He says don’t forget that you were my wife, I know you very well. She gets angry. He asks why are you scared of me. Meera says I knew he will bring out his truth himself, Navya should provoke him.

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