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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 92

The episode starts with Riddhima shouting and screaming.

She wasn’t accepting what she has known from Vansh.
She wasn’t accepting that she has lost her both legs.
Riddhima( screaming): Noooooooooo. No Vansh. No. This can’t happen. No. Tell me that it is just a prank. Tell me that it is a very silly joke from you. Tell me anything other than that. I didn’t have lost my legs, right? Please tell me that you are joking. Please tell me that I’m right and I didn’t have lost my legs. My legs, no. No no no no. Nooooooooooo.
Riddhima kept shouting and screaming in a very paining way.
She was paining so much when she has got sure that what Vansh has said is true and it isn’t a prank.

She wasn’t able to accept this truth.
She has just thrown herself in Vansh’s arms.

She was hugging him while she was paining so much.
Riddhima: Vansh, I have lost my legs!! I will never be able to walk with you or copy you like I always do. I will never be able to come from your back and hug. I will never be able to make you run after me and I could tease you. I will never be able to do anything from we have used to do it Vansh. I will never return like before Vansh. I have lost myself and I have lost everything. My life has just got destroyed. I’m so broken. I’m not able to accept this. I just hope that it is just a very very very very bad nightmare and I will wake up from it now. I will wake up and I will find myself walking with you while holding hands and reaching to our house together. Nothing from this is true, right?
Vansh wasn’t able to say anything.
He was so broken while seeing Riddhima in this state.

Vansh to himself: I don’t know what I could say to minimize your pain and hurt with it sweetheart. I know that it is the most turning point in your life. Actually, not just in your life but also in my life. What affects you also affects me Riddhima. I’m really shattered seeing you like this, but I have to be strong for you.
Vansh has came closer to Riddhima.
Then he has kissed her in her forehead.

Vansh: I don’t want to see you that broken Riddhima. You are my strong and powerful Riddhima that nothing could weak her or take her powers. It is a tough moment and it will pass. I will keep being with you sweetheart and I will never leave you at this moment or at any other time. Trust me Riddhima still so many beautiful moments are on the way. This isn’t the end. Please don’t say that you have lost everything. Please. I really get so much hurt when I see you in this state. I understand your pain Riddhima and I will not tell you to not be broken and not cry because you have the right to do that, but please don’t be in that state please.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a shattered face reaction.

Then she has lost consciousness.
She has fainted inside Vansh’s arms.

Vansh has panicked so much seeing her fainting.

He has called the doctor.
Then the doctor has came and checked Riddhima.
Vansh’s worry and pain was so high.
Kabir has also came at this moment.
He was being super worried and shattered.

Kabir: What has happened with Riddhima Vansh?!?!! Why she has fainted?!!!!
The doctor has made Vansh and Kabir out.
He was just with the nurses checking on Riddhima.
Outside Riddhima’s room, the stress was very very scattered everywhere.
Vansh was so broken and he was so worried about Riddhima.

He was trying to be strong for her.
So he could support her.
Vansh to himself: I know that it will not be easy on us Riddhima, but we will pass it. We will pass this tough situation like we have used to pass each and every tough moment we have faced it. Everything will get better and easier when we are together. Please God give us the strength to pass this breakdown.
Kabir has came near Vansh.

He was trying to calm him down.
Kabir: She will be fine Vansh. Finally, she has waked up and her state got stable. The other stuff will be easier. At least, she is with us and she will never leave us. I know that she will be in a very huge breakdown, but she will pass it. At the end, we are all with her. Her brother with her. Her husband with her. Her gang and her whole family is with her. Everything will be fine.
Vansh has putted his hand on Kabir’s shoulder.
Vansh: Each one of us is paining and still trying to comfort the other. What an situational irony we are on it?!!!! But you are right Kabir. Riddhima is surrounded with all her beloved ones and she will be able to pass this breakdown easily when we are with her.
Afterwards, the doctor has gotten out from Riddhima’s room.
He has informed them that he has given Riddhima sleeping pills so she could take some rest.
Then he has told them about her state and how she is now in a huge shock which must make them be very careful while they are treating her.
The doctor: Misses Riddhima’s shock is so high which could make her do anything. So please be very careful with her especially when she could get out from here. As we could discharge her within 2 days or less it depends on her state and also we must to be sure that she will receive a good treatment from you all otherwise her staying here is much better.
Vansh: No doctor, we want Riddhima to return at home if her state got better. We will be able to handle her and we will be able to be very careful with her.
Kabir: Yes doctor Riddhima will be better when return home.
The doctor: Okay as you wish. We just must be sure of her state and then we could discharge her.
At the second day, Riddhima has waked up after the sleeping pills effect got disappeared.
She has forgotten her state and she has forgotten that she has lost her legs.
So she has thought that she will be able to get up from bed and walk.
Which hasn’t happened and she has fallen on the floor.
She starts crying badly.

Riddhima to herself( crying): You aren’t dreaming Riddhima. You have to get to the truth and accept it. You will not be able to walk like before. This floor will always be your place. You will always be down Riddhima. You will never be like before.
Riddhima was in a very huge and tough breakdown.

She wasn’t feeling about anything.
She has felt that life has stopped at this point.
She has felt that she has lost everything by the loss of her legs.
Her breakdown was very high and huge.
She was in so much shock and pain.

Riddhima to herself( shouting and crying): Why?!!! Why this is happening with me?????! Why?! What I have done?!!! I didn’t have done any bad thing in my life so why I’m taken such a huge and tough punishment?! Why?!!!!! I can’t bear this loss. I’m nothing without my legs. I’m nothing.
She kept crying and paining.
At that moment, Vansh has came to Riddhima’s room.
He has rushed to her quickly when he has found her falling at the floor.
He has lifted her.

Then he has putted her on bed.
He has got closer to her.
He was trying to calm her down.
He wasn’t needing to ask her about the reason of the state that he has found her on it as he was understanding everything.
He has just started removing the sweat that were scattered allover her face.
Then he gets water to her and he starts taking care about her.

Vansh: I’m with you Riddhima. You could shout, cry, and scream. I will understand it. I understand your sorrows. Yes I can’t be in your place and I can’t exactly feel what you are feeling, but trust me sweetheart I’m owing the same pain that you own it. We are connected to each other Riddhima don’t forget that. What you feel it I feel it and..
Riddhima: And what you feel it I also feel it as as well. I know Vansh. I can’t forget that. I know that you are with me and understanding me. I know that you will not give me fake sympathy. I know that you aren’t feeling pity on me. I know that you will not give me this look that makes me feel that I got so weak and now I need help from everyone around me. I know that Vansh. I know that you love me so much and you care a lot about me. And actually this love of yours is what is giving me strength. Your love is what is making still alive and I didn’t have died till now.
Vansh has putted his hand near Riddhima’s lips in a very paining and angry way.

Vansh( angry in a caring way): Don’t you dare to repeat this word once again. I can’t live without you. Even for a second. I can’t Riddhima. Don’t you ever say this word again. Nothing should happen to you Riddhima. Riddhima is Vansh’s strength. So how you could weaken Vansh Rai Singhania by such words. Please don’t say it again Riddhima please otherwise I will be very upset from you.
Riddhima has hugged Vansh so tightly.

Riddhima( teary): I’m sorry. I would never repeat this word. Sorry.
Vansh: Don’t apologize. Just be more closer to me and I will be fine. I just want to keep hugging you like that.
Vansh and Riddhima have hugged each other a very warm and paining hug.
Each one of them was needing the other.
Each one of them was paining so much.
At night, Riddhima has got discharged and she has returned back to VR mansion.
Vansh was sure to not make anyone talk a lot with her to not make her feel bad for the over sympathy that could not make her be relaxed.
So he has taken her to their room.
She was being on an wheelchair and Vansh was guiding her to their room.
After they have reached their room, Vansh has lifted Riddhima.

Then he has made her lay on the bed.
Riddhima was silent.
She was trying to get used to her new life.
She was just looking at everything in a paining way.

Vansh has felt that.
So he has came closer to her.
Then he has putted his hand around her to pacify her and calm her down.

He was looking at her deeply while he was doing that.
Vansh: What is happening with my girl?! Why she is that distracted and looking at the room in that weird way?! As if it is the first time to enter it. By the way, we have so many hot memories here and if you want me to make you remember it I don’t mind.
He has said those last words in a sarcastic tone in a way to get Riddhima out of the mood.
But her heartbreak was so high that there isn’t any trail of Vansh could be able to calm her down and be succeeded.
Riddhima( in a very shattered tone): I really feel as if it is the first time to me to enter this room. It is really the first time to enter it while I’m being in this state. It is the first time to enter it without my legs. The first time to enter it while I’m on this stupid wheelchair.
She has looked at the wheelchair.

Riddhima: I’m not able to imagine that all those stuff has happened. I can’t really imagine that now I will spend my whole life in this stupid wheelchair. I got weak Vansh. I got so weak.
At this moment, Kabir and Ishani along with Angre and Ragini have came.
They have hugged Riddhima so tightly.
Then Ishani has looked at Riddhima in a caring and sorry way.

Ishani: Don’t say that bhabi. I don’t want to hear those words that I have heard it from you while I was entering the room. Please don’t say such words.
Ragini: You are so strong Riddhima. You can’t make anything weaken you.
Kabir: You are my powerful Riddhima. So you can’t give up.
Angre: It isn’t the end Riddhima. It is just the beginning. This sorrow will give you the power to do more and more in your life. You have to be more stronger and don’t surrender.
Riddhima was understanding their love and care, but their words were hurting her more.
So she was so strict with them.
Riddhima: I don’t need to hear those words please. I don’t want any sympathy guys. I just need to be alone. Can you all please leave me alone? Please.
They have understood her pain.
So they have directly left her alone to not disturb her.
Vansh was just sitting beside her without saying a word.
Riddhima: I’m sorry Vansh, but can you also leave. I just want to be alone.
Vansh: But Riddhima I don’t want to leave you.
Riddhima: Please Vansh. I need to be alone.
Vansh: I will not go anywhere Riddhima, but I will just sit on the balcony so if you have needed me I could come quickly to you.
Vansh has left Riddhima and went to their room’s balcony.
Riddhima was so broken.

Riddhima to herself: I can’t tolerate their looks and their so much care and pity. I have to end this forever. I can’t bear this new life. I can’t.
Precap: “I want to break this marriage Vansh. I don’t deserve you. You don’t deserve a life with half wife.”

The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Let’s see what will be Vanah’s react on Riddhima’s decision. Let’s see how the story will end and how will be the final episodes. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes. And do keep praying for me. Thank you so much guys for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 38 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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