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Falling for an alien episode 3 by attractiveuser- Riddhima searches for the button

Episode starts:

Riddhima was crying because she lost her button.

Mrini: don’t cry! We will find it!

Riddhima: yaa. I will find it at any cost.

She wiped her tears and left to the café. She gave the money she earned to Ms. Crechet. Ms. Crechet guided her to the room. She went to the room to take some rest as there was a small party held by someone at the café today so she needed to be available. She was just wondering where is her button. Soon time passed and the party started. Riddhima got ready and went out. It was a big party. Everyone was coming when a man approched her.

Man: hey beautiful!

Riddhima turned to him.

Riddhima: who are you! Do you need any help sir?

Man: I am Aryan..Aryan rai Singhania! The owner of this party is me!

Riddhima: ohh! Glad to meet you sir!

Aryan: it would be better if you call me just Aryan.

Riddhima smiled and nodded. The party continued. Aryan and Riddhima formed a good bond with each other.Soon the guests started leaving. Now only Aryan was left.

Riddhima: I hope you liked the party decorations Aryan.

Aryan: yes I liked them very much. But why do you behave weird like an alien(joking)

Riddhima: because I am one!(excited)

Aryan: come on Riddhima! Don’t joke!

Riddhima: I am not joking! I am really an alien.

Aryan: is it so!! You know I am also an alien(teasing)

Riddhima being innocent really thought that he is an alien.

Riddhima: oh wow from which planet you are(excited)

Aryan looked at her in disbelief. He didn’t thought that  she would go to such an extent.

Aryan: Riddhima leave all this! Can we  be friends!

Riddhima: why not!

He forwards his hand. They both handshake.

Aryan: why are you wearing these gloves?

Riddhima: don’t you know it’s important for aliens to wear these gloves otherwise it will cause serious problem if he touch humans.

Aryan(pissed off): Riddhima do the hell with the alien! I was just joking! I am leaving.

He leaves.

Riddhima: mrini! He was strange! Why didn’t he tell his planet name!

Mrini: idiot he was a human only! He was just joking with you!

Riddhima makes a face.

Riddhima: oh no! I forgot we have to search for our button.

Mrini: yes search.

Riddhima informs Ms.Crechet that she has some work and leaves to search for her button. She was walking aimlessly on the road.

Riddhima: how to find my button.

Vansh was exiting from a restaurant and saw her.

Vansh: why do I see her everywhere.

He see a car was about to hit her. He was running to save her but the car came and she vanished and then again she appeared when the car went. Vansh was shocked.(vansh be like-ailaa jaadu🙂😂) .

Riddhima: this is a very busy road. I can’t walk like this! Wait!

She uses her magical powers and the whole world stops. The world freezes. All the cars and persons freeze except vansh and Riddhima. Vansh was shocked.

Riddhima: now it will be easy for me.

Vansh goes to her. He looks at him shocked.

Vansh: how did you do this! I know I was not hallucinating! You have some magic powers!

Riddhima acts to freeze.

Vansh: hey!! Hello!!

She acts like she is freezed like the whole world.

Riddhima (thinking): how is he not freezed! I freezed the whole world! What is he!! Why are my magical powers not working on him! That’s why I feel some connection with him! But what is this how can it happen!

She unfreezes everyone and starting walking like nothing happened.

Vansh: hey you! Stop!

She walks like she heard nothing.

Vansh: god! This girl! I think I need a doctor! I am really hallucinating.

He holds her head and leaves to his car.

Riddhima: mrini!

Mrini: yes!

Riddhima: why was my magic not working on him!

Mrini: how will I know!

Riddhima: you know everything!

Mrini: no!

Riddhima was searching for her button not knowing that the person she met just now ,i.e., vansh has her button.

Riddhima: I am not able to find it! Let’s go back! I will find it tomorrow!

Precap: Riddhima: no mrini Nothing will happen to you! Wake up mrini!(crying)

Next episode will be damn emotional 🙂😂! Be ready with your tissues before reading the next episode! Something will happen to mrini🙁😂! No juta chappal allowed because I know mrini is everyone’s favourite 🙂😂! Hope you all like the episode!

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