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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-38)

Chapter- 38

After one and a half month:-

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 10 pm:-

In Vansh’s room:-

Riddhima was sitting on the sofa in room watching Vansh who was sleeping on bed with bandage on his head

Riddhima’s POV:-

It had been one and a half month since we all came here to Darjeeling I haven’t talked to Mom, Dad, Bhai and Bhabhi. Bhabhi must be in her eighth month. I miss all of them a lot. Here we all are good we enjoyed a lot till last month but now only 10 days are left and we all will be parted as after this we don’t know where we will go, in this month a strange thing happened with me, I didn’t missed Varun at all as his left over place had been covered by Vansh in my heart. Yes, I love him and I realized it now only earlier I was refusing this feeling as I felt it would be cheating on Varun…. But then I got to know that for Varun, it was just my respect that I thought to be love and for Vansh, it is a pure love and in this realization Sejal helped me a lot but the thing that made me have a complete realization of my feelings for him was four hours before his this situation. When ……

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Flashback Start:-

Before four hour:-

Vansh and Kabir had went out for some work while Angre and Aryan was on a meeting in there room and all girls were in Riddhima’s room.

Sejal- Riddhima from last one month you are having feeling for Vansh you know and for Varun it was just a mere infatuation……..

Riddhima (interrupting her) – It wasn’t infatuation it was my love for him, I know Sejal I have been listening to this since a month and I can’t understand how I can love Vansh so easily within a month I know it’s just a infatuation

Ishani- Riddhima are you telling this to us or to yourself because we have observed you very well with him

Sejal- Exactly the way you feel Goosebumps when he is near you, you get shy and the way your cheeks turned pink that means when you blush my god aren’t these symptoms enough

Riddhima- Sejal, Am I suffering from some disease…. My God…. How will I get cure…. God Save me…. I don’t want to die soo early…. Please

Ishani- Riddhima stop you are overacting you are absolutely suffering from a sickness

Riddhima- See Sejal, I told you let’s go to doctor, I’m suffering… God save this child of yours….

Ishani- Riddhima let me complete, you are in love with Vansh you are suffering from love sickness which is the best sickness in the world and you have caught that sickness

Riddhima- Total Rubbish

Ishani- Love isn’t rubbish it’s a gem

Riddhima- And what about Varun then

Sejal- Riddhu, you respect him as he helped you in your miserable time…. You just love Vansh

Riddhima- But…..

Suddenly their room doors budged and Aryan was there

Ishani- Are is this the way you come in girl’s room?

Aryan (panting) – Sorry Guys, but bhai

Riddhima (tensed) – What happened to Vansh he went for some work Right? Where is he now?

Aryan- Di, Woh…. Woh…..

Riddhima- Aryan say clearly please

Aryan- Di… Woh… Accident

Sejal (tensed) – Whose?….. Where is Vansh and Kabir, Aryan?

Aryan- Come downstairs, all are there

All rushed downstairs where they saw Vansh and Kabir sitting there

Riddhima’s POV starts:-

As Aryan said Accident it felt as if my breath stopped, we all rushed downstairs and there we saw Angre was coming towards them with something in his right hand which wasn’t visible I budged it and saw Vansh and Kabir was sitting on the sofa there back was facing us, I moved to them and after watching them I felt as if land beneath my feet got removed….. Vansh was having slight bruises on his hands and his head my god it was bleeding a lot and Kabir’s hand was almost covered with bruises while by god’s grace his head was fine

And see the audacity of Vansh, this man oh… sorry this idiot he is smiling towards me I want to give him a good lesson but first they need first aid

Me- Aryan, Call the doctor

And then I saw first aid box in Angre’s hand and asked him to first aid Kabir and I went to Vansh with the first aid box and he was still smiling…. This idiot I hope I will do something wrong

I sat there and started clean the blood of his head and then by pouring Savlon on the cotton ball and pressed on his head and he hissed and I looked at his closed eyes he was looking cute Idiot Riddhima you can adore him later first treat him. I bandaged it and then I again shouted

Me- Aryan, where is the doctor

Aryan- Di, Woh…. Actually Bhai had refused

I glared at him while putting antiseptic on Vansh’s hand and see him he again smiled I pressed the cotton hard and he hissed now a bit loud

Vansh- Aaah…. Slow…

Me- Why you refused to call?

Vansh- Because doctor would come and ask unnecessary questions of which answers I don’t want to give

Sejal- How this accident happen?

Kabir- Actually…….

Vansh (interrupting him) – Actually breaks got failed

I doubted then why he interrupted Kabir, Anyway may be he was about to say at the same time…… I was done with the bandage

Vansh- Guys, we need to talk let’s go to the study

I mean see the audacity of this man like seriously….

Me- Kabir go to rest in your room and you Mr. Over smart move to your room any needle hadn’t pricked you that you would room around freely go to your room and rest without any further argument, Angre you help him

As I said this over smart guy glared at him and in return I again glared at him and he silently went to his room with Angre’s support. Good boy

Me- Sejal let’s go in the kitchen

We went in the kitchen

Sejal- Why are we here…. I want to see Kabir….

Oh wow… Whom I would be kidding here a gang of couples have been formed right Sejal and Kabir, Ishani and Aryan and Siya and Angre and Me and Vansh

Me- Actually wait we will give them milk in which medicine will be there as they won’t take medicine like that only without any tantrum

Sejal nodded and I started boiling milk when Sejal said

Sejal- Riddhima, now you believed that you love him

Me- Sejal but

Sejal- Riddhima the way you rushed the way you are caring aren’t they enough for you to realize you are feelings

Do I really love Vansh…? My care my reaction when he is near me do they indicate my feelings towards him….. Yes…. I love Vansh… No…

Me- Sejal even if I love him I won’t be able to confess if he had someone else in his life or he …. No if I confessed then friendship will also break…. No I won’t

Sejal- Riddhima

Me- Sejal take this milk and I don’t want to talk about this matter… Please

Saying so I left with the milk where Vansh was sitting on the bed with his head on the headboard smiling

How anyone won’t fall in love with him his way of doing everything is unique but if he loves someone else…. You can’t confess Riddhu…

I went inside with milk and he looked at me smiling and I forwarded the glass and he frowned. Now what I did, I raised my eyebrows and he glared at the milk.

Wow now he don’t want to have this milk

Me- Vansh have this and rest

I forwarded and he turned his face… this guy…

Me- Vansh drink or I won’t talk to you

And wow it worked he drank it in a go and like an obedient child he laid on the bed and I sat on the sofa

Flashback ends-:

It had been three hours since he is sleeping he is too adorable the way he sleeps with a cute pout urges me to kiss them

My thoughts were broken when he turned around and I laid on the couch and slept

Riddhima’s POV ends-:

Sejal’s POV ends-:

As soon as Riddhima left I went to Kabir’s room where he was sitting with Aryan as soon as I entered Aryan smiled at me and after that he immediately left not before whispering in my ear

Aryan (whispering) – Enjoy my would be bhabhi

And I blushed this guy he immediately left after latching the door and I walked to Kabir who was sitting on bed smiling

Me- Kabir… How this accident happen?

I said while sitting beside him and forwarding the milk

Kabir- Don’t know it was just that brake failed while we were returning as if someone did something while we were inside

He said while taking the milk and keeping it on the side table

Me- Work done

Kabir- Yaa….

Me- Kabir, You know I was so scared when Aryan said Kabir… I don’t want everything to repeat…

As I said a lone tear escaped from my eyes on which Kabir engulfed me in a hug

Kabir- Nothing will repeat Sejal, that was our past and I won’t let our past to interfere this time…. We all were unaware of the danger then but now we all are aware of it… All will be safe this time

He said while caressing my back and then released me while he kissed my forehead

Kabir- What about Riddhu… Oops Sorry Bhabhi?

Me- She, she understood her feeling but she is afraid to confess thinking if he refused or he love someone else then there friendship will also break

Kabir- Same goes with bhai, they both have same thoughts he also said same in the car

Me- I hope our hard work won’t get in vain of once again reuniting them what’s news of Dad

Kabir – Which Dad?

He said in teasing tone this guy know everything very well about me

Me- Kabir…. Sooraj Dad

Kabir- Oh… I thought Shimla

Me- Kabir….

Kabir- Ok…. I will talk to Veer bhai tomorrow

Me- Ohk… Now drink this milk

I said forwarding and he took it without any tantrum strange, No… Oh God this guy, he again kept and before I could ask anything he pulled me towards himself

Kabir- Not so easily…. I want something else

I very well know him but I won’t give so easily

Me- What… Wait… You must be hungry I will bring something to eat

I said while moving and he pulled me towards himself

Kabir- Don’t be so innocent…. Sejal please… Just a kiss

I moved towards him and he closed his eyes… this guy is idiot and I planted a kiss on his cheek and he frowned at me

Me- First milk

And he drank it in a go… Wooo… Is this my Kabir, he was not like this before

Kabir- Now

Before I could say anything, he took my lips in him and he started kissing him I was shocked by his sudden action I mean seriously then I gave in who cares he is my Kabir that matters the most

Our lips move in a sync and it was a kiss for which we both were longing as we all know last 10 days won’t be easy for us until VANSH and RIDDHIMA’s memory doesn’t return….. I opened my mouth and smiling he entered my mouth exploring it there wasn’t any fight of dominance…. We love each other since four years not only me Aryan and Ishani and Siya and Angre but Riddhima and Vansh they were the best among us… before I could think further he bit my lip not drawing blood but just to break my thoughts he can even read my mind… Forget it we are together that matters… rest we will fight together

And until Our Riansh is with us no one can touch our family…. We broke the kiss due to lack of most important think oxygen and I hugged him

Kabir- Oh wow… After long my Sejal is shy…

Me- Shut up Kabir and sleep

He obediently laid and I closed the light and was moving to my room but he caught my hand and without turning towards him I laid beside him as I know he need me….. and we slept A most peaceful sleep which god knows when we will gain again

Sejal POV’s end-:

Love story had been redesigned by the nature a pure love story of Riansh and now only thing is left to make this love story an eternal love story

Episode ends

Precap- Riddhima- No Vansh, you can’t do this… How can you do this with me…. I love you Vansh

Vansh- I love you Riddhima

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