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Hi guys I’m back with new update. So let’s begin without wasting time .


The bride took her ghoonghat off. And all were shocked to see Simar behind the ghoonghat. ( I must say my readers are very intelligent 🤣)
Janvi came to SiRav’s direction and said:
JANVI: You gold digger girl, how dare you to marry my Arav. I will not leave you.
Saying so she was about to slap her and simar closed her eyes but janvi’s hand didn’t touch her. Because Arav had hold her hand.

JANVI: Arav what are you doing leave my hand. I will not leave this girl today.
ARAV: Don’t you dare to touch her. Nhi to I will not leave you. Is that clear.
JANVI: But……

Arav gave her a deadly glare so she turned her face to opposite side angrily.
ARAV: Simar now tell the damn truth. I know you are hiding something, please tell.

But she kept quit.

Simar got afraid from his tone so she jumped from her place. Riddhima senses it and said:

RIDDHIMA: Bhai calm down. ( To simar ) listen cutie pie you need not to fear just tell the truth to everyone please!!

VANSH: Yes Simmi tell them.
MAHESH: Do tell us what is happening??

Simar thought for sometime and said while breathing heavily.

SIMAR: Vansh bhai do you remember that I have told you that Reemu is going for camp which is organized by her college?? ( Vansh nodded ) But there is no camp has been organized by her college. Two days back when she was coming back from her tuition someone kidnapped her. And same evening I got a call from some unknown number. They threatened me if Arav ji and Janvi’s marriage didn’t happen so they will kill Reemu. They even said that if I told the truth to anyone they will torture Reemu badly. I don’t want her to suffer because of me so I did whatever they said me to do. I’m sorry Arav ji I know I give you so much pain I hurted you so much but I did all this to save my Reemu.

And she fell on her knees and started crying bitterly. Then Vansh asked.

VANSH: Simmi who did all this?? Who kidnapped Reema???

SIMAR: Mr. Malhotra janvi’s dad. He knew  that me and Arav ji loves each other so he did this all.

Listening all this Riddhima came towards Janvi. And slapped her tightly 2 to 3 times and said.

RIDDHIMA: How dare you to torture my sister like friend huh. How dare you. From starting I was knowing that something is fishy in you and your dad but I ignored because I thought I’m overthinking. But I was wrong.

Arav came there and hold janvi from her wrist and started dragging her with her dad towards the main gate and said.

ARAV: Just get lost from my sight if I see you in this city I swear I will kill you both.

They were about to go but Arav stopped them and said.

ARAV: Stop!! First tell where is Reema??

MR. MALHOTRA: At XYZ factory.

Arav signalled to Vivan to go there. And he nodded and went there.
Arav came back to simar who was crying bitterly and was in Vansh’s arm who was consoling her.
Arav came there and hugged her tightly as if there is no tomorrow.

SIMAR: I’m sorry Arav ji. Please forgive me please.

ARAV: Shhhhh…. nothing happen okk.
Just then they heard a horn on the main gate and everyone got happy to see the person…

PRECAP: Reema is back. Simar apologizes to her.

That’s all for today guys hope you liked it. I have started a new FF/SS hope you will like that also.


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