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Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update

Choti Sardarni 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kulwant comes. She brings all the gifts. Dolly says I thought you would bring gifts in the truck. Yuvi says you would bring a truckload. Kulwant says you bring coals in the truck. The kids hug Kulwant. See says mama see nani got you so many gifts. Harleen says mama can’t see it right now. till be dipped in milk. And then all elders will touch it. Dolly says for your mom’s marriage and your dad’s long life.

Kulwant asks Meher where is Sarab? Dolly says your MIL got so many gifts for Meher. Sarab says I heard. For Meer’s wedding and her husband’s long life. He looks at Kulwant. Kulwant gives him a gift and says may you get my life as well. Sarab takes it and says you care more about my life than God. Kulwant gets nervous. Se says may you always stay married Meher. Sarab says you don’t look well mummy ji? Kulwant cleans her sweating face. Sarab says to turn down the AC temperature. Mummy ji is sweating. Kulwant says you look changed? He says why won’t I change? You have done such things. Kulwant is scared. Sarab laughs and says you’re tying this free boy to your daughter? Everyone laughs. Sarab says in heart I want to expose you right now. Kulwant says am I overthinking or did he actually find out?

Karan says I found the pen drive? Bitu and Rana get scared. Yuvi says that Bitu and Rana’s. Param says where did you find it? Karan says it was in papa’s car. Let me plug it and play the songs. Rana says to Bitu let’s break the pen drive. Bitu says how will we blackmail mummy ji? Rana says forget about it. She will kill us if she finds out that we exposed her. Karan plugs it in the laptop and goes to play. Rana picks it and says let’s break it. Bitu says how? Dolly comes there and says what are you both doing here? He says looking for signals. Our phones are out of network. They leave. Dolly picks Karan’s sehra and says if there’s no sehra how will Karan become sarbala? She takes it.

Scene 2
Kulwant says why was Sarab looking at me with questions in his eyes? Did he find out? I should ask him. Rana tells Bitu he dropped the drive there. Kulwant goes towards Sarab’s room. A maid is mopping the floor. Kulwant says is this the time to mop? This is how you mop. The entire floor is slippery. Sarab comes there. He slips.. Kulwant holdshis hand. Harleen says Sarab are you okay? Sarab says yeah I am fine. Kulwant asks are you okay? He says completely okay. No matter how hard you try but.. Kulwant says what are you saying? I couldn’t even imagine making you fall. Meher says relax mummy ji. He’s joking. Sarab says I was saying no matter how hard you try we will take your daughter with us. Dolly says why were you mopping Sarpanj ji? Kulwant says I was teaching her how to mop. Harleen says what if something went wrong? Kulwant says I will take evil eyes off Sarab.

Scene 3
Karan comes to his room and looks for Sehra. He takes off the blanket and finds Bitu and Rana there. Karan asks what are you doing here? They say we are playing hide and seek. Karan says did you see my sehra? Karan looks for it. He sees the pen drive and takes it.

Kulwant says let me take evil eyes off my daughter and son-in-law. Sarab holds her hand. Everyone is shocked. Sara recalls her hitting him with a truck. Kulwant says what happened? Sarab says only Meher ji can take the evil eye off me. Once she touches me all curses stay away from me. Meher takes the spices and takes the evil eye off him. Meher burns the spices and Kulwant coughs. Sarab gives her water. He says I think it was your eyes. Everyone laughs.

Scene 4
Karan comes to Param in anger. He shouts Param.. return my sehra. Param says what? Seher says you kept your sehra in the playroom. Karan says he stole it. Param says learn some manners. Karan says to hell with your manners. Return my sehra or.. Param says I didn’t take your sehra. Yuvi says Param is saying he didn’t take your sehra. Let us play. Yuvi says it looks so good Param. Param says thank you. The one who doesn’t have a sehra isn’t sarabala. Karan says I will count till 10. Give me my Sehra or I will teach you a lesson. Karan counts 1.. 2..

Sarab comes to the room. Meher comes to him. Meher says why are you behaving weirdly? I am also worried and I want to figure all of this out. I have hired a detective as well. Sarab stops Meher.

Karan counts 8.. 9.. You have the last chance. Give me the sehra. Param says I was sarbala last time and was last time too. His last chance is gone. I will get o the horse and everyone will take my photos. Seher says I will find your sehra. Don’t fight, please. Karan is angry.

Sarab says the attacker.. They hear Param crying. Everyone stops. The sehra is broken. Sarab and Meher come there. Param is bleeding. Meher asks what happened.. He is on the floor. Param cries. Meher says you will be okay. I am with you. Dolly says so much blood. Harleen says Param.. Meher says don’t worry I am here. Karan cries. Sarab says bring ice. Doll says how did this happen? Who did all this? Param cries in pain. Meher does icing on his mouth. Harleen says will someone tell who did this? Kulwant says I think he broke his tooth. Harleen checks his mouth. Harleen says his tooth is broken. It was his permanent tooth. It won’t even come back. His whole life will be ruined. Karan is cared. Param keeps crying.

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