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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update : Amaji and Helan trouble others

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ammaji in corridor with Manager. Ammaji says Helan said like this to me. Manager says you are talking with full respect I would have called him witch she was saying she dont have any status to live here. Ammaji says I dont want to live with this witch. Manager says no free room are available. Ammaji says then where will I sleep. Manager says you can look after this and leaves. Vibhu and Anu were having romantic time in there room. Anu and Vibhu asks who’s there. Vibhu open the door Helan walks in and Vibhu says you walked into other room. Helan says is this your room then I’m in correct room. Anu says Vibhu ment that this is our room you are living with Tiwari mother Ammaji. Helan says don’t talk to me about that witch you know she said me fat. Vibhu says what she said you fat, now I know where did Tiwari got all his behaviour. Ammaji asks did he also said me fat. Vibhu says Tiwari also insulted me. Anu says to Helan no need to worry by mistake she would have said that you can go in room and relax. Vibhu says for now go I’ll arrange a different room for you. Helan says no room is available in this hotel I’ll stay here.

Tiwari in his room being romantic with Angoori and ask what you see in my eyes. Angoori says to Tiwari I can only see finance. Tiwari says this is your lovers eye you can see romance and they both start dancing. Ammaji knocks on door and Tiwari opens it. Angoori greets Ammaji and Ammaji says I cannot live with Helan she said me fat I’m not that fat I’m healthy, I cannot live with this kind of person in world and you are talking to live in same room so I brought my luggage with me and live with you. Angoori says you to Ammaji you did right. Tiwari says after this much insult you cannot stay here you can go back to kanpur nothing is great then self respect you should not stay here I’ll ask driver he will drop you. Angoori says you are right Ammaji you will not go. Ammaji says to Tiwari I can’t understand what has happen to you why are you saying to leave me we all will stay together and have fun. Tiwari says will it look good staying with your son and his wife. Ammaji says what’s wrong in that. Angoori says fo not worry you can stay with us Tiwari only said to s*xana to you different room.

TMT in room deciding who will sleep outside through chits. Tillu open the chit he gets his name. Teeka says to Tillu its written in your luck to sacrifice so forget it. Malkhan says to Teeka to ask for fan so that Tillu can sleep outside. Tillu already slept and Malkhan says he is faking it. Teeka says to Malkhan kick him, Tillu wakes up and says I was saying this room is so cold let me sleep here. Malkhan says you are a good boy the chit came out of your name you should go out and sleep. Tillu open all three chits and sees his name, shouts on Malkhan. Teeka says to Malkan shutup you cheater now you will not live in this room you will go out and sleep. Malkhan says why will I go out it was Teekas idea. Tillu says to Teeka you were my good friend but still you did this to me. Teeka says to Malkhan you are trying to ruin our friendship and TMT start arguing who will sleep in room.

Anu sitting in open terrace area Tiwari come and Anu is it you. Anu being angry says is there any more ladies like my face here. Tiwari says its not like that you were not in your room so I asked. Anu says you are also not in room. Tiwari says I feel like choking up in my room. Anu says so oepn windows you will feel good and every problem out of window. Tiwari says my problem is Ammaji she came into our room after fighting with Helan. Anu says what Ammaji said to Helan that she cane into our room. Tiwari says so now you and Vibhu cannot be alone in your room. Anu says what happen to you Tiwari what all dream i had for this trip but everything is ruined because of Helan, cannot understand how to delan with this problem, Vibhu is happy because he is with his mother in one room. Tiwari says same here Angoori is also happy. Anu asks what is the solution for this problem. Tiwari says we can shift both of our mother in one room we can go to some other room. Anu says if you get any solution call me.

Vibhu in garden sitting and having drinks. s*xana come and asks is everything thing okay. Vibhu says there is no problem everything is okay. s*xana says I like that there are no tantrums from you but people like Tiwari are full of tantrums saying this is not good that is not up to mark and said I’m not Vibhu that you keep anything in front of and I’ll eat that as prasad. Vibhu asks are you pretty sure Tiwari said like this. s*xana says he said more bad then this but I’m not able to take out those words from my mouth. Vibhu says I want to know what he said about me I insist. s*xana says Tiwari was saying if you throw a piece of bread in front of him he will consider that as pizza and eat it. Vibhu says I need to use washroom and says to increase variety in snacks and breakfast should be Mexican or Lebanese and from now on nothing but scotch Vibhuti leaves adn Tiwari come. s*xana asks Tiwari how’s you and how’s everything. Tiwari says everything is fine just increase some spices in food and need some more hot water. s*xana says okay I’ll let them know and I like this one thing of you, you dont keep anything inside you, you always speak but people like Vibhu cannot understand this, he was sitting here and saying we are reputative people we can adjust ourselves in five star hotel but people like Tiwari dont have nay status nor he cannot live in five star hotel on his expenses he is full of tantrums. Tiwari says we are also family people I don’t wanna listen any more of Vibhu and spices are all good in food and will take bath in cold water.

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Ammaji Tiwari and Angoori in one room Ammaji scolding Tiwari. Tiwari shouts on Angoori. Angoori cries and leave room.

Anu and Vibhu in there room discussing about there honeymoon she gets upset and leaves her room

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