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Bepanah Pyaar: An unsurprisingly tale of love and longing (Chapter 10)

The episode start with

Raghbir is with Kamla (Pragati’s mother) in their kitchen. Kamal is serving him food.

Raghbir: Fabulous😋✨ Did you know, Aunty ji? You cooked really delicious food. I can’t miss this yummy food. You should teach your daughter how to cook like yourself because for rest of my life, I am going to eat food made by Pragati.

Kamla get shocked and glad also after hearing that.

Raghbir realizes what he just said.

Raghbir: I hope you will not beat me with rolling pin. I have heard that a mother can understand the happiness of her child. Believe me. I and Pragati will remain happy always. Don’t worry, I will first ask my parents about this alliance then I will talk to Pragati. I also don’t want to create any blunder.

Kamla smiles.

Next scene,
Police station,

Raghbir is sitting in front of Shamsher.

Raghbir: I want to talk to you about something.

Shamsher: Say then.

Raghbir: I am going to central Park for my personal work. Your daughter Pragati will be also there. I come here so that you will not misunderstand me.

Raghbir leave from there after that.

Shamsher got confused.

At park,

Pragati and Raghbir were seated on a bench.

Pragati: Why do you always keep your arms half folded? Are you vella (unemployed or purposeless)?

Raghbir: Vella? Not at all. I feel suffocated. And I didn’t like to suffocate myself.

A begger come there and blesses them as a couple, to be together always and have cute and intelligent kids.

Both of them feel awkward and looks here and there.

Raghbir gives him money.

After he left, Pragati stares at Raghbir.

Raghbir: I knew that he would not leave without taking money.

Pragati smiles.

Raghbir: Pragati, do you know that I have changed a lot after meeting you?

Pragati (laughs): Lie…

Raghbir: I mean it. Listen, a beautiful girl had just passed by here. She was wearing a pink dress, golden sandals, a colorful bracelet in her left hand and a ring on the index finger of her right hand. Did I notice her? No…

Pragati (surprised): No, not at all. You didn’t even see whether a girl had passed or not. What was left to see? By God, you are literally a typical village boy.

Raghbir: He is called ‘Gabru’.

Pragati: Leave it.

Raghbir: I am telling the truth, I have really changed.

Pragati: Now, stop it.

Both start laughing.

Pragati saw her father there. She got tensed. Raghbir also notices him.

Pragati got up from the bench. And so does Raghbir.

Shamsher: Go home, child.

Pragati leaves from there. Shamsher sees Raghbir.

Shamsher: I didn’t break your legs, so you think you can do whatever you want?

Raghbir: No, I brought her here on purpose. So that you can see for yourself how happy she is with me.

Shamsher: Anything else?

Raghbir: We both like each other.

Shamsher: Did my daughter had said anything to you?

Raghbir: I didn’t talk to her about this matter. Your acceptance is also important along with Pragati.

Shamsher: Is there any movie going on? In a single minute, I can issue your transfer certificate. Then your life will be ruined.

Raghbir: I don’t care. I have failed my times before.

Shamsher: She is topper.

Raghbir: Love is not a trophy, that only toppers can get.

Shamsher looks on.

Raghbir: I didn’t mean that, Uncle. Please don’t misunderstand me. I want everyone’s approval. Otherwise nowadays, the couple doesn’t even think once before running away. Uncle…

Shamsher get shocked.

Shamsher: Go, elope with my daughter if you can. If this is your ego, than a father’s ego is saying… she will not take even a step with you without my permission.

Raghbir: Uncle, I didn’t mean that….

Shamsher goes from there.

Raghbir (POV): That day, I learned two things. First, no other man can do as much as a father loves his daughter. Second, I cannot take permission from uncle, he can give permission only when his own daughter asks. I should talk to Pragati.

Next scene,
In village,

At Raghbir house,

Aditi (Raghbir’s Mother) is seach something in cupboard. At last she take out a pink sweater and hand over that to Raghbir.

Aditi: Take this. Raghbir, I am warning you, if you will come here by eloping with a girl, then I will not permit you to enter in this house.

Raghbir: Maa, do you think I am that kind of person? When my mother is with me, I didn’t care about this world. Even if that girl refuses me, that will not affect me.

Aditi smiles and hugs him.
Raghbir looks at sweater and goes outside.

Outside Harshit was standing. He put his hand on Raghbir’s shoulder.

Harshit: Keep in mind don’t do anything wrong. Police should not be included in any case.

Raghbir nods his head and sits beside Tina (Harshit’s wife).

Tina (smiling): I wish your girl is not too quarrelsome.

Raghbir: Bhabhi, I am telling the truth, I did not do this intentionally. And your sister is so beautiful, so she can find a better man than me and also she deserves best person than me.

Tina smiles.

Raghbir asks her to serve food.

Next scene,

On the terrace of Pragati’s apartment

Pragati reaches on terrace and saw Raghbir was already there.

Raghbir: Let me show you an alliance. Don’t worry boy’s family really like you and they don’t want any drowry and your mother also has no complaint about this alliance but from uncle you have to ask yourself. And most important is your ‘YES’..

Raghbir gives an envelope to Pragati and asks her to open it.

Pragati take the envelope and to her surpise envelope contains Raghbir’s photo.

Raghbir: I am telling truth, your yes is really very much important. And to express it boy’s mother had made this sweater for her daughter-in-law, you can wear it if you agree with this alliance. Boy will understand everything.

Raghbir gives sweater to Pragati. She take the sweater with a heavy heart.

Raghbir(turns and smiles) : Boy’s full name is Raghbir Malhotra. I am telling because you have to print this name on your wedding card.

Pragati(with a heavy heart) : Raghbir…. I got engaged.

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