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Unexpected love story (RagSan) by Aliya shot 3 (b)

Let’s begin…

Here sanskar was sitting broken near the river which was road side

He was totally broken.. He really couldn’t differentiate that Ragini’s words.. Did she told it in anger or was it the truth.. To the fact he doesn’t remember anything.. He dont know who he is? He just went on believing what the people around him said? Did he just believe all those things like a fool.. After seeing ragini he felt that there was a connection.. He just went on believing what the situation made to.. Was this his mistake?

What should he do? He really loves Ragini he didn’t even touch her in any wrong intention… He just thought…. Thought that ragini is his wife and she is only his……….

Voice:what are you thinking? And at this place!! How much I got knew about you I don’t think so you can also be silent

Sanskar turns and finds uthra standing there..

He then again turned.:what r u doing here?
Uthra:i stay nearby.. Saw you so came to talk with you

San:i dont want to talk

Uthra:is that you? The who almost ate my brain… By his non stop talks is silent.. Omg?!

Sanskar:please.. Leave me alone
Uthra:no i will not first tell me… Why are you like this.. May be this few hours sister can help you again…?

He didn’t say anything

Uthra:ok.. Atleast tell me did ragini like my handmade payasam?
She deliberately asked giving all credit to her

Sanskar not interested 😒:it was made by me
Uthra:oh really? It was my recipe
Sanskar:but i made it😏
Uthra:is it?? Should i tell ragini?
Sanskar😐😐:go tell afterall who i am to her?
Uthra places her hand on his shoulder:oh come on brother.. Now tell me!!

Sanskar:what will i tell when I don’t know about myself!
Uthra:why? What happened to you? Eat almonds daily
She laughs
Sanskar😒😒:you don’t like me right.. Why are studying with me!! Even ragini doesn’t like me!!
Uthra:who told you? Yes i get annoyed with you but i like you..but nee daa En Nanban.. en anna! (my friend.. My brother)
Sanskar😑:if you have to talk Chinese or Japanese i dont know that.. 😒😒
Uthra laughs
Sanskar:what’s so funny here?
Uthra:it’s Tamil.. Oh God Chinese and Japanese! You are an Indian don’t you know that much
Sanskar:don’t move to pronunciation but to the emotions about what i meant😒😒😒
Uthra :what happened to your face..?
Sanskar:i told you i dont want to talk😒😒
Uthra:after this big conversation you are telling me you don’t want to talk
She laughs
Sanskar😣😣:i am not talking to you.. Wat i am to you? That you are talking so sweetly with me
Uthra:that you are already are! Now tell me what’s your problem? But nee da en thozhan oru paithyam kooda😜
Sanskar:ok first atleast tell me meaning… If you scold me also i wont know
Uthra:oh sorry sorry.. I told that you are my friend
Sanskar:why so sudden?
Uthra:because i never was so close to any one and brother is the best friend you know?now share me your problem.. May be I can give you some solution

Sanskar :i love Ragini
There was a silence

Uthra:then go tell her how much you love her.. Express each and every feelings of yours
Sanskar tells her about his accident and about his memory loss and all those things and relations which was said by people around him

Uthra:hmm.. You are really great brother😊😊

Sanskar sadly:i know that! Sister😖😖

Uthra smiles still he will never let himself down😂😂

Uthra:whatever happened may be happened for good only…
He looks at her
Uthra:may be she needs space or may she is true too.. But forget everything..
Sanskar:already forgot everything there’s nothing 😒apart these 3 months
Uthra:i mean for a moment think ragini is stranger to you
Uthra:think she is your house mate
Uthra:what ok ok? Should i tell you everything!
Sanskar :ohh
Uthra:what ohhh?
Sanskar:so you mean i should… But i want to know she said truth or not
Uthra:ok.. Hmm simple go and ask ragini… And she can only answer all….

Athe time someone hits sanskar on his head

Uthra widens her eyes due to shock

Uthra held him.. And looks back and sees few goons..

Uthra angrily:what did you do this? Wh…

They drags sanskar..

Uthra gets up and tries to stop them… But a goon pushes her..

Uthra falls… They puts sanskar in the car and droves.

Uthra gets up and runs behind the car.. But the car gets disappeared from her vision

She wasn’t understanding what to do… She searches for her mobile….

Here Ragini was crying finding sanskar nowhere

Yuvraj:look Ragini don’t worry..May be he have gone Somewhere

Ragini :he didn’t want anywhere without me!

Dida:ragini please don’t cry.. He will come back soon
Parish were trying to contact sanskar

At the time pari gets uthra’s calls
Pari picks it.. Once after uthra tells her about Sanskar’s kidnap
Phone falls from her hand

Adarsh:pari what happened?

Pari:san.. Sanskar is been kidnapped

All stands shocked..

Ragini cries….

At the time she gets the call it was an unknown number

Yuvraj:ragini pick up the call…

Ragini picks the call and keeps the phone in speaker


Caller:Ragini how are you?

Ragini gets confused

Caller :didn’t identify me…. Arey ragini hum kabhi sauthan hua karte the.. But sadly we both are widow now

Ragini ;kavya?

Kavya:thank God you identified… I thought even you also became like sanskar!
She laughs
Ragini :where is sanskar?

Kavya :this much of concern for your jija aur jhet
Ragini :please i Beg you dont do anything to sanskar please

Nikhil grabs the phone:if you want sanskar to be safe then come to xxx site within a hour !

He disconnects

Ragini being worked she was about to go out of the house when yuvraj held her

Yuvraj :you will not go like this…

Ragini :bhaai?! There sanskar is….
Yuvraj:it’s clear that they won’t harm sanskar… listen to me carefully..

After sharing his plan parish and yuvraj goes

Dida too follows them..

Ragini want understanding anything…

Ragini :i cant.. I cant sit like this…
She was about to go

Voice:where are you going?

Ragini turns and sees laksh.. Who was standing leaning to the wall by folding his both hands..

Ragini cries like a kid:laksh laksh… Sanskar is…
Laksh:Sanskar what Sanskar?! Just leave him let us talk

Ragini :how can you say that sanskar is in a problem there.. And you laksh

Laksh:let him.. Himself deal with it why are you going? He is not any kid to get kidnapped
Ragini :laksh have you lost it!
She angrily moves

Laksh:then why aren’t you agreeing that sanskar matters you more than me
Ragini stops :i dont want to answer you.. How can you be selfish?
Laksh smiles :am again asking you Ragini… Why haven’t you moved on when sanskar had made a special place in your heart!! Why aren’t you now still not agreeing that you love sanskar!!! And not me.. My chapter has been ended long back in your life ragini… Now there’s one chapter in your life..ask your heart.. Question your heart!!! That will answer you…

Ragini turns towards laksh but there wasn’t anyone.. It was her thoughts of her which have asked in form of laksh

Did she really have moved in from laksh? Did she?


Sanskar was sitting pouting like a kid

Ragini scolding:day by day you are acting like kid.. No matter.. No matter how many times I explained you not to flirt with girls.. What if any girl falls in love with you..? Or If 4 people from the girls family beatsup you what will you do?

Sanskar:i will go hospital?

Ragini confused :why?

Sanskar:arey you only told na if they beatsup me.. I am not any superman to fight back.. They would break my legs.. Then i have to visit hospital na
He laughs

Ragini was pissed with him:oh god please give him a brain

Sanskar :i have the one.. Bechaara khaali hai😝

Ragini couldn’t do anything but to smile

Sanskar:you are smiling

Ragini avoiding him :noo

Sanskar:yes yes yes

Ragini;no i am not!

Sanskar:ok.. I kmow you are smiling.. And i dont need justice about this… Judge sahiba

He goes..

And she laughs

Fb ends….

Ragini had a smile on her face through tears


Ragini:not again sanskar.. You broke akshara’s relation.. Did you know how much her parents were upset

Sanskar acts:you are scolding me😱😱

Ragini:when will you leave this childishness?!

Sanskar imitates:when will I leave this childishness

Ragini :sanskar.. Don’t make me angry

Sanskar:ragini don’t angry me 😉

Ragini:with whom i am talking

Sanskar :your husband… Itna bhi nai pata! 😎

Ragini just nods her head in disbelief…

Sanskar:oh ho Ragini… Try to understand na!

Ragini:i dont want to talk to you..
She moves

Sanskar :ok ok.. Sorry… He held his ears

Ragini smiles :but promise me you won’t do such things again

Sanskar 😎😎:will try to

He runs from before ragini could react

Fb ends

Ragini moves out….

Here sanskar was tied in a chair and he was unconscious

Sahil:the main person whom i hate the most is alive.. Its ok.. Today is his last day

All laughs except kavitha..

Kavitha felt hurt seeing him in this condition

Whatever, he was once her love.. Her friends who was always there for her in every thick and thin of the problems.. She couldn’t see him like that.. After sahil’s words.. She was been rooted.. She did many wrongs… She turned evil for him… But today she with her partners going to kill him?

She left out the breath… A lone tear passes through her eyes….
She wipes it before anyone could notice…

To be continued…

I thought to end this in this part but couldn’t… Because it went too long
Next shot would be the last one!

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