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The Lost Princess (Ishqbaaz OS , part 2)

The Lost Princess 


The days passed by, but for both Anika and Shivaay it seemed as if they passed very slowly.Then came the 7th day, the day of their meeting. Anika sat down on a bench, waiting. She had lied to her aunt but for the first time she didn’t feel guilty. Soon Shivaay came and sat beside her on the same bench.
“Hi”Shivaay said with a nervous smile plastered to his face. “Hello”Anika replied, smiling at him.
“Umm….so I have something important to ask you…”Shivaay said nervously.”Yeah?”Anika asked. “Hmm…. actually the thing is, I have to go to a ball…”Shivaay spoke but was cut out in the middle by an excited Anika,”You mean The ball,like the Royal ball…. the one in which people do couple dance type of thing?””Yeah it’s the same thing”Shivaay smiled at her excitement and continued,”So, I need a dance partner for this ball. Will you be my dance partner Anika?Please….”
Anika was taken aback ,”Me? Your dance partner? I don’t think that’s going to be a good idea…. I don’t dance…..and in the royal ball? No way.”Anika tried .”I’ll teach you how to dance… that’s not a big deal…but please don’t say no… please Anika”Shivaay tried to persuade her.”That’s ok but….my aunt….she won’t allow…”she said, half convinced.”Don’t worry I’ll convince her,if that’s what’s bugging you.”Shivaay said confidently.There was a slight hint of rage in his eyes at the mention of her aunt’s name but it was gone as soon as it appeared.For the first time in her life,Anika had a choice in her life and for the first time she chose HER happiness above everyone else.”Ok then”she agreed.Both of them decided to meet at the same place daily,at the same time from where they would go to some place for their practice.When Shivaay was just about to sit in his car, Anika spoke out,”Hey, Shivaay…(he turned towards her) I was just curious…what do you do? I mean what kind of job?” “I work at the royal palace.I serve the people of the kingdom.”Shivaay said smiling and sat inside his car before she could say anything else.
The days passed by. Anika and Shivaay met regularly and came to know each other more and their love blossomed . Soon, the day of the royal ball approached . Shivaay had asked Anika to be ready and he would come to pick her . Anika wore the most beautiful dress she had, a peach couloured gown, simple yet elegant. She had bought it from her savings of the previous year and it was yet to be worn. She waited for Shivaay’s arrival in her room, not wanting to go in front of her aunt,dressed. Shivaay came and went to talk to her aunt . Soon , both Shivaay and her aunt came out .” Let’s go Anika.”Shivaay said and then finally looked at her. He was mesmerized.”But…..”Annika spoke nervously and her aunt cut her in between ,”No buts Anika darling…go and have some fun.”her aunt smiled,a fake smile.Anika was confused , at this major change, but she let the excitement take over her.
Shivaay and Anika reached the royal ball, all eyes on them. Shivaay was asked to initiate the dance and both of them came to the centre of the ballroom Android started dancing, lost into each other’s eyes. “I didn’t ask you…For what purpose is the ball organised?”Annika asked,still dancing. Shivaay smiled and said,” For your crowning ceremony, Princess.” “What?”a super confused Anika asked. Anika and Shivaay stopped dancing and so did the rest of the people. Anika waited for Shivaay to tell her that it was just a joke, but he seemed serious. Shivaay held her gently by her arm and took her on the stage which was specially made for the ceremony.
“All of us have assembled here for a special purpose”he started, addressing the onlookers.”and that special purpose is the crowning ceremony. The members of the council decided that someone should be crowned as the king because his highness had no biological heir and his health is declining. He did have a daughter who suddenly disappeared. May I now introduce to you, Miss Anika”Shivaay said gesturing to her. Faint whispers could be heard at the mention of her name-‘Anika’. Shivaay continued,”I see most of you have some doubts originating in your minds. Let me clear them all. She is Anika, the lost Princess.”Again all eyes were on Anika and her eyes, wide open, were on Shivaay . Ignoring all these reactions, Shivaay continued,”I knew you wouldn’t believe me nor would she that’s why I got her DNA test done. Khanna please bring the reports. The council members can have a look at it and decide for themselves.”The reports were carefully read and even verified with the hospital. At last, one of the council members spoke, “Yes, it’s true. Our lost Princess has returned. It’s a miracle!”The council member had tears in his eyes, the tears of joy.
“Long live the princess!Long live the princess!”echoed in the hall. It was now Anika’s turn to question,”Please stop. How is all this even possible! I’m no Princess , I’m just an orphan girl raised by her aunt…” “These are all lies Anika, lies fed to you by your evil aunt. She was the one who abducted you when you’re only 4 years old.She seperated you from your parents,she seperated a Princess from her people.”Shivaay replied calmly.”But…..”Anika trailed off in the middle. Now she tried recollecting her childhood days .She did remember a beautiful palace, and a lady running after her to feed her.’She must be my mother’she thought. She also remembered the blur image of a man who held her in his hands.
“Look at the reports for yourself.”Shivaay said handing her the report. She read it.Once,then twice and then the third time to make herself believe the truth, the truth of her life. She was a Princess.She had parents.She wasn’t an orphan.She had been fed lies her entire life. “Ok…. I’m your lost Princess…..but before anything else I want to meet my parents.Where are my mother,my father?” Anika spoke out, anxious to meet her parents. Shivaay lowered his gaze,”Her highness was so grieved at your sudden disappearance that her health gradually declined and she…died….an year after.” “My father?”Anika asked with a hint of hope in her voice. “He is alive,but his health is also not really great.He is resting in his room.”
Anika’s face was burning red with rage,”I don’t want that woman to get away with all the miseries she has caused me and my family.” “She won’t. She would have been arrested by now.”Shivaay replied and after a pause continued,”Now, if you would follow me, let’s go and meet your father. He will be overwhelmed to see you.”
Shivaay, Anika and some of the council members went to the king’s room. It was a happy,yet tearful reunion.The news of the return of the lost Princess was spread in the whole Kingdom as wild fire. A party was planned for the whole Kingdom the next day.
At night, Shivaay and Anika were walking in the palace garden. “It was your crowning ceremony, wasn’t it?”Anika asked and a”Hmm”came as the reply.”Shivaay,how did you identify me?”she blurted another question.Shivaay looked at her,smiled and then looked in front,”You might forget me but how can I ever forget my only friend in this whole palace? I was 6 when you were kidnapped by your aunt. Moreover, your eyes…the sparkle in them, I can never be mistaken in identifying them.Plus, I had the DNA test done to clarify any other doubts…”
“So me being the princess was the only reason you asked me to accompany you to the ball?”Anika asked with a mischievous smile. Shivaay stopped walking and turned completely towards her and cupped her face in his hands,”No your highness,that wasn’t the only reason.The first time I saw you, my heart whispered’ That’s the one’ and you definitely are.” Anika’s cheeks turned into a deep red colour. She managed to speak,”I actually like that when you say it” “What?”Shivaay asked a little confused. “Your highness… I mean when you say it ….”Anika replied. Shivaay dropped his hands and said”Oh….that” “So what did you think?”Anika asked. Shivaay said ,”umm… nothing” Anika started laughing and soon Shivaay joined her. After their laughter therapy was over Anika asked,”So what do we do next?”Shivaay acted as if he was thinking something and then he replied,”I guess we’ll have to train her highness and give her some ‘how to be a good Princess’ lessons to ready her for her crowning ceremony.” “And who would be my trainer?”Anika asked,amused. “Ofcourse me. Who else? Let’s start our lessons from now itself. First lesson – Never leave the kingdom and me ever again.”Shivaay said. “Okay, Teacher.” Anika said , beaming, brighter than the moon.
*********The End********

Well, that’s the end of the OS. I hope you liked it . And I’m really thankful for the overwhelming response on the first part. I don’t write fan-fics anymore because I’m working a sci-fi story on wattpad  but I do read them sometimes and some of them are really good. It felt really good to be back here , publishing a new story. This is the place from where I started writing . How can I ever forget it?

Thank you again for reading it and giving it your precious time 😀

Lots of Love,


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