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Nimki Mukhiya 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Tunee takes Abhi to hospital

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tunee tells Nimki that someone shot Abhi. Nimki is shocked. Babbu asks what happened? Nimki runs from there and is about to enter palace, Mai and others look on. Nimki runs inside palace, she breaks all barriers, Mai tries to stop her but Nimki pushes her away and she falls down. Nimki leaves from house. Mai looks from balcony, Mai shouts servants to stop her but Nimki is running from Mai’s goons, Babbu runs behind her. Nimki is about to run out of gate but they close the gate, Nimki shouts Abhi..

Tunee pulls Abhi in his lap and asks him to open his eyes.

Nimki runs to gate, she forcefully opens it and throws Jariya away, she runs from there, Mai is stunned.

Ritu’s car come to site. They hide seeing Abhi shot on road. Ritu says what is going on? Tettar

says should we save him? his condition is bad. Tunee puts Abhi in his car. Tettar and Ritu are hiding behind a tree and left their car. Tunee is tensed. He tries to start the car but doesnt find key. He searches for Abhi’s car key. Ritu and Tettar drive their car away.

Nimki is running in village, she stops a person and asks him to give her a lift. She requests him to drop her to Abhi, she says if anything happens to him then I wont be able to forgive myself, he asks her to sit down on bike, they drive away.

Sweety asks Babbu what happened? Tettar and Ritu comes there and says we saw Abhi. Mai says that Nimki crossed our palace line and didnt listen to us, you dont have mind to stop her, you are acting like a villager. Tettar says we are talking about Abhi’s life, if you dont stop this rubbish then I will throw you from this house, he pushes her away, Mai is stunned and leaves from there. She is hurt and angry. Tettar asks Babbu did Nimki remove recording? Babbu says I transferred that recording and deleted it from her phone.

Scene 2
Tunee brings Abhi to hospital. Aunt and Elena are tensed. Inspector pulls Tunee aside and asks if he shot Abhi? Nimki comes there. Tunee says I didnt shoot him, when I came there, he was lying on road in blood. Nimki rushes to Aunt and consoles her. She asks doctor how is Abhi? Doctor says one bullet shot in his shoulder and other went out, he lost a lot of blood. Abhi’s manager comes there and tells inspector everything about Kundan and Nahar. Abhi’s operation is going on.

Kundan and Nahar are tensed. Their shooter comes there and says I shot him two times, he wont be saved, till he goes to hospital, blood will be lost. Nahar is tensed. Police comes there. Nahar tries to leave but inspector stops him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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