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Mayavi Maling 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Haran decides to help Pranali

Mayavi Maling 2nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maharaj asking about Trishanku. Trishanku walks somewhere. Adhivan holds him with the ropes. He says forgive me dad. He leaves the rope. Trishanku jumps in some deep pit. Madhumali says Trishanku isn’t well, he is resting. Angad says he will come soon. Maharaj says sure, Raj guru ji start the wedding rituals. He gifts a knife to Angad. Angad takes his blessings. Everyone worries. Pandit asks Pranali to apply kesar tilak to her groom. Maharaj takes Pranali. Pranali does the tilak. Maharaj smiles. Maharaj says I will look into the arrangements and come. He goes. He says where is Trishanku, Lord just protect him always. Vaidehi comes to him. She says your smile isn’t hiding your problem, tell me from where did you get Eshwarya, your eyes are speaking a lot, just tell me. He says

we have to go ahead with our plan. She says its about Pranali’s future, what’s happening, I want to know, I have a right. He says Pranali is my daughter too, I know what I m going, do you trust me or not. He cries and goes to Pranali.

He asks Pranali and Eshwarya what are they doing here. Pranali cries and says I won’t marry. He promises that he won’t let the marriage complete. She gets shocked. He hugs her and says I have put you in this problem, I will solve this. Pranali says Eshwarya didn’t tell me anything. He says don’t cry, just behave normal, we have to keep patience. Pranali says rituals started, how shall I keep patience, I don’t understand, you both are hiding something. He says trust me, I will make everything fine, go and assure Vaidehi also. She goes. Maharaj says we have to find out about Trishanku, but no one should know about this. Eshwarya agrees and goes. Mandhari sees Haran in the storeroom. She goes. Adhivanth sees Trishanku inside the well and says I regret to do this with you, sorry.

Madhumali and Angad come there. Adhivan asks them the reason to call him. Angad says we have come to see if you have got rid of Trishanku. Madhumali says this was necessary as none can see him. Adhivan says there is no possibility that he comes out. She laughs. Haran goes to Pranali’s room. Pranali comes to her room and sees him. She scolds him. He says I came to ask you anything. She asks him to leave. He asks why did you save my life, bodyguards are meant to die, I felt you are not interested in this marriage. She taunts him. He asks her again. Eshwarya says we have to see Trishanku and Adhivan. Adhivan asks Arak to hide inside the chest. Arak hides. Adhivan says I m really feeling sleepy. Eshwarya stops Garima from joking. She says we just came to ask about your welfare, your dad didn’t come either. Adhivan says don’t worry, I was unwell. Garima goes to open the window. Haran says I got the answer, I won’t let this marriage happen if you don’t will to marry. He gives her the cloth and asks her to come to the terrace, he will see the rest. Mandhari hears them and gets shocked.

Angad asks who is he, why is he looking at us. Angad gets attacked in the mandap. Angad gets scared of fire. Chegu attacks on Angad and Madhumali. Angad gets angry and prepares the counter attack. Madhumali stops him from revealing his powers.

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