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Chandrashekhar 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhagat meets Azad

Chandrashekhar 2nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sukhi coming to Bhagat and saying we can reach Azad. Bhagat says if you can do this, I will give my age to you. Sukhi asks him to keep his age. Bhagat says I can’t stay in this house for more time. Harleen sees Bhagat and smiles. The function goes on. Bhagat says I m not happy with my decision. Sukhi asks him not to think much. Everyone dances in the function.

Manohar asks Chandra what will they do next. Chandra says we have to show Britishers that we will fight for freedom, we have no way than to wait, we can’t fight without the weapons. Shiv says I have got the weapons, you can start the battle now. Chandra gets the gun. Shiv says you have to meet Ganesh Shankar first, he called you at Kanpur. Chandra asks why. Shiv says he said its imp to meet, police is finding

you, there will be much danger. Chandra asks him not to think about it. Bhagat writes a letter that he lost to keep his word, Harleen is nice, she should marry someone who gives her happiness, I m leaving the house dad, I don’t know when will I return, I promise I will make you proud one day. He keeps the letter and takes his dad’s blessings. Bhagat leaves from home. Harleen meets him on the way. He says sorry. She asks why, are you going somewhere. He says I have left the house, I can’t do this marriage. She gets shocked.

She says you have done right, else you would have not kept me happy, you would have not stayed happy too, it would be useless, I would have much regret in heart, but its fine, I shall leave. He gives her a letter. She cries and goes. She reads his letter. He thanks her for understanding and tells her that she has inspired him for his move. Tikaram asks Veer to do his work well. Cops get info about the training camp going on to strength the freedom fighters group. John says this time we have to be careful. He asks Veer to go to Jhansi and keep him informed about Azad. Manohar says Bhagat has come from Punjab, he wants to meet you. Chandra thinks of Rudra’s words. Chandra says so that’s why Ganesh called me here. Bhagat asks Ganesh how does Chandra look. Ganesh says Chandra takes many disguises, its tough to know him. Chandra takes a disguise and comes there to meet Ganesh. Bhagat taunts him on his fatness. Chandra gets angry on him and tests him. Chandra instigates Bhagat to know his passion and courage for freedom fight.

Bhagat says if you want to see my courage, you have to see inside my chest. He lights fire and keeps his hand. He says this fire is very less than the fire inside my chest, I can sacrifice my life for the freedom. Chandra looks on. Sarfaroshi ki tamanna…..plays….. Chandra stops Bhagat and blows the candle off. He sees Bhagat’s hand burnt. He tells Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi that Bhagat will be behind the country’s freedom. Ganesh tells Bhagat that this is Chandra Shekhar Azad. Bhagat gets shocked. Bhagat says Azad… He apologizes to Azad. Chandra says this was your test, you have scored full marks, sustain this madness, it will be useful for our fight. Bhagat asks when will we meet again. Chandra says we have met, now we just have to do our work, we will start with Jhansi. Bhagat hugs him. Ganesh smiles.

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