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A rikara story – abuse, pain, silent tears (PART-1)

Gauri was cleaning up after the party her husband and brother in law held. She was very skinny, tired and her eyes represent that she had no care in the world.

Just then she felt something tugging at her hair.

Gauri: ouch!!

The person pulling her hair was no other than kiya.

Kiya: so despite my bhai telling you that not to talk to any men, why did you?

Gauri: matlab?

Kiya: at the party, you were talking to other men.

Gauri: only to be polite.

She felt something stinging her cheek.


Ajay: liar!! Liar!! You wanted to speak to those men. Am i right?

Gauri: no ajayji, aisi nahi hai.

She got another slap from ajay.

Ajay: how many times have i told you that do not talk to any men but no! You always talk to some man. Kiya?

Kiya: yes bhai?

Ajay: my stick.

Gauri: ajayji, please aisi maat karo. Not the stick.

Ajay and kiya didn’t listen, kiya went to the corner and got the wooden stick out. Gauri’s heart started to beat fast and cold sweat drip from her head. Kiya smirked and passed it to Ajay.

Kiya: punish her bhai.

Ajay: exactly what I am going to do.

Gauri wanted to run but her body was weak that she didn’t have the strength to run.

One hit.


Ajay didn’t listen to her begging nor did kiya.

Ajay: why should I? You broke one of my rules.

He beats her again.


And again. Tears rolled down her eyes.

Gauri: OW!!

She was on the floor now being beaten up badly. One last hit and the stick was thrown to a side. Ajay bent down and grabbed gauri’s neck tightly.

Ajay: next time if me or kiya finds you talking to any men, it will be the ladle.

Gauri nods with fear. Ajay leaves her neck and gets up. Both brother and sister leaves gauri alone. In the dark room.

More tears rolled down her eyes and she wiped them.

Is this her destiny?

To be beaten up?

To be a donkey?

Every day, every night, just tears after beatings. No one to comfort her. Why? Why was she married at 10? Why did she have to feel like she was alone?

Not even she knew. All she knew is that her tears are silent and no one loves her

Precap: meeting him


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