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A little pinch of insecurities and a handful of love — Part 1

After many difficulties in their lives, two souls om and gauri have finally became one and they finally became rikara.

They happily consummated their marriage;Gauri is accepted in the family. Tej has changed a bit but Om hasn’t accepted him. Svetlana or Snakelana is now out of their lives.Shivika have a son called Sanjay who is 3.

But the journey doesn’t end here.






Gauri enters the room and sees Om painting with his headphones on.

Gauri: Omkaraji?

No reply.

Gauri in mind: this jatadhari I tell you! Always feels the need to have his headphones on!!

She tip toes to her nandi bel and gently takes the headphones off. Om stops painting and turns to see his wife innocently smiling with those eyes which were the colour of hot cocoa, sprinkled with tiny flecks of gold like mini marshmallows

Om: what did you do that for? I was listening to that.

Gauri: you were listening to the music and I was trying to get your attention.

Om: this is why I always wear my headphones whilst doing my work.

Gauri fluttered her eyelashes and looked confused.

Gauri: matlab?

Om: matlabyeh that then I don’t have to listen to your annoying voice. Always (he puts up a high pitch voice) omkaraji, omkaraji, omkaraji! (back to his normal voice) and why do you keep calling me ‘omkaraji’?? We’ve been through this a million times. It’s ‘Om’ you have all rights to call me ‘Om’.

He saw Gauri looking a little sad. He bit his tongue knewing his went a bit too far.

Om: Gauri……

Gauri interrupting: this is what you think of me! I was about to ask you something but instead you did OH MY MATA of me! I hate you.

She was about to go and Om knew where she was going to go.


If Om even said one thing mean, Gauri would complain to Shivay and Shivay would kill Om.

Then how is Om still alive when Shivay kills him for being mean to Gauri?

Anyway not important.

Om quickly stood from his chair and grabbed Gauri by the waist.

Om: sorry Gauri.

Gauri: I’m sorry, who are you?

Om: your husband.

Gauri: bade bhaiya got me married?!

Om: Gauri, keep your attitude aside. Sorry jaan, I shouldn’t have said that much.

Gauri: you better be sorry.

Om: sorry.

He kisses her cheek and Gauri smiles. Just then she felt something in her throat. As fast as a storm could speed, she released herself from Om’s grip and ran to the bathroom.

Om went up to the bathroom door and said: Gauri, what happened? Are you okay?

He got his answer.

Not by Gauri speaking in other words her ‘annoying’ voice.

But by vomiting sounds.

He carefully went in the bathroom only to find Gauri puking her guts out.

Om: arrejaan, what happened?

Gauri: I don’t know. I just feel so nauseous.

Om: you know why you feel this way?

Gauri: why?

Om: because you eat too much street food and as far as I am concerned, you were going to ask me for golgappa.

Gauri: how did you knew?

Om: because of you vomiting. So no golgappa for you.

Gauri: noooo. Omkaraji, you can’t do this to me.

Om: else what?

Gauri thought for a minute and then gave Om a sly smile. Om noticed the cheekiness shining in her eyes.

Gauri: I will tell my badebhaiya.

Om got scared as soon as she said ‘bade bhaiya’ also known as Shivay Singh Oberoi. Before she went out, he said: fine but one golgappa and that’s it.

Gauri: how sweet! Thank you.

She pulls his cheeks and then goes to change quickly.

Om: why can’t she understand no?

Outside, golgappa stand:

Gauri: this is too sweet. Bhaiya, make it spicy na.

Om: are you sure it’s sweet?

Gauri: yes it’s sweet! Deal with it!

Om: sorry. Bhaiya, make it spicy.

Golgappa person: sure.

He gives her a spicy one and Gauri eats it.

After only ten seconds, she made a disappointed face.

Gauri: now this is bland.

Om: how can it be bland?

Gauri: bhaiya, make it more spicy please.

Golgappa person: ji.

He gave her a very veryverymichmich one and Gauri had it.

Gauri: what is this? Now it is too sour. And because of this, I want ice cream.

Om: Gauri, the deal was golgappa. Here bhaiya, your money. I’ll take this girl with me now. Sorry.

Golgappa person: its ok and thank you.

Om smiles and goes with Gauri who was complaining like a kid.

Gauri: but I want ice cream.

Om: and I say no!

Gauri: please!

She gives her famous puppy eyes. Those puppy-dog eyes which changes Om’s mind every time.

Om: ok but small ok?

Gauri: ok!

She happily bounces to the ice cream stall but takes forever there as well.

(note this ice cream saga was inspired from when I was a little kid)

Gauri: this chocolate one is too chocolatey. I don’t like it.

Om: but you only had one lick.

Gauri: you have it!

She gives it to Om who was quite annoyed.

Gauri: bhaiya, give me the strawberry.

The guy gives her strawberry ice cream.

One lick later:

Gauri: this is too fruity. Omkaraji, ice cream is supposed to be sweet na?

Om: yes.

Gauri: then why is this too fruity?

Om: I don’t know.

Gauri: here.

She gives om the strawberry ice cream and Om still had the chocolate ice cream in his hand.

Gauri: let’s go home.

Om: thank you.

As they walk, Rikara sees two homeless kids.

Gauri who was once in that position took the ice creams out of Om’s hands and bends down in front of the homeless kids.

Gauri: here you go.

Homeless kid 1: thank you didi.

Gauri smiling: no problem baccha.

Homeless kid 2: how did you know that we were hungry?

Gauri: you two seem really hungry and I thought that if you two are hungry then ice cream! Yay!

Homeless kids: yay!

They hug Gauri tight and then goes. Om who was witnessing this scene smiled seeing how happy Gauri made those kids.

Gauri goes back to Om and Om says: just seeing you with those kids made me realise that you can be the world’s best mum.

Gauri smiled lightly but deep down she felt a little bit scared.

The thought of having her own kid.

Oh of course she would be happy having one. Hearing ‘mama’ from their small mouth, their innocent smiles, those adorable innocent eyes which shines even in the dark.

But there was one thing which made her scared having her own kid.

Something really big.

Two days later:

Gauri has been feeling dizziness and sickness from the last two days. Every now and then she would crave for something. She also felt a bit heavy from the stomach. She has been getting cramps every one hour and she hasn’t got her periods.

She knew what these symptoms were but she wasn’t entirely sure. So without telling anyone, she brought herself a pregnancy test and took it.


The results were on one side, untouched basically she didn’t even see them yet.

She was too scared.

Slowly she held the test results with trembling hands and her eyes jammed shut. She fluttered her eyes opened and was shocked.

Her brain had shut down for a minute. She was clammy and there was the glisten of a cold sweat. Her eyes were as wide as if someone was coming to deliver the fatal blow.


The results were positive.

A small seed was growing inside of her.

Her own child.

Finally her brain opened again and she quickly washed her face with refreshing cold water. After wiping her face with a towel, she checked the results again, placing her hand on where her child was resting, she lightly smiled and tears came rushing down from her eyes.

Om came back and saw the bathroom door opened when it was supposed to be closed. He went up to the bathroom door and before he closed it, he saw Gauri crying and clutching the results in her hand.

He quickly went in and asked: Gauri, what happened? Why are you crying?

He saw the results in her hands and snatched them off her.

Gauri: omkaraji, don’t….

Om: oh my god!

Gauri: omkaraji?

Om: Gauri, I can’t believe this.

Gauri: you are scaring me!

Om: you’re pregnant.

Gauri nodded lightly and Om hugged her tight, crushing her delicate bones. Then he broke the hug.

You all know as Vishnu ji has many avatars.

In the same way, Om has many avatars.

The avatar which has taken over him was OVERPROTECTIVEKARA!!!

Then he carried her in bridal style and walked out of the bathroom with her.

Slowly and slowly Om placed her on the bed as if Gauri was a china doll and then placed kisses on her neck.

He was about to take her lips into his but something striked Om’s mind and he stopped kissing Gauri’s neck.

Gauri: what happened?

Om: will I be a good dad?

Gauri: what do you mean?

Om: my dad was never there for me. Never supported me in anything I did. When he was around, there was no point in smiling. He would only hit me and discourage me.

Gauri saw tears rolling down Om’s cheeks so she wiped them gently and kissed his cheek. Then Gauri placed his hand on her stomach and said in a cute baby voice: papa, I don’t need to wait nine months. I already know that you are the world’s best papa.

Om cried. But not because he was sad, because of hearing what Gauri said, he was crying happily and hugged Gauri tight.

Om: but Gauri, at the moment let’s not tell anyone.

Gauri: kyu?

Om: see jaan, I feel that we should keep it as a surprise. In a few days, it’s our first anniversary. Big party and then we will announce that we are going to be parents.

Gauri thought for a minute and then said: ok, why not?

Om: good girl.

He pinches her nose and Gauri smiles.

Om: and yes take care of yourself, no mischief else I will lock you up in a room and that too in a room with no TV so you can’t see your darling Salman Khan.

Gauri: you are too mean.

Om: whatever!

Gauri pulls his cheek and then Om asked: accha Gauri, do you want anything? Juice?Milk? Should I put the AC on?

Gauri: there is one thing.

Om kissed her forehead and said softly: what jaan?

Gauri: I want you not to go to your art studio tonight.

Om: why?

Gauri: I want you by my side and by our child’s side.

Om kisses her cheek and said: ok. Whatever you say, I’ll do.

Gauri: pakka promise?

Om: pakka promise.

Gauri: thank you meripyaarijatadhari hippy.

Om: no problem. Anything else you want?

Gauri: no.

Om: ok jaanu. Now see the time, bhoot late hai. My princess needs her beauty sleep.

Gauri knew who he was referring to as princess.

Gauri: princess? Arre duffer, I want a small jatadhari. A cute little boy with hair like yours and eyes like yours.

Om: and I want a small chiraya. One who listens and has your cuteness.

Gauri: but if it is a girl then she will always take your side in everything and you will pamper her more than me.

Om pinches his cheeks and says: oho merichiraya is becoming jealous and that too of her own child!! Wow!

Gauri: be quiet!

Om smiles and starts to caress Gauri’s hair so she would sleep and be quiet for a while.


Rikara’s room:

Gauri was now fully asleep with her head on Om’s lap and Om still caressing her hair. Yes, Om hasn’t slept yet. He was too deep in his thoughts.

Broken glass shreds on the floor.

The strong bitter smell of alcohol slowly taking over the fragrance of the fresh lilies.

Drops of blood dripped on the floor.

A bed where an evil woman and a man he thought was his superhero  laid.

Then he saw himself being beaten up.

Om letted out a small scream thinking of those nightmares. Gauri woke up and saw Om scared.

Gauri: what happened Omkaraji?

Om: my childhood nightmares. Nightmares which actually happened and refuse to leave my life.Those nightmares which ruined my childhood. Those nightmares which make me scared to became a father.

Gauri pulls his cheeks lightly and says: Omkaraji, don’t worry. We will raise this child together. I will make sure that once this child is in this world, in our arms, we will rephrase your childhood.

Om kisses her forehead with tears in his eyes. Gauri makes him keep his head on her laps and Gauri slowly makes him sleep.

A few days later:

Rikara’s first anniversary:

Gauri woke up feeling tired and moody. As she carefully sat up on the bed, rose petals from the ceiling showered her.

Gauri: Omkaraji?

He came in front of her and said: happy anniversary jaan.

Gauri smiles as he gave her white lilies.

Om: your favourite.

Gauri: you are too sweet.

She pinches his cheeks tightly.

He kisses her cheek, caging her in his arms.

Precap: announcement

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