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1st Epi – Naagin Season 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

starts with A lady is running in the thick forest with her 9-year boy and the man is following her. The man is following her when stops as she disappears into thin air. He sees dupatta and understands that she is hiding behind the tree. He goes behind tree and lady shouts.

13 years later

A boy is combing his hair. After he is done he is in the hall and shouts ‘Ma.’ A lady comes there in a wheelchair. The lady calls me, Rithik. He turns and hugs her. He wishes her good morning. The lady is Yamini. She wishes her good morning, too. Rithik asks How he was looking? She replies, Good looking as always. Ritik was so excited as it’s his first day in college. Ritik leaves for college.

Mount college is shown. A girl comes out of a car and all boys see the girl with open mouth. The girl closes the mouth of one of the boy and leaves smiling.

Two girls come to her. One of the girls says, Shivaya you are looking awesome. Shivanya replies, I know as I always look Neha. All the three head towards the class.

Ritik enters the classroom and sits on a bench. Shivanya sees him and gets impressed by his personality and sits beside him. She introduces her self to the guy extending her hand for shake hand. Ritik catches her hand.

Both smile at each other. The class starts. Ritik is listening to the lecturer but Shivanya is continuously staring at Ritik. Ritik sees it and waves his hand in front of her face and she comes in sense.

After the class is over Shivanya goes to Neha and Priya. Shivanya tells that she found her love of life. Neha asks, Who is he? Shivanya points towards Ritik who was standing and talking with his friends.

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