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The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 3

And then they leave to Rathore Mansion after coming from US

Later , When riddima is out to hospital rivan asks abhi to take him to park , at the same time anjali and rishi too request to take them to the park and they leave to park

(Guys you all absolutely correct now rivan is going to collide with vansh and it is their first meet )

Rivan is walking in the park and is breathing the fresh air and vansh is doing the same and suddenly they collide and bump into each other

Rivan(without seeing vansh) : sorry
Vansh(without seeing vansh) : sorry

Rivan and vansh see each other and feel some connection

Rivan : so mr…………..Sorry I doesn’t know your soooo………

Vansh : soo but it’s ok my name is…….

Before vansh could speak further and say his name to him

Rivan : Sorry Mr.So called Whoesver

And he leaves from there

And he goes near balloon shooter to play it and the when he shoots one balloon with kids play gun the balloons smashes and blasts then the colour splashes on anjali

Anjali sees who made it to splash on her and sees rivan and then she goes to him very angrily seeing her he understands she is angry

Rivan : I am sorry Mrs if I done any mistake

Anjali : ullu , faltu , badmashi , kutte , khabardar kitna himmat hai tujhe aise karne keliye (bad words continue and guys I don’t know so many )

Rishi tries to stop her and at her rivan looks very unknown way and this full scene is observed by vansh & angre

Rivan : (thinking) hai yaar just for this

Rishi to Anjali : anjali pl rukho (pl stop it anjali ) you are talking too much and too many bad words

Anjali : oh come on rishi he was an American
You can’t see he has blue eyes , brown hair and he has pure white skin and mostly he is talking in english you can’t observe so how can he understand my hindi

Suddenly rivan ‘ s small iphone rings and the ringtone is the song ” oo zaalima “

He answers the call

Rivan : batao (yah tell me )
Abhi : come fast or else your darling riddu will be worried
Rivan : aa rahi hun(I am coming)

Listening his hindi anjali got shocked as she talked too much and rishi is laughing as anjali is stucked in a tough situation even Vansh & angre are laughing

Rivan to anjali : soo kaha hoo tum , ha tune kuch keh rahi he na batao mene tujhe rukh ta hi nahi continue , you carry on I will leave now (soo where you , ya you are saying dome thing right ?? Say then and I will not disturb you continue continue , aa you carry on I will go now ) and I will not meet you once again

Saying so he leaves
The next day abhi takes him to the same school where anju and rishi are studying as abhi wants to make them close

And then morning class ,
Teacher introduces him to them and rishi and anju are awestruck , sound off there jaw dropped

Rivan : hello , so I am from america but I am the son of indian people nice to meet you all

Everyone say hello to him and after all classes end rivan with his cousins who are abhi’s children tanish and vriddhi goes to playground and then tanish ons radio to listen to the songs and when the song plays rivan sees at anju and the song is ” ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga ” and the rivan starts singing the other lines with different lyrics to say how actually anju looks

Rivan : ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga ,
Aankh toh iski jangli billi ka yaar
Nails toh iski rakshas ka yaar
Ghamand toh isko bahut hai yaar
Muh toh iski gangor hai yaar
Finally isne monster hai my dude
(When I saw a girl it felt like ,
Eyes of her are of jungle cat ,
Nails of her are of a dangerous creature
Proud feeling in her is soo high
Face of her is soo annoying yaar
Finally she is a monster dude )

And the three start laughing and then when she leaves to house she informs it to the whole family

Ishani : oh mine so that boy is eve teasing you

Vansh : but listen to the complete story

And he narrates the previous day incident

Siya : so this is your mistake

Anju : sorry mom I doesn’t know

Precap : the ishmart baba

Guys today’s questions

1 who is this new character
2.Is he good or bad
3.is he a kidnapper
4. Is he will kidnap kids

See tomorrow episode to find out and ya do you have answers for the questions then you may answer

So she is Vriddhi who is abhi’s daughter

He is rivan

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