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The key to the chamber of love (Ep 10) Broken soul!

Hey guys thank you for all the comments and those who read it i hope u enjoyed the previous chapter! I am writing this chapter a bit longer as someone requested me too and now a days i am barely free cauz i have assignment, test etc etc! I am extremely sorry for late updates. Ps:- if u all followed me on insta plzz follow my new accounts (hellyxpeace and rianshxpeace) as old account got disabled at 1.9k 🥺🥺😭! Ok lets get into the ep!

Ep starts:-

Its morning in vr mansion

Riansh room

Ridhimah wakes up feeling dizzy she tries to recall everything  that happend yesterday. She looked around and remembered  how vansh married her.. reality hit her hard she is now Mrs.vansh rai Singhania. Several thoughts came in her mind about kabir’s whereabouts! She tried to get out of bed but suddenly feels a pull she landed on something hard! It was vansh!

V pov-

I woke up and found my sweetheart sleeping ,She looks so beautiful just like a angel while sleeping ! Just then something came in my mind i smirked and sat next to her on the bed  and waited till she wakes up!

pov ends..

V- where are you going sweetheart? he smirks and tightens his grip around her waist.

R- what ..r …u do..ing and …why r …u..sleeping..here.. ! she said as she was shocked by his action.

V- Oh common its my house,my room i can sleep anywhere i want.. he smirked.

R pov

I can feel his hot breath on me..his touch gave me shivers…

pov ends…

R- leave me …ur hurting me…! She said trying to get of his tight grip.

V- itni bhi kya jaldih hain sweetheart he smirked and pulled her more closer to him!

V- Wo kya hain na thum meri patni ho aur mera pura huck hain thumpe!

(You see your my wife now and i have all the rights)

R- plzz…ur hurting me… tears rolled down her eyes

V-never i will never leave you until one of our breaths stops i will always be by your side whether you want it or not and now fix that in your mind! he said in a cold tone.

Vansh let go off her as he couldn’t see her tears! Ridhimah felt relief as he let go off her but still worried about kabir’s whereabouts!

R pov-

Where is kabir? Is he safe? Did Vansh do anything? What if he did? No it can’t be…

V- Sweetheart where r u  lost? Are you still thinking about kabir? If so then forget about him or else the consequences will be bad! he said in a cold voice.

Ridhimah held his collar tightly and said..

R- What did u do to him…how dare you hurt him. She shouted

V- Tsk tsk tsk i was about to tell u where he is but now i changed my mind cauz you shouted at me and no one dares to do that at vr. he smirked.

R- i..am sorry…plzz tell me…she begged him.

V- oh common sweetheart..have some sabr!( while writing this i remembered Vihaan’s dialogue “sabre ka faal is good for digestion ” 😂🤣😝😭 i am missing vihu!)

V- i thought you wanted to go college why don’t you freshen up i will drop you!

R- No..need i will go my self and also find out about my kabir… she said with teary eyes.

V- Kabir..kabir..kabir.. what is there in him that i don’t have.. his blood boiled and held her wrist tightly.

Ridhimah pulled his hand away from his and said..

R- I love him..he is simple and perfect..he gives me all the love and plus he never forces me to do thinks and understands my feelings unlike u. she said in one go.

Vansh was burning in anger and moved closer to her as she stepped back soon her back hit the wall  he caged her between him and the wall!

V- Sweetheart how many times do i have to tell you that Kabir is not suitable for you i will love you till my last breath. he cupped her face.

Just then someone started shouting Ridhimah’s name.

V pov..

I heard some familiar voice shouting my sweethearts name…could it be kabir? How possible i sent my mens to find him and they locked him in the basement how did he get out.

His thoughts was broken when he realised Ridhimah pushed him and tried to run as she realised it was Kabir.

Before she could move any further Vansh pulled she could see the fire in him his eyes were red he pulled her more until she wasn’t able to breath properly.

R- Please let me see Kabir…

V-shhhh…sweetheart do you want to see your Kabir safe then you have to do what i say. he smirked.

R-i..would do anything but plzz don’t hurt him..

Then what Vansh said broke her apart she felt as if the ground will break..

Vansh held her wrist and took her along to the hall. Every other member were present there!

K Pov-

Vansh u can’t take her away from me she is just mine. My gaze went to Ridhimah she looked pale and weak.

K- Ridhimah! He said in a soft voice.He went to hug him but was pushed by her.

R- How dare you touch me? You r the one who kidnapped me yesterday? she said directly in his face feeling guilty.

Everyone were shocked except from Vansh he smirked.


V- if you want Kabir safe then you have to pretend that you don’t know him and blame him that he kidnapped you.

fb ends

K- what are u saying Ridhimah…plzz tell me you lying..ur joking right?

R-  You should be grateful that i didn’t call the police or maybe i should…

Ok guys this is it! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter tell me your views! To all the ppl living in India take care and plzz follow the rules and stay at home as the situation is getting worse day by day i pray for everyone that they are safe ! 

Questions to chew up you brain… 😁😳

What do you think will happen next….😂

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