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Riansh Os- Arranged or love marriage? By attractiveuser part-3 (last part)

Sorry for Posting late. This is the last part of this os. Please comment! So let’s start:
After vansh left Riddhima dozzed off. Vansh too slept in his room.
Next morning:
Riddhima wakes up and drops a message to vansh to meet her at XYZ café.
At 11 am XYZ café:
Riddhima and vansh meet there.
Riddhima: vansh we have to do something so that we do not get married any where else but to each other.
Vansh: yes but what to do!
Riddhima: one minute one minute! I have a plan! We can’t tell our mothers about our love but we can tell to our fathers.
Vansh: yes yes!  Let’s go!
They both call Aakash(Riddhima’s father)and Ajay(vansh’s father)there.
Aakash: yes what happened you both together??
Ajay: exactly I am seeing them together first time.
Vansh: actually uncle and dad…
Riddhima: actually actually…
Aakash: what actually actually..say what you want to say.
Riddhima (in one go): dad we love each other.
Aakash and Ajay were hell shocked.
Aakash and Ajay: what?? When??how??
Vansh: calm down calm down! From the school days only we love each other.
Aakash and Ajay: whatt?
Riddhima: yes dad and uncle but please you both have to do something to convince our moms.
Ajay: but how will we convince them?
Aakash: we will plan something for sure but we can’t destroy their lives.
Ajay: yes!
Riddhima and vansh: thankyou dad and uncle.
Aakash: you can call me dad from now vansh!
Ajay: yes Riddhima you can also call me dad!
They both nod.
Aaksh: ok let’s plan!
Ajay: I have a plan! Riddhima you tell to your fiance that you were already in 6-7 relationships earlier. He will definitely say no for marriage.
Riddhima: oh wow nice idea.
Aakash: Vansh can also say the same to his fiance.
Ajay: yes! You two work on your plans! Let’s see what happens.
They all leave.
Next day:
It was engagement day of both vansh and Riddhima at their respective houses. They decided to work on the plan on the engagement day only. Both Riddhima and vansh get ready for engagement.


They get engaged. Riddhima was seeing vansh in front of her. And vansh was dreaming of Riddhima. They both remember their happy moments.

Riddhima: anil(Riddhima’s fiance) I want to talk to you.
Anil: ok let’s go on terrace.
They both leave.
Vansh: Sakshi(vansh’s fiance) I want to talk to you.
Sakshi: ok let’s go!
They both go out.
Riddhima and vansh explain the same thing that their dads told them to their respective fiances.
Anil: it’s ok Riddhima. I don’t have any problem with your past. I just want to be happy with you in our present.
He leaves.
Riddhima: oh god plan failed.
Same happens with vansh.
At night, Riddhima,vansh,ajay and Aakash meet at a nearby place.
Riddhima: plan is failed.
Vansh: now what will we do?
Aakash: something we have to do!
Ajay: let’s work on plan B. Now two days are left for your marriages. So on the marriage day in afternoon Riddhima you call anil and tell him that you don’t want to live with his family. Tell him to buy villa for you both! I know he is a person who can’t seperate from his family for a girl.
Riddhima: ok dad done!
Ajay: and vansh you don’t worry! I have planned something for you! Aryan and I will work on that.
He nods. They all leave.
In next two days mehandi and sangeet happen. Riansh talk to each other and cry but have hope that they will be together.
On marriage day:
They work on the plan.
Riddhima calls anil and informs him the same which ajay told her. This makes anil angry.
Anil: I can’t do this!
Riddhima: then forget about our marriage!
He cuts the call. Riddhima smirks.
At marriage hall:
There were two halls in one garden. Outside one was written:
Outside the other was written:
Vansh came with his family on ghodi(horse😂😂). They were welcomed by sakshi’s family. They enter inside. Vansh and Sakshi were made to sit on sofa on stage.
Riddhima and anil were also sitting on the sofa on stage.
Riddhima: what did you think? Will you buy a villa for me?
Anil: let’s focus on rituals.
Then they see Anil’s and Riddhima’s mom fighting for a thing. Riddhima smirks.
Anil’s mom: your daughter is very bad! She had been in 6-7 relationship before meeting anil.
Rupali: what the hell! You are lying! I believe my daughter.
Anil: mom why are you saying all this in front of her! Mom please.
Anil’s mom: you shut up! We are bearing her daughter like this that does not mean that we will accept everything.
Riddhima: what do you mean by bearing?
Rupali: exactly!
Aakash: my daughter is one in millions.
Rupali, Aakash,Anil’s mom,Anil’s dad, Riddhima and anil get into a fight.
Anil: see your daughter first! She was asking me to seperate from my family and buy a villa for her for us both to live.
Riddhima: you lier when did I say this.
Aakash and rupali defend Riddhima.
Anil: I don’t want to do this marriage mom!
Riddhima: who is interested in Marrying you! Get out.
Anil’s family leave in anger.
On the other side:
Aryan and Ajay work on their plan. Aryan sees that sakshi’s dad was just beside him. So her starts acting.
Aryan to his friend: finally bhai got a good girl! Otherwise you know what happens when everyone comes to know bhai’s truth.
His friend: yes Aaryan! His disablesness.
Aaryan: yes the girl and girl’s family does not know that bhai can’t walk properly.
Sakshi’s dad was shocked. He leaves from there. Aryan and his friend hifi.
Sakshi’s dad: vansh I want you to walk right now! I want to see you are perfect or not!
Anupriya: what are you saying!
Sakshi’s mom: he is saying right! We know he can’t walk properly.
Aryan: mom dad they are insulting bhai!
Ajay: yes Anupriya this is wrong.
They get into fight. Anupriya insists vansh to walk. He walks and they see he is perfect.
Anupriya: now seen my son is perfect?
Vansh: they insulted me mom! I don’t want to marry her.
Anupriya: yes beta don’t Marry her. Please get out you all!
Sakshi: sasu maa please don’t do  this.
Sakshi pleads a lot but they don’t agree. Sakshi and her family leaves.
Ajay: Anupriya we have to do something! It will be a big insult If vansh does not get married today.
Anupriya: what can we do?
Aryan: mom Riddhima’s marriage has also stopped. I guess we should make Riddhima and vansh bhai married.
Ajay: yes anu it’s about vansh’s life.
Anupriya thinks for a while and she agrees. Aakash also convices rupali for the same. She also agrees and both vansh and Riddhima get married and live a happy life ahead. Rupali and Anupriya never came to know that this was a love marriage not a arranged marriage. Their enemity also vanished.

This was the last part. Hope you all enjoyed my os. Do comment your reviews😍😍.

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