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Riansh-love between police officers episode 5

First of all I want to thank 1234aayu and aarushi 🥺❤️😍. On my other ff because of them I got 150+ comments ❤️🥺😍😍😍🤩🧿. Thankyou to aisha di too afterall she gave the idea of virtual money 🤣🤣🤣. I am sorry for not uploading since days.

The episode starts with:

Vansh was having tears in his eyes seeing Riddhima.

Vansh(tears): nothing will happen to you Riddhima… Nothing..I will save you.

They reach the hospital. Riddhima was taken to operation theatre. Vansh was restless.

Vansh(thinking): Riddhima you have to get up! Get up! Nothing can happen to you!

Doctor came out.

Vansh: how is she doctor?

Doctor: inspector! She is in critical state! We can’t say anything now but you know police officers are strong enough to face everything! So she will be fine.

He nods. He thinks about something and head to the temple of the hospital.

Vansh: I don’t believe in you but for Riddhima I am here. I want her back at any cost! If anything happens to her then I will also come with her to you and then you know!(bhagwaan ko dara raha hai😂😂)

He keeps burning diya on his hand. Aditya comes and sees this.

Aditya: sir what are you doing?

He throws away the diya.

Vansh: Aditya I want to save Riddhima.

Aditya: nothing will happen to her sir. She is very strong.

Vansh nods.

Vansh: but we have to inform her family..

Tears fall from Aditya’s eyes.

Aditya: she has no one in her family…

Vansh(shocked): what??

Aditya: yes sir! She lost her family when she was 15 years old and then she worked hard to become a police officer and now she everyday searches for her parents but is not able to find them.

Vansh also have tears in his eyes listening to riddhima’s state.

Vansh: she bears a lot?(tears).

Aditya: yes sir! Her duty is her worship! And today you questioned her duty!

Vansh was guilty of what he did. Doctor came out.

Doctor: she is still in critical condition inspectors.

Aditya and vansh cry. Doctor leaves.

Aditya: why God why? Why always she has to suffer.

Vansh consoles him.

Aditya: you know sir she lost her parents and to study she did a lot of struggle. Sometimes even she didn’t get food.

Vansh was shocked. He was crying bitterly.

Aditya: her past is very painful. No one can ever even think of what she had gone through. People used to taunt her. In her school her friends used to taunt her because she didn’t had good stationery material and all. In college also except her one bestfriend the whole college used to taunt her because of her clothes,her material everything. She has faced a lot in her life(crying)

Vansh was shocked and felt pain in his heart listening to riddhima’s past.

Vansh: don’t worry she will be fine.

Aditya nod. They both wait for Riddhima to get well.

Doctor: inspectors!! She is alright now!! She will get consciousness in some time. They both became happy. The hugged each other. After a while Riddhima gains consciousness. They both go to meet her.

Riddhima: sir.. thankyou for saving me. If you haven’t brought me here on time then I would been alive.

Vansh: shut up Riddhima. You are mad.

Riddhima looks at him. He cares for her. Then he gets dadi’s call that it’s late and he hasn’t returned home so he leaves.

Aditya: you know ma’am! Sir was so much concerned about he! He was bowing in front of God for you! He was crying for you.

Riddhima was amazed listening to vansh’s care for her. Aditya leaves while Riddhima calls Aryan.

On call:

Aryan(angry): yes what do you want?

Riddhima: are you…I am sorry but my khadoos boss senior in police station..he called me..so I can’t come.

Aryan(angry): right right your work is worship for you! And I am nothing.

Riddhima: oh god sorry Aryan! You can give me punishment if you want but please don’t be Angry. I will accept any punishment from you once I am well.

Aryan: well? What happened to you riddhu?

Riddhima: actually while fighting I got shot today!

Aryan(shock): whattt?? Where are you? I am coming.

Riddhima: no need to come Aryan. I am fine now.

Aryan: ok riddhu. But your punishment is..I am giving you a number and you have to call on it and talk like his girlfriend.

Riddhima: oh god Aryan ..

Aryan: riddhu..

Riddhima: oh okk.

He gives her vansh’s number😂.

Precap: riansh become unknown friends. Riddhima talks bad about dcp(vansh) with her unknown friend(vansh).😂😂

Pheww!!! Hope you all like it! Please do comment! I know that the unknown friends part is similar to other ffs but I wanted to add it. Bye! Love you all!




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