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Riansh FF (IMMJ2) I am dying in your love – Episode 18

After Few Days ,

Raisinghania’s and Rathore Family arrange the engagement ceremony and riansh to get ready so as the rituals start

Both , Riddima and Vansh Exchange rings and then kiss each other’s hand and they a share a dance and after the ceremony riddima goes to take rest after 1hour when vansh completed his office work he walks towards riddima’s room and opens it , He finds Fairy lights kept all around the room and the ribbons and balloons are tied then the time is 7:00 pm he sees riddima’s pics all around the room and starts seeing them , then he adores the pics later , his gaze falls on the bed which is heart shaped with curtains covering the sleeping riddima and he goes near the bed and he moves the curtains only to see the sleeping beauty peacefully sleeping on the bed she is wearing a dress like this ⬇️


and is wearing a chain wich is heart shaped and the earrings are heart shaped studs and wearing a waist chain and anklets she is looking damn hot and beautiful and was shining more bcoz of the moon rays vansh was just staring at her later he came to her and sat beside her and

Vansh : you are soo beautiful sweetheart ! I am lucky to have a life partner like you  and for now you are sleeping on your bed but when we get married you sleep on our bed in my arms you will feel more comfortable and secured in my arms am I right or am I not right ???

Then he kisses her forehead and when he is doing so riddima wakes up and sees vansh

Riddima : vansh what are you doing here and why have you came to my room just leave or else anyone can see

Vansh : don’t worry ,  I am your fiance so no one be able to question us

Riddima : but van……….
Vansh interrupts by keeping his finger on her lips

Then riddima is about to leave her room to escape vansh but he holds her hand and drags her and keeps his hand on her waist and then he keeps his head on her shoulder and when he is romancing he smells riddima’s fragrance and feels attracted towards the fragrance

Vansh : riddima what you will use to get this attractive fragrance

Riddima : I will apply rose water and will bath with sandalwood , almond and saffron mixed soap and then I will use jasmine fragranced perfume that’s it

Vansh : so it was your fragrance secret anyhow , you look drop dead gorgeous

Riddima blushes

Vansh : your blush will give more beauty to you

Riddima is leaving but he holds her hand and he pulls by her waist and she pushes him he falls on the bed but riddima’s kangan (bracelet) is lefted to vansh’s shirt so when he has fallen she too fallen on him , they have an eye lock but it was interfered by a Bird’s chirping and then vansh left her room

The Next Day ,

Riddima woke up took a shower , at the same time vansh came into her room and then riddima came out from bathroom covering herself with a towel and hands open vansh saw her and was staring at her at same time riddima saw this and shouted “Vanshhhhhhhhh” vansh got into his senses and turned back

Vansh : I am sorry , I don’t know that you are bathing so , and one second why should I say sorry , actually it is you who doesn’t locked the door , right ??

Riddima : if I doesn’t lock the door I was in a hurry atleast you should have to knock the door right ??
(Guys Lock – Knock nice rhyming right???)

Then they stop fighting and riddima was drying her hair with charcoal (hindi – sambrani) and then when vansh saw his front there is a mirrow which is exact opposite of her and he can see her reflection in it and he was staring at her like this suddenly when she is about to open her towel and wear the clothes he left from there

At evening 4:00 pm ,
Riddima came to a bazaar and even vansh came to the same bazaar and then it started raining and everyone in the bazaar left from there and only vansh and riddima are left , seeing this riddima came out of the shelter and started enjoying in the rain she sung

Mujhse Naina Milake
Mausam hone lage paagal
Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun Mein aaj
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham cham cham………

And vansh is watching and is capturing it
Later , she went back to house

Vansh (thinking) :You are tempting me a lot sweetheart , you are looking damn hot and I wanna taste your juicy lips and on you my desire is growing more I am waiting to get married then see you will be forever mine

Precap : Riansh Marriage Rituals with Romantic Moments

Guys so questions track now ,
1.what could be the moments
2.if there will be a marriage in next episode
3.or something will happen and marriage gets stopped ??

Do comment your views and ya guys if you wanna give any advice or suggestion then you can post it

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