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RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 19

Hi y’all! Thank you for your wholesome response on the previous episode. I was extremely glad that you guys liked it. Also, thank you for being so patient because updates of this FF have been very rare recently. In order to fill in, this is a very long update; Happy Reading.

PREVIOUSLY, Vansh and Riddhima sort their differences

[Link to Episode 18: https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/riansh-becoming-mrs-raisinghania-episode-18/]


Riddhima parked the car outside the Raisinghania Mansion and turned off the ignition, before getting off the car and walking inside. She could hear the blaring music from the backyard and could imagine the grandness of the occasion. She knew the Raisinghanias did not spare a stone unturned to exhibit their affluence.

Despite how kind and warm the family was, she knew she was getting married into a family where her attitude and beliefs did not blend in. She’d seen how different Vansh’s views were from hers on the several occasions they’d talked in. She respected his views, and she was not going to expect him to shift his perspective. After all, regardless of what Vansh said, this marriage would never have a true meaning.


She turned around at the voice and a small smile lifted the corners of her lips. She waved at Aryan and he ran to her, drenched in water and colors. She laughed at how he looked and waited for him to catch up.

Riddhima: Did anyone tell you, you look amazing today?

Aryan: Did anyone tell you, you look too boring for today?

Riddhima (chuckling): How are things going? I haven’t seen you in a while.

Aryan: You tell me. You agreed for the marriage and the dates have been fixed; how does it feel?

Riddhima: Nothing massively different. It’s just a lot of traditions and rituals which I’m still coping up with. It’s not my favourite thing.

Aryan: Likewise. I am never getting married for that very reason.

Riddhima stepped inside the house while Aryan waited outside to walk back to the backyard. As she stood at the doorstep, she turned around and looked at him, a small smile outlining her lips.

Riddhima: I don’t know if I’d see you ever again, agar Sia ne sun liya toh. (if Sia hears it)

When she walked inside the house, Aryan stared at her retreating figure and smiled to himself. She’d a different aura to himself and despite how introverted she was, she knew how to mingle with people even at a distance. There was something in her that set her apart in the crowd – something that made her a perfect match for Vansh Bhai.


Once the puja was done, Vansh’s mother held a bowl full of gulaal in her hand and smiled at the two couples. After her husband had passed away a few years ago, she’d only striven to see her children happy, and the present had begun overwhelming her lately. It felt too surreal.

Ishani: Ma, what happened?

Uma (shaking her head): So, since this is the first Holi you are celebrating together, you’ve to apply color on each other first. (looking at Riddhima) Just a little. You can wash it away immediately. Although, you shouldn’t have any allergic reaction, the colour is organic.

Riddhima smiled at her as a wave of warmth coursed within her. She couldn’t believe his mother had thought about her and purchased an organic colour. In that instant, she felt like she was back home where her Ma was taking care of the smallest nuances to ensure her comfort.

Riddhima: Thanks, Aunty.

Uma: Arey, there’s nothing to thank me for. (forwarding the bowl) Now c’mon, apply the colour to each other.

Moments later when Vansh applied the colour on Riddhima’s cheeks, his fingertips barely brushed across her skin. She looked up at him and smiled at him, his gentleness gnawing at her soul. Over the past few days, he’d been extremely gentle and kind to her and she’d tried acknowledging at all possible times. She was still growing used to this dynamic of their relationship and she’d asked him to give her some time.

Uma: Riddhima, now you must do it.

Riddhima brushed her fingers against the powder, barely picking up colour and bent down to apply the colour on his mother’s feet. She had never seen any mother care for her the way she had. Albeit, she was going to be her mother-in-law, but the gesture had felt extremely intimate – very kind and generous.

Riddhima: Thank you for being so warm, Aunty.

His mother smiled and nudged a soft finger on her forehead with the colour to bless her.

Vansh: Can we please finish off this ritual now? I’ve something to do after this.

Riddhima turned around and looked at him pointedly, mildly shaking her head. He was always in a hurry. She picked up some colour in her hands and rubbed her palms against his cheek while his mother moved away for the other couple in the room to finish the ritual.

Vansh (stepping away): You didn’t have to put so much colour now. I barely applied colour on you.

Riddhima: That’s because you knew I was allergic to colours. (folding her hands across herself) And serves you right for the way you behaved. I’m sure that could’ve waited for another two minutes.

Vansh stepped closer to her and wrapped his fingers around her wrist, slowly bringing himself closer to her. As their breaths began mingling and his woodsy scent filled her nostrils, he paused and looked into the brown freckles of her eyes.

However, Riddhima quickly freed her hand and stepped away, fixing him under a pointed stare. This man knew nothing about boundaries, and she hated it. She shook her head at him and forced a smile on her lips.

Riddhima: I’m going to leave now; Ma is waiting for me and Di at home. I’ll see you later!

Vansh: You could’ve had lunch with us today. Ma was asking me if you would like to.

Riddhima: Well, no one asked me before and now, my lunch is ready at home. (looking at her fingers) Can I wash my hands before leaving?

Vansh nodded his head and guided her inside. The two of them walked beside each other while Riddhima began scrubbing her nails against the inside of her palms. She knew that organic colours never made a difference to her skin – allergic reactions were bound to gain the prominence.

Vansh: About that; I think there are times you can take the initiative too. You could’ve told us that you’d want to have lunch with us.

Riddhima: Now, that’s not fair. You’re stuffing words into my mouth. You wanted me to have lunch with your family. I wasn’t the one to ask.

Vansh: Has anyone ever told you one thing?

Riddhima (looking up at him): Unless you tell me, it’s not like I can figure out.

Vansh: Tum bohot zaalim ho. (You’re very cold.)

Riddhima: Khair, woh toh main hoon. (Well, that I am.)

The two of them fell into silence at that and walked inside his room. She’d never ventured inside their house or his room and as she looked around, she noted the stark contrast in the décor of the rooms. The walls were painted with a light shade of warm white and an accenting deep blue with the marbleised furniture adding a contemporary feel. She nodded her head subtly and mumbled under her breath, “Point of difference. Again!”

Riddhima: So, this is your room!

Vansh: It’s soon going to be ours. (looking around) Do you want to change anything here? Ma said she’d have a word with the interior designers then and get the room renovated accordingly.

She wanted to tell him that the room did not match any of her perspective or choices. That, It made her seem secluded, but she decided against it. She didn’t want her choices or perspective to influence his; It felt extremely wrong. She did not want to be a burden on him in the name of a marriage. She’d decided that their marriage would never manipulate his choices and decisions.

Riddhima (pretending to look around): No, I like it as it is.

Suddenly, a piercing pain shot through her skin and she suppressed her scream of anguish. She didn’t want to unnecessarily worry anyone in the house. She clenched her hand into a tight fist and looked at Vansh, swallowing all the expressions on her face.

Riddhima: Can I use the washroom?


Vansh knocked on the door and looked down at the wristwatch again. He had stopped hearing the waterflow a few minutes ago and he wasn’t sure what was taking her that long. He had berated himself multiple times, not wanting to intervene, but he wondered if she needed something.

Vansh: Riddhima, all okay? Do you need something?

Riddhima clenched her teeth and looked up at the door gratefully. Her allergic reaction had been growing worse and she needed a few ice-cubes to relieve herself of the pain.

Riddhima: Can you get me some ice-cubes please?

Asking her to wait, he got some ice-cubes from the kitchen downstairs. The living room was wholly empty and the blaring music from outside deafened his ears. He picked up the ice pack from the refrigerator and ran upstairs to his room.

Vansh (knocking on the door): Riddhima, the ice cubes…

Riddhima: You can come inside. (clicking her tongue) The door is not locked.

Despite his hesitancy, he slid the door open and looked at her. She held her palms together, constantly pressing on the left palm and granite counter around the basin was pooled with water. He strode over the short and looked at her hands – there were blisters on her fingertips and the heal of her palm.

Vansh held her hand within his and blew air over the heal of her palm. Her skin had reddened, and it appeared extremely painful. He looked up at her several moments later and scrunched his brows.

Vansh: What happened?

Riddhima: Nothing. (seeing him continue blowing air) Use the ice-cubes, this won’t help.

Vansh nodded his head and gently began pressing the ice pack against her skin. Riddhima sighed several moments later when the piercing pain had begun subsiding. She felt her shoulders relax and she looked at him appreciatively. He had been constantly blowing air despite the cold of the ice-cubes and that had helped soothe the pain quicker.

Riddhima: Thanks, Vansh.

Vansh: You feel better?

Riddhima (nodding her head): Mhm.

Vansh: How did this happen all of a sudden?

Riddhima: I wasn’t joking when I said I am allergic to colours. (looking at the confusion on his face) No amount of organic colour really helps. This is kind of why, Ma doesn’t let me into the kitchen most of the times.

Vansh nodded his head and leaned against the counter while continuing to press the ice pack against her skin.

Riddhima: I’m fine now, you don’t have to worry. Plus, (unlocking her phone on the counter) I should leave now. Ma must be waiting.

He nodded his head and moved away to walk outside the washroom, but he slipped on the floor and fell to the ground, quickly losing his balance. The back of his head was about to hit the floor, but Riddhima hurried and placed a hand below his head. He looked at her and the ghost of a smile hovered on his lips.

Vansh: Thank you.

Riddhima: I’m sorry.

She had knelt beside him and he looked at her, the rawness of her beauty beginning to overwhelm him. Regardless of how much he convinced himself, he knew he was beginning to feel for her too deeply and moments like these, forced him to appreciate her even more.

Vansh: Since when haven’t you played Holi?

Riddhima: Um, I don’t remember, but I don’t remember playing with Ma and Di ever. So, it has been quite a while. Today, after so many years, did I actually get out of the house to be honest.

Vansh (standing up): Then, we must make it memorable.

He laced his fingers with her and pulled her up, making her stumble and fall on his chest. Her head rested against him and he felt the muscles inside him clench in anticipation. It was a completely fresh and different feeling.

He pulled her under the shower and turned on the shower, letting the water drench either of them. She looked up at him in shock as the water drizzled down her face and she shoved her hands in the air, trying to analyse the situation.

Riddhima: What the hell!

Vansh: Happy Holi, Riddhima. (smiling) So, what if you cannot play with colours! Your Holi can surely involve drenching and soaking in water.

Riddhima: With you being all dry? (pulling him under the shower) No way.

She laughed as he scrunched his face at her with the water beginning to drench him. As her laughter continued echoing inside the space, he looked at her mesmerized. He’d always known that Riddhima was gorgeous, but the aura that enveloped her made her beautiful.

He stepped closer to her and wrapping his hands around her waist, pulled her closer to himself. She stared at him, confusion etched across her face, but as the water rolled down her lips, he leaned in closer. She was irresistible.

However, just before he was going to press his lips against hers, he remembered the evening of their engagement. He remembered the previous time he’d kissed her in the study, and he moved away, trying to gain control over his emotions. He was wronging her with these emotions of his and he never wanted to do that.

Vansh: Sorry, I just…

Riddhima pressed her lips against his, and he felt the axis of his world shift. He’d never imagined her to kiss him, not even in his wildest dreams. He tightened his hold around her and pulled her closer to himself. As she stood closer to him, she wrapped her hands around his neck and lifted her toes, and he heard her mumble under her breath.

It almost sounded like: screw my life.


Alright, that’d be it for this episode. I’m not sure when the next episode of this would be up, but I hope I can manage to write it soon. Anyhow, Thanks for reading and stay safe everyone!

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