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Episode begins with… 

DAY 9, 8.00pm..

ANGRE: Vansh, come in and have your dinner. 

VANSH: Angre, you go and have the dinner. I’ll eat later..

ANGRE: Did anyone say that if you stay hungry then, all your problems will get solved?

VANSH: Angre, I was just thinking till now aryan didn’t do anything. But he won’t remain silent..

ANGRE: Vansh, even I know this. But, why is he silent?

VANSH: Angre, the problem for him is, he can’t roam like before. He is hiding somewhere in this city. He can’t come out of that place. Because, now the whole city Police is searching him. It’s not safe for him to go anywhere. But, at the same time he won’t be away from us. He won’t be silent. He won’t accept his defeat. He must be somewhere here around us. He must be watching our every activities.

ANGRE: Vansh, are you sure..

VANSH: Angre, I’m sure that he is somewhere here around us and watching us. He must be waiting for an opportunity to execute his plans.

Aryan was standing on a tall building and watching both vansh and angre through bioscope. .. 

ARYAN: What are they both speaking so seriously? I want vansh to sleep or else go out. Only then, I can execute my plan.

ANGRE: Vansh, don’t worry. I’m with you. You won’t lose..

Vansh hugs him. Just then, uma comes there.. 

UMA: Vansh, I heard what all you spoke. What’s happening here?

VANSH: Mom, tomorrow is the last day of my challenge mom(tells everything).

UMA: Don’t worry vansh.. 

VANSH: Mom, can you do me a favour..

UMA: Tell me, vansh..

VANSH: Mom, whenever I used to go for any important meeting or to make any deal, you used to go to one special temple and pray for me. Do you remeber it?

UMA: Haa vansh..

VANSH: Even this time, your son is going to face an important challenge in his life. I want you to go to the same temple and pray for me this time too. Because, whenever you go to that temple, I used to win. I want your prayers for my success.

UMA: Don’t worry, vansh. I’ll go and pray for your victory. You’ll win in this challenge. I’ll go and get ready..

Saying so, she goes.. Just then, 

ANGRE: Vansh, I don’t know why? But, I feel that you are sending aunty for some other reason. I couldn’t find truth in your eyes. Do you have any other plan behind this? 

VANSH: Angre, how do you find all this? Even my mom couldn’t find my lie. Do you have any detector to find my lies?

ANGRE: The answer for this question is so simple..

VANSH: The answer is, you know me very well, right?

ANGRE: Yes.. Now tell me the reason.

VANSH: I don’t want mom to be here tomorrow. I don’t want her to get caught in any problems because of me. It will take 1 day for her to complete all the pujas in that temple.

Just then, sia and riddhima comes there.. 

SIA: Bhai, where is mom going now?

VANSH: She is going to the temple. She’ll come within 2 days.

Just then, uma comes there.. 

UMA: Vansh, I’m going to the temple. Keep one thing in your mind. Nothing should happen to you. At the same time, nothing should happen to riddhima too. She is also my daughter. I want you both to be safe. Vansh, take care.. 

Riddhima hugs her and cries.. 

UMA: Don’t worry, riddhima. Nothing will happen to you. My prayers will always be with you.. 

Saying so, she wipes her tears. 

Uma leaves the house in a car. 

VANSH: Sia, where is sejal? 

SIA: Bhai, she is with ishani..

VANSH: Ok, come. Let’s go in..

Saying so, he goes in.. 

Riddhima stands in front of the devi maa idol. 

RIDDHIMA: Right now, I’m not happy. I can’t tell this to anyone. But, you know what’s inside my heart. You took away my parents and my happiness from me. But, you gave vansh to me. Today, he is going to go far away from me. I don’t want this to happen. But, I can’t stop him. He won’t listen to me. But, you can stop him. I want vansh. Tomorrow will be the biggest day of my life. Did I do any wrong? Then, Why am I standing in this place? I was true to myself. But, today that truth snatched everything from me. If you don’t want this to happen, if you want truth to win then, change everything. I don’t know what’s written in my fate.

Just then, vansh comes there and sees riddhima crying and praying. 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know whether I’m going to lose my life or my love, tomorrow. But, you know everything, right. Please do some miracle and change everything. I have two wishes. I want to live because, I don’t want vansh to lose. I don’t want vansh to go abroad. Because, I want my love to win. Will you accept these two wishes. I want both vansh and my love to win. Or else both to lose. Because, without vansh there is no meaning for my life. It will be a living hell for me. Don’t give such a big punishment for me. If you won’t stop vansh, then don’t save me. If you save me then, save my love too. Vansh said that he had sacrificed his love to you. I’m asking that love from you. Give his love to me.. 

She cries and goes… 

Vansh who was hearing all this wipes his tears and goes to see angre. 

VANSH: Angre, I have a plan. 

ANGRE: What is it?

VANSH: I don’t think that this place will be safe for riddhima. I’m going to take her away from here. But, that place will be a secret. None should know it apart from you and me.

ANGRE: But, do you think that it is safe to go out?

VANSH: I know that it’s not safe. But at the same time, we don’t have any other option too.

ANGRE: Then, which place is that?

Just then, riddhima, Sia, sejal and ishani comes running to them.. 

VANSH: What happened?

SIA: Bhai, there.. There..

ANGRE: Sia, don’t get afraid. We couldn’t understand anything. Tell clearly..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, we saw a masked person jumping the compound wall and entering this house.

VANSH: What!!

ANGRE: Don’t worry.. You all stay calm. We’ll go out and check.

Just then, angre and vansh hears some footsteps sound. 

Vansh goes in that direction while, angre follows him. Just then, the masked person from behind shuts sejal’s mouth. Sejal somehow manages and pushes the nearby chair. Everyone turns and sees her. The masked person keeps a knife near sejal’s neck and threatens everyone. 

SEJAL: Bhai..

ANGRE: Sejal, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you..

SEJAL: Bhai, please do something.


VANSH: I know aryan has sent you. But, What do you want?

ANGRE: (murmuring) Vansh, I don’t think aryan has sent him.

VANSH: ( murmuring) How are you saying that?

ANGRE: ( murmuring) If aryan has sent him, then riddhima must have been in that place. Because, aryan’s target is riddhima. Not, sejal..

VANSH: ( Murmuring) You are right. But, who is it?

Just then, vansh notices his shoes.. 

VANSH: Angre, see his shoes..

Everyone notices that person’s shoes. Everyone gets shocked. The masked person gets nervous.. 

PRECAP: Vansh locks riddhima in a room. Angre searches for ishani. Sia runs to meet uma. Sejal gets admitted in the hospital. Aryan beats vansh and tortures him. 

Guys, whom do you think that masked person would be? Comment your views about precap too.. 

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