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Realising my Love (Episode 3)

Hey foodies, here is the next episode .(To my other FFS reader : I will upload tomorrow with longer updates.) Sry for being late .


Vansh is in his room getting ready .Vansh thinks of calling Riddhima .

Sharma Mansion ,

Riddhima is smiling infront of mirror. Suddenly,she sees call of vansh.

Vansh: Hi Riddhima.

Riddhima : Hi Vansh .

Vansh : I want to tell you something.

Riddhima : First me .

Vansh : No me .

Riddhima : Ok Chipkali. You first.

Vansh : I love Nikita and I am going to propose her.

Riddhima gets heartbroken hearing that.

Riddhima : (gathering courage)Ok , bye ,talk later ,mom is calling .

Vansh gets confused 🤔 .

Riddhima ends the call .

(All Angre , Sanjeev and Rajshri have gone for some work.)

Riddhima locks the door and cries . Siya hears her voice .

Siya : Riddhu , open the door na.

(They are nand-bhabhi and shares sister like bond.)

Riddhima : No bhabhi .(cryingly)

Siya : Kabhi khushi ,

Riddhima : Kabhi gam .

And she opens the door.

Riddhima hugs Siya and cries .

Riddhima narrates the happening .

Siya : You should confess your love, before it’s too late.

Riddhima was tired by crying,so she slept .

In Park , 🏡

Vansh : I love you Nikita . Will you marry me ?

Nikita :Yes , love you too.

FB shows

After calling Riddhima , vansh ask Nikita for a date . She laughs seeing her plan fulfill ,but later decides not to seperate the duo friendship ,as she will become rich 🤑.

FB ends

They together go to Raisinghania Mansion .

Vansh : Mom ,papa , Chachi all come .

All come down .

Vansh : She is Nikita and we love each other and want to marry .

All gets happy except Anupriya .

They call pandit .


Pandit : The muhurat is after 1 week or 1 year .

All gets shocked 😳.

Chanchal was about to say something , but a boy comes wearing a hoodie .

Boy : Dad , I am back to take the revenge on your wife for you and my mother.

Episode Ends .

Precap : Siya confronts Vansh , Vansh propose Riddhima in Airport ,A girl will be introduced who will bring riansh closer ,but later negative , Nikita join hand with boy .

And should I end the series on wedding or continue this FF.

Hope you like it.

Don’t forget to comment your views.

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