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Love of sacrifices and trust (Chapter 12)

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Next few months passed so fast,

time was just flowing away.

Riddhima and vansh ,they enjoyed every moment oftheir life,every moment of Riansh’s childhood to the fullest ,

One night Siya took Riansh to Angre and Ishani’s house,Ishani who was six month pregnant ,wanted to spend time with Riansh,so Riansh was going to stay with them for three to four days. Riddhima was cleaning the top of almirah..

Vansh: Sweetheart,cleaning even at this time of day?Its 10 o clock at night.

Riddhima nodding,:I know,but Riansh is not here,so I am thinking to finish these chores,as with him ,time just passes.

Vansh smiled and pulled her,she fell in his arms,

Vansh: Time can even pass now.

Riddhima signs what?

Vansh: If Riansh is not here, He made her stand and hugged her from back holding her waist,

Vansh: Then we should do something which we can not do in front of him.

Riddhima looked at him and laughed.

vansh: What’s the point to laugh? Riddhima: Vansh you…

She started blushing.Vansh dragged her more close and made her face up by holding her chin.Riddhima tried to push him away but he was holding so tightly,she also didn’t wish to end this moment.They spent some days beautifully. Then after somedays ,Vansh was getting late for office.He came down running and saw Riddhima cooking at the kitchen,he just stopped,by her mesmerising beauty,black saree,open hair,shining face,he forgot about the time and kept looking at her,Riddhima noticed him and signed what?

Vansh smiled,:I just want to tell you,you and Riansh ,are my breath,I love you.

Riddhima started shying. Vansh came and gave her forehead kiss,he was about to kiss on her lips but they saw Riansh sneaking,Vansh went and lifted Riansh up,three of them laughed and played,Vansh kept looking at both of them as they were his life. He sometimes become teary eyed that how much happiness has god given to him and that he is not able to even breath without them now.One morning,Vansh prepared breakfast,Riddhima came downstairs and looked at Vansh making breakfast.

Riddhima: Vansh ,why are you doing this today..you have no idea of cookingg?

Vansh: No no..I had no idea of cooking,now I know how to make breakfast for my beautiful wife.

Riddhima:But why..

Vansh looked sad,he lifted Riddhima and made her sit on counter.

Vansh: You know I had done my business in USA for two years.

Riddhima nodded.

Vansh: I have an urgent meeting in usA for two days,I have to ,shift all the things completely to India. Riddhima looked at him with sadness but pretended to smile,

Vansh:If you not want then I won’t go

Riddhima:Had I stopped you last time?

Vansh :No

Riddhima:Why would I do it now?You please go,if not for yourself ,then for our children future.

Vansh smiled.

Vansh:Hey ,,wait a minute..you said children?

Riddhima :I mean….ofcourse Vansh we will have children ,if not now then after some time.

She shied.

Vansh laughed and got close to her.She made him away.

Vansh whispered:You are sounding tired..was I too agressive last night ?

Riddhima:vansh you..stupid.

.she rushed from there.Vansh laughed

. Then Vansh had to leave. Riansh kept crying.Vansh consoled him by kissing,saying its just one week time. Riddhima was also about to cry but Vansh consoled her too.

Vansh:I promise it won’t even take one week for me to return.

Riddhima was feeling restless,

Riddhima:Vansh ..is it really needed?

Vansh:this time,yes it is compulsory,don’t be sad ,I will return within some days.

Riddhima smiled.He left. Then 3 days later ,Riddhima got the call of her doctor,

Doctor:Riddhima..I have a great news.Your pregnancy test is positive,you are going to be a mother

. Riddhima couldn’t believe,she was on cloud nine,swirling ,enjoying,laughing,then she got sad,she took vansh’s photo and hugged that tight to her heart and cried.She made a call to vansh.

Riddhima: Are you missing me

Vansh :(got silent as he could not describe inwords):It is seemingas I had left my soul thereand brought body here.

Riddhima smiled (after some talks):When you will return,I will tell you something.

Vansh:Say it now

Riddhima:No..when you will return.

Vansh :Okay I will return the day after tomorrow.

Riddhima smiled. Then on the day after tomorrow,

Vansh reached back in the morning ,he was so excited to get back home and surprise Riddhima and Riansh.He could not wait to meet them .On the other hand Riansh woke up and saw the clock with his tiny hands,got shocked, Riansh:Mom where are you my school time will be over come fast na… Riansh kept finding Riddhima all around and then screamed,Vansh reached home just then and came running scared..

Vansh: Riansh..what happened..

Riansh signed towards Riddhima

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