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Love Is In The Air Episode 51

Guys Im here with next episode 🤩🤩. Lets go to the story without further delays

Goenka Villa 

Akash Naina Ishani and Rahul reach Goenka villa. They find Swarna in the Garden Sipping her tea. On seeing them she places it on the table and gets up

Akash: Aunty Im..

Swarna: Akash..heard a lot about you. Abir used to say

Akash: Aunty this is Naina , Ishani and Rahul

They greet her and she responds with a warm smile and nod

Naina: Sorry for disturbing Aunty

Ishani : Aunty woh…

She describes the attack on Mishti , Rohit mentioning  Polo and their phone call with Polo

Rahul: He said he wants to avenge his sister and he wont harm Kartik

Hearing which Swarna’s face turns pale

Swarna: Do anyone know about your visit to me

Naina: None of them other than us know about his call as we did not want to spoil the josh of engagement preparations . So they dont know this too

Swarna takes a deep sigh

Meanwhile In College

Anurag is in the cabin with Kartik. He notices an upset Kartik and walks to him

Anurag: What happened Kartik?

Kartik: How will it feel when you see women trying to seduce a man who belongs to someone else

Anurag: I did not get you

Kartik tells him about the incident with Anjali

Anurag: Its just disgusting

Kartik: Exactly…that too I have seen a woman suffer when someone tried to seduce her man..Swarna Goenka did that..killed my mom and married papa

Anurag is shocked and is unable to react. Now in a parallel frame Swarna is shown

Swarna: You all know that Im Kartik’s step mom right

They nod

Swarna: All this 25 yrs ago..avenging sister and Kartik’s safety connect to a signal dot..that Polo will be none other than Praveen

Akash: Praveen?

Swarna: Soumya didi’s brother

Flashback opens

Kartik’s mom Soumya and Manish had an arranged marriage. Praveen was Soumya’s loving brother. When Soumya conceived with Kartik he was very happy and threw a party for his friends. In the same party avenue he sees A girl
Praveen to his friend: Hey ..see there is ( name will be revealed later)

Friend: Its high time Praveen you are seeing her from college. Go and propose her..let this occasion be a memorable one in two ways

Praveen  musters courage and goes to talk to the girl. But to his shock he finds her married and with a kid. He gets heartbroken


Swarna: From then he started to take drugs and drink alcohol. But this was all hidden in the happenings of didi’s pregnancy. As Imwas working in Goenka diamonds as Manish ji’s pa I knew a lot of things. But a year later Praveen drove his car under alcohol and drugs and caused the accident of Mr.Basu

Akash: Anurag’s father

Swarna : Haan beta. He ran away but Manish ji found it. He was furious and so was Soumya di. They started to accuse him. In that accusation fued he pushed di off the terrace and Manish ji tried to stop him. But as he was under the influence of drugs he did not realise that its his hand that pushed didi and Manish ji only tried to save didi. She went into coma and gained consciousness by the time Praveen was in jail. Doctors confirmed brain clot and told that she wont survive long. She wanted me to marry Manish ji as she wanted me as Kartik’s mother as we were close. Everything went well but later Kartik when  realised his mother was dead   he started believing what others said. That I …planned to murder Soumya di to marry Manish ji

Akash: Thats bad..and thats how Goenkas and Basus are related

Swarna: Haan..Manish ji thought that the pain of Mohini ji caused him to lose his love and face the same pain. He secretly helped her business often and even offered Anurag a job in our college

Naina: But Anurag doesn’t know?

Swarna: We never wanted to mention all the bad things that happened. None of the younger generation know that

Ishani : Thanks Aunty

They leave

Rahul: So now connection with Singhanias is left

Ishani: Lets tell this to Jia and Tanvi. They will have some solution.

The scene shifts to College. Its evening 

Naira is waiting outside Kartik’s cabin after her class. Kartik comes out and he is happy to see Naira

Kartik: Naira..whats up?

Naira: I need to give my pair’s name at the registration counter before 6 pm today

Kartik: Give it..dont you know my spelling?

Naira: Kartik Goenka is a professor and everyone knows that

Kartik: So what?

Naira: Wont they think Im kidding. So you come with me now.

Kartik: Okay..

Naira drags Kartik with her to the registration counter. The girls there are taken by shock to see this. Kartik clears his throat to grab their attention

Girl 1 : Sir..

Kartik: We have come to give name for the ramp walk

The girls are shocked again

Kartik: Write the names Kartik Goenka and Naira Singhania in the list.
He turns to Naira who is still holding his hand tightly

Kartik: Ab haath chod sakthi ho..kahi baagke nahi jaunga

Naira laughs and leaves his hand

Kartik: Shall we go now..wait…you have your check up today right?

Naira: Haan

Kartik: Files kahan hai?

Naira: Bhai said he will bring them and take me to the hospital

Kartik: Hadh hai yaar Naira..his engagement is on Sunday and you are taking him with you

Naira: Oh Budhuram Im taking him so that bhai and bhabhi can meet each other

Anurag comes there

Anurag: But Keerthi had morning duty and she is back home now

Naira: What?

Anurag: Haan maa asked her not to stay out at night

Naira: Ab kya karen?

Anurag: Keerthi is going to the designers for last minute changes and she is going alone so..

Naira: Great

Kartik: Thanks yaar Anurag. My route is clear

Kartik takes Naira with him. The girls are too shocked to know all this connection

Anurag: Hey girls dont be beating drums about it. You will be late

They leave. Anurag sees Prerna outside and goes to her

Anurag: Hmmm..hmm…

Prerna looks at him

Anurag: Naksh has gone to see Keerthi….Kartik has taken Naira to the hospital..so
Prerna : So?

Anurag: Will my highness come with me?

Prerna: Do I have choice?

Anurag is shocked

Anurag: What did you say..huh..you need choice

Prerna begins to laugh

Prerna : I was kidding,..come lets go..

They leave happily


Mishti is in the ward. She sees Kartik and Naira

Mishti: Di..jiju..

Kartik: Hey Mishti..are you alright?

Mishti: Completely alright.
Naira: Mishti..my check up

Mishti: Ill see to it di..bhai already told me

Kunal comes there. He is shocked to see Naira and Kartik

Kunal: Bhai ….bhabhi..you are here

Kartik: Haan woh Naira ka check up tha

Kunal : Ill take you

Mishti: No Ill

Kunal in a whisper to Mishti: Abir is waiting near the canteen for you. You go Ill take care

Mishti shudders. Kaira understand the matter

Kartik: Its my brother right..go go…and congratulations on your entrance score

Mishti: Thanks jiju

Mishti runs to the canteen and throws herself on Abir standing near his bike

Abir: Mishti…

Mishti: I wanted to hug you and share my happiness..where were you from morning?

Abir: Woh…I..went to get a surprise for you

Mishti breaks the hug. Abir sees the excitement on her face and smiles

Mishti: Whats it?

Abir takes out a box and gives it to her

Mishti opens the box and sees a photo frame of her and Abir’s pictures

Abir: How is it?

Mishti: So good. You have given us to me and that’s awesome

In the happiness she kisses him and he kisses her back. The scene freezes

Detective Office

Tanvi is completely into her laptop when Jia is going through files. Akash and others enter

Rahul: Madams..whats up?

Jia: Bhai..we are searching for prisoners in jail for 25 years and released recently

Akash: Maybe our information will help you

Akash narrates Swarna’s flashback to them

Tanvi: Hit and Run case..and drug abuse charges..lets search like that

Tanvi quickly checks the database and gives a shocked exclamation

Tanvi: Praveen..on charges of Hit and Run , Drug Abuse and Rape attempt

Others in a chorus: Rape?

The episode freezes on their shocked faces


1. Kaira meet Rupali 

2.Who did Praveen aka Polo try to rape?

3. Keerthi meets Aditya

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