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#Love from the heaven.. #40 The past gets revealed!!

Voh raaz hai khulne waala 


(Lol!! I was trying to make a shayri but I made this, now onwards, will be making shayris, ok?)

Riddhima : I’ll tell you once we reach there..

In the godown : 

Kiara is sitting on the chair playing chess with her bodyguard. 

Kiara : Ab hoga Riddhima ka khel khatm (Now, Riddhima’s game will get over) 

Riddhima pushes the guard and sits herself,unnoticed by Kiara. She does checkmate.

Kiara : Ooh..

Sees Riddhima, who’s smirking.

Kiara:  YOU?? 

Riddhima : Yess me..(crosses her legs)

Kiara : Well, tum aa toh gayi ho lekin jaa nahi paaogi..(You have come but you won’t go) I’ll decide where you’ll go and I now say that you’ll come with me upstairs.

Riddhima : Seediyaan unhein mubarak ho , Jinhein chhat tk jaana hai, meri manzil toh aasman hai , raasta mujhe khud banana hai..


(I recently read the whole ff of Aisha, and I got inspiration to write my own shayris, and here I go!!)

Kiara : Done with your words? I’m busy, go..bye

Riddhima : Ek baat bolun? Kabhi kabhi log bye toh bol dete hai, lekin woh uske reply mei bye nahi sunna chaahte, woh chaahte hai aap unhein roko aur thodi aur baat kro..


(Trans:- Shall I say one thing? Sometimes people say bye but they don’t want the same in reply, they want that you should stop them and talk)

Kiara : See, whatever you want to do, do..Just LEAVE

Riddhima smirks. 

Kiara: Didn’t you listen?


Kiara : I’m Kiara, dear..

Riddhima : I know..you are Kiara dear..Now, TELL ME THE TRUTH..

Kiara : mm..I escaped just a week ago..

Riddhima : And started your evil plans again? What do you want now?

Kiara : I want Vansh..

Riddhima : You know what? You don’t want Vansh..You want his property, right?

Kiara : Absolutely right, Riddhu, you understand me so well..

Tara and Rudra come out. 

Kiara : Oh hello, to be mother-in-law, Hello, to be father-in-law..

Riddhima : DARE to say that again , I’ll chop you in pieces. 

This all conversation is being eavesdropped by Vangre, Siyaan and Sejal. They came out.

Vansh : What’s happening here?

Kiara : Vansh..I’m your wife..

Kiara goes to hug Vansh but he pushes her. 

Vansh : Stop it for GOD’s sake, tell me everything..

Riddhima : But before that we’ve two important things to do..

Tara brings Uma and Ajay.

Uma : Why are we here?

Riddhima : You’ll know it soon..

Vansh : And second?

Riddhima goes to Siya and slaps her on her face.

Everyone : Riddh..

Riddhima : Shh..Nobody will speak now..

Her eyes are red filled with anger and somewhere pain.

Siya : Rid..

Riddhima : Don’t you DARE Siya, I always behaved well with you, but not today..

Siya : Please FORGIVE me..

Riddhima : FORGIVE  is a 7-letter word, it takes just 1.2 secs to say this but it means a lot, and what you’ve done can’t be forgiven..

Siya: Then, don’t..I’m not at all ashamed of myself…

Riddhima : Rassi jal gayi lekin akkad nahi gayi..(The rope is burned but your attitude didn’t)

Angre : What is all happening? Tell in detail..

Kiara : What will she tell? Huh! 

Riddhima : Ahenkaar mt paalo Kiara , sacch ke samundar ne bohot logon ko dubaa giraya hai..


Sejal : Now, the truth?

Riddhima : It’s the story of about 4 years before..This Kiara told she loves you, and you being a mad, Vansh, trusted her but you didn’t love her, you told her so much times but everytime, she abducted you, nobody understood what is happening to you, but you were giving your money to her..One day, your parents,co- heads of CBI , noticed this..They told Kiara to stop it but she didn’t agreed and continued it, one day, she kidnapped you to finally gain property and business but that day..

Flashback : 

Kiara : Sign on this paper..

Vansh : What are these?

Kiara : Just sign na Vansh..You trust me?

Vansh : mm..

He was about to sign the papers when someone came and kicked the papers. 

Kiara : Who are YOU?

The person revealing the face..

Kiara:  Who are you?

Riddhima : Riddhima Verma, head of CBI department..

Kiara : Why are you here?

Riddhima : To arrest you for abducting him (points towards Vansh) to snatch money, property, business..

Kiara : You can’t do anything..

Tara and Rudra come and hold her, Riddhima handcuffs her and she is taken to the jail. 

Flashback ends.

Vansh : I’ve two questions..

Riddhima : Ask..

Vansh : Why don’t I remember anything?

Riddhima : Because of the drug. She gave you..

Vansh : Ooh and what’s the role of Siya?

Riddhima : Coming onto Siya, who’s a greedy women..How much greed Siya? When you were 12, you stole Rs. 2000 from my purse,when you were 16, you stole Rs. 5000 from Dad’s wallet and now also your greed isn’t satisfied? You started working with her? Kiara? Against your family? Why?

Siya: I don’t regret it, because of you and your Vansh, there was no place of mine in house..No other option..

Riddhima : Now also..

Aryan comes ahead and is about to slap Siya when Riddhima stops her. 

Tara : Aryan..

Aryan : Mom, I want divorce..

Tara : No child, Siya will live with us and it will be her biggest punishment..

She smirks. The police come and handcuff Kiara when she shoots Riddhima, who falls on the floor..

Tara : Take Siya also means time..

The cops take Siya and Kiara. Vansh holds Riddhima and she is taken to the hospital. 

That’s all for this episode..So, my brain is saying to end this ff in next part by killing Riddhima but my heart is saying y’ people will give 30 comments, last time it was 22, let’s see who wins..Hope y’ liked it…At Least drop a heart…This is one of the longest ep, so drop your good-good reviews..


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