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Falling Head Over Heels For A Wizard Riansh FF – Soul Connection

Hey guys here is the next chapter. Thank you so much for the love shown to the previous chapter. Glad that you are liking it. Lets go to the next chapter

Chapter 2: Soul Connection

Vansh gets up and walks out while Angre follows him close behind

The lady: Sir..get your prophecy ball. This will be needed to identify her. As your souls are connected the ball which will glow only to your touch will glow with her touch too.

Angre gets the ball and they leave from there.

Vansh: So we need to find her first and win her love

Angre nods and in mind: How will I make him understand that love is not a trophy to be won. Anyway if love is needed for his success I just wish it changes him into a compassionate person from a beast.

Angre: Bhai we need to go to the hospital, to sign autographs and gives books to cancer patients

Vansh: Okay lets go and keep a watch out for the girl

Vansh gets inside his car with a grim face. The scene freezes


Sejal drags Riddhima with Aryan’s help

Riddhu: I said na I dont want any treatment

Aryan: Riddhu atleast for our sake do this

Sejal: Haan if everything is okay we can leave a sigh of relief right

Riddhu: Okay fine fine

They walk past the oncology ward to the psychiatric ward. After punching her appointment Riddhima sits down with her earphones and a book while Sejal and Aryan walk to the cafeteria to grab a coffee each.

Riddhima suddenly feels so attracted to the song lyrics

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

Agar tum mil jao

Zamana chod denge hum

And at that time Vansh and Angre enter the oncology ward nearby to meet the patients.

She feels confused and in mind: Why am I feeling strange over this lyircs? Kiska milne pe mein ye zamana chodna chaungi? I have been all alone from the day dadi left me. The only people I have in my life are Sejal and Aryan. Riddhima dont get carried away..you just liked the song thats it. We need to graduate and the get a good job thats more important. Chodo in sab baaton ko

As Vansh and Angre are busy interacting ,  the ward is gate crashed by a girl dressed in a short gown completely inappropriate to the place where she stands now. She runs to Vansh and goes to hug him. Vansh stares at her and it appears like he wants to burn her into ashes with that sight

Vansh: Who are you?

Ragini: Vansh..Im Ragini…Ragini Malhotra

Vansh stares blank. Angre clears his throat

Angre: Mr.Malhotra’s daughter

Ragini: Haan dont you recognise me?

Vansh: I do business with Mr.Malhotra why should I recognise you?

Ragini: Er..we met at the launch party. We shook hands

Vansh: I shake hands with many people how am I supposed to remember everyone?

Ragini: I suppose you are busy and in a bad mood..Ill stand aside till you are done

She steps away and her eyes fall on the prophecy balls placed on the book box. She takes it in her hand

Angre who was fearing Ragini to be the girl leaves a sigh of relief when the ball doesn’t glow.

Ragini: Whats this?

Suddenly a small kid in the ward grabs the ball from her and runs out.

Vansh: What have you done ?…you fool

Angre and Vansh run behind the boy. The boy runs into the psychiatric ward towards Riddhima. He trips and falls. The prophecy ball is about to fall. Riddhima catches it and helps the boy up

Riddhima: Be careful hereafter.

Vansh and Angre who came behind the boy almost shouted when the ball was about to fall but they  suddenly turn silent and stand there in awe

Seonds later she realises that the ball in her has started to glow

Riddhima ( to Angre and Vansh): Is this ball yours?

They nod still unable to open their mouths to talk. Riddhima walks to them and hands it over to Vansh who gets it from her , his eyes locking with her eyes when her hand is partially in his hand. Ice and fire have met each other finally.  Thousand unsaid words are exchanged by their eyes. But neither the fire shows signs of being put off nor the ice shows signs of melting. Their eye conversation is broken when Ragini hits the boy

Ragini: You bad child…what have you done

Ridhimaa: Please dont hit him (She pulls him behind her) Didn’t you see his dress..he is an oncology patient . Sir I have safely given the ball to you. Now dont hurt the boy

Angre: We dont want to hurt him mam. Thanks for saving the ball and helping us

Angre in mind: She seems compassionate and she is the girl mentioned in the prophecy. I just wish she brings a human inside this beast

Riddhima is taken inside by Sejal and Aryan while Vansh stands where he was transfixed holding the glowing prophecy ball. Ragini takes it in her hand and is disappointed as the glow stopped. Fearing that she may break it in anger Angre quickly grabs the ball in his hand and places it inside

Angre: Vansh lets go

Vansh: Who is that girl ? Is she the one? I need full details on her by tomorrow morning

Angre: You will get it for sure . Now lets go to work

Night in Riddhima’s apartment

She recalls the doctor’s words as she lays flat on her bed hugging her teddy bear

The words: Miss Riddhima as you have grown up with your grandmother listening to all the tales of fairies and witches and wizards you get all these hallucinations. It’s nothing to worry you are completely alright .

Riddhima: She says these are hallucinations then why do I feel them right like reality and the ….the ball did not glow till the boy had it but glowed in my hand ..oh come on Riddhu..when the man got it too it glowed..may be we are connected….oh fo..dont imagine things . Lets sleep now

She tries hard to sleep but her biggest talent seemed to fail now. When she closes her eyes all she sees is Vansh with the prophecy ball glowing in his hand. She gets up with a start

Riddhima: Riddhu…how can you not recognise him..he is author Vansh Rai Singhania whose books  have been the top selling ones always. We wont have any connection . All his stories are so dull with no joy or love. How can I be connected to him

Now with Riddhima thinking of Vansh in a parallel Vansh is shown in the cave. With the chamber lit by the light from his wand he is deeply engrossed in his thought world

Vansh in mind: The ball started to glow in her hand. Is she the one who will lead me to my glory? Is she really the one? Why did I freeze on seeing her?

He suddenly hears a sound and grabs his wand in his hand. He slowly steps out and sees a guy with his face hidden behind a mask (Not the ones we wear now of course)

Vansh: What happened?

The guy: Sir attack from the western demons. We need you

Vansh: Where was the attack?

The guy: Monitor station sir

Vansh: Im coming

Vansh rushes to the place mentioned. He sees the demon like creatures which belonged to the class of Dementors guarding the western wizard prison wrecking havoc.  If they attack you they take away all the happiness inside you and leave your soul dead inside you

Vansh: Concentrate Vansh Rai Singhania…happy memories

He thinks of Sia and Ishani and with a loud and steady voice

Vansh: Pitradev Sanrakshanam ( analogous to the famous charm Expecto Patronum ie. patronus charm from HP)

White light in the form a stag rushes towards the demon and sends them away. Vansh leaves a sigh of relief as he had managed to perform this task so quickly

The masked guy comes to him and : Sir should we contact the western wizards regarding this?

Vansh: We are not weaker than them idiot. We have driven them away and will do the same if they return. No need to tell anyone about this. Im leaving.

Vansh rushes to his room and drops himself on the bed. He feels too drained after the patronus charm and dozes off in an instant.

He suddenly hears a knock on the door

Vansh: Who is it?

Angre: Its me Angre

Vansh opens the door and lets Angre in

Angre: I heard about the attack

Vansh: Its sorted..did you barge in late night to ask about that?

Angre: No I found out about the girl

Vansh: How?

Angre: Ill tell that later. She exactly matches the prophecy. She lived with her grandma but is alone after her death. Her parents name shook my heart

Vansh: Whats that?

Angre: The sharmas

Vansh: What the sharmas? You mean……then she …she…

Angre: Haan..

Vansh: Like me ….betrayed…

Angre: May be thats why your souls are connected..betrayal connected you

Vansh: Now listen to me carefully

The scene freezes on their muted conversation.

Next Chapter : Aching Hearts

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