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Don’t leave me!! Riansh OS..part 2..

Hello everyone!!


Back with the second part of of this OS..there will be a third part too..


Glad you all like the previous episode..



Episodes start..


Doctor:- Mr.Vansh your wife is suffering from cardiac arrest..(I have done a lot of research 🧐)


Vansh:- What!!


Doctor:- You know her condition ie very critical.I know her when she was 7 years old.. but I was not having any idea that she will be suffering so much with you..you know I know everything about you..and Riddhima..


Vansh:- I know I did wrong..but I was searching for her in these past 7 years..you know when I lost her..I lost my dadi and my sister..they are not talking to me since she left..(seriously he is pouring her heart out in front of a doctor whom he met a few minutes ago..🙄)


Doctor:- I knew ..your dadi and your sister siya was the only one who loves her..but..leave that..we have to talk about present and future not about past..


Vansh:- Dr. can you pls tell me how she met you..and where and how she was living..(I think he doesn’t understand English..right know doctor said that we should talk about the present and he wants to talk about past..😌)


Doctor:-When you throw her..out from your house she was shattered..she didn’t know what to do next, where to go..Do you know about Neil Mehta?




doctor:-So he was riddhu’s and my brother.. not real as we all are orphans but we were sharing a great bond..But due to our occupation and higher studies we get separated..and when the day you throw her out..we came at your place to suprise her but what we saw was unexpected..I wanted to give you a tight slap..what you did with my Riddhu but she Stoped me..she loves you..but you know what love is the most dangerous disease.It gives you a lot of pain..same happened with Riddhu…


Then we left for new York..we lived there as a happy family..me,Riddhu,Neil and Rihu..


Vansh:- Rihu??


Doctor:- Your daughter..


Vansh:- What my daughter..!!


Doctor:- yes when we were leaving for New York..Riddhima was not well..so we take her to the hospital and there we know that she was a month pregnent..you know she need to cry..rembering you..but she never contacted you..

We decided that we will never visit India..but it is said na DESTINY..Neil died in a car accident..and we were broken..his last wish was he wanted to open a hospital in India..he has a special connection with his mother country..he wanted to open hospital for poor ones..so to fulfill his last wish we came here 3 years ago..but we were encapsulated..not came in front of media and all..


Vansh:- I want to meet Rihu..where is she and how is she?


Doctor:- She is absolutely fine…


When they heared a knock ..


Nurse:-Doctor Rihu is asking for you..


Doctor:- Coming…

Mr.Vansh you can also come..


Scenes shifts where Rihu was there..


Doctor/Rishab:- So my princess was missing me..


Rihu:- Mamu!!! Mamu I want to meet mamma where is she..is she still treating her patients??


Mamu:- hmm…you met my new friend..see this is Mr.Vansh say hello..


Rihu:- Hello…Mamu I have seen her somewhere..


Vansh:- Hello beta..


Rihu:- Are you that painting man..yes now I remember..mamu he is the painting uncle which we bring from new York..and which is mumma’s favourite..Am I right or Am I right?


Rishab:- yes..you are right..


Rihu:- Mamu you didn’t tell me where is mumma..call her..


Vansh:- Your mumma is quite busy today..


Rihu:- How you know you are mamu’s friend na? Were u spying on mumma??


Vansh:- No your mamu only told me..


Rihu:- Then okay..but dare you hurt my mom..(overprotective daughter..)


Vansh:- If you don’t mind can I hug you?


Rihu:- No..I only give permission to mamu and mumma..and when I will meet my papa.. only three are allowed..


Vansh listening papa word, he became emotional..


With a heavy heart he asked:- beta I want to know about your papa..he wanted to know what her daughter think about him..is she hate him?


Rihu:- Well why?

Why should I tell you..


Vansh:- Because I want to know..


Rihu:- okay..even I Have never met him..mumma told me that he is on a mission will come soon to meet us..and you know he is so handsome..tall, and clever just like me..


Vansh:- (smiled)who told you..??


Rihu:- ofcourse mom!!

Hmmm…I think you are a gentleman so you can hug me..


He was on nine clouds..

He hugged her daughter first time..


Rihu:- what happened uncle why are you crying..?? Are you missing someone..


Rishab:- Rihu wanna know a secret..he is your father..!!


Vansh was shocked he didn’t expected that Rishab will reveal..


Rishab blink his eyes to tell Vansh that this is the right time..


Rihu was shocked she couldn’t digest what she heared..


Rihu:- Mamu are you serious..??


Mamu:- yes princess..


Rihu:- you should tell me before na !! I talk to him so rudely..

Sorry unc..papa..


Vansh was so happy to listen “papa”..


He couldn’t control and tears were rolling down his cheeks..


Rihu:- papa why are you crying..I don’t know that Rihu’s papa will be a cry baby (attitude)


Everyone chuckled…


When a nurse comes….


Nurse:- Doctor Mrs Riddhima.!!


Vansh:- No Riddhima ko kuch nahi hoga..!!


That’s it..there will be 3 rd part also..Stay tuned.if possible I will upload it today only..


Do comments…this time also 30+ *puppy face*..I think it works well😂


Bye take care…





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