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A family is a circle of love (Choti Sardarni Fan Fiction) #5 Questions and Answers

Hi guys! sorry for d late update…There was a small problem from my end…but anyway, let’s begin…

PRECAP: Khaas Insaan told us that he will meet us at the party. Where is he/ she?….                                                                                                                                                  Someone’s voice: I’m here…………

The servant gives the letter to them. They read it:


Sarab: Let’s see…

Person: I’m Here!

Meher: Y-y-you??

Sarab: What?!

And slowly the person comes walking towards them and his face shocks Meher and Sarab:

Meher: Manav??

Sarab: Mr Deewan?

(For those who don’t know, Manav/ Vikram is Meher’s former lover and Karan’s biological father…)

Vikram: Hi Meher? Surprised to see me??

Meher: Y..y..yes…but let me tell you Karan is ours now…

Vikram: Oh no! The reason I am here…

He is interrupted by a girl coming running and calling him

Girl: Papaaaaaaaaa

Vikram: Viddhi! Can’t you see I’m speaking with someone? Is that the way to interrupt?

Viddhi: Sorry(And looks at him cutely)

Vikram: It’s ok…You always get away with those puppy eyes. By the way, This is Meher bua and this is Sarab uncle. Mumma’s brother…And this is their house.

Viddhi: Hello Unce, Hello Aunty!

Meher: Man…I mean Vikram Ji, This is your…

Vikram(interrupting): Daughter! Introducing to you’ll my sweet pudding, Viddhi Vikram Deewan!

Sarab: Oh My Gosh! Viddhi DEEWAN!

Meher: Your’s and Aditi’s daughter?

Vikram: Yes…The jam to my bread, the sugar to my muffin and the beat of my heart! Without her, I am nothing!

Viddhi: Yes! Papa loves me more than anything! But if I interfere in his work, then I am gone!

Sarab and Meher laugh n pull her cheeks

Sarab: 5 years gone by, Aditi and you really love each other… Your daughter is really cute… By the way, where is Aditi?

Vikram: She is coming…

Then a woman enters:

Aditi: Hello Veer Ji! (Sarab is also her step-brother) Hello Meher Ji! How are you’ll?

(They all talk to each other and catch up..)

Meher: By the way, How come you’ll came here? Suddenly? You’ll should have told us beforehand, we would have made preparations at least!

Vikram: Huh? I myself made all the preps to welcome ur sister after so long in her house, and you are saying this! Wake up! You’ll are looking at Khaas Insaan!

Sarab: You are khaas insaan?

Aditi: Yes, Yes…He took so long to write those letters and all…And came here to prepare everything for us all…

Vikram: By the way where is my, no, where is Karan? Oh yes, and where are the others, too?

Sarab and Meher call them and introduce them to the Deewan family. Seher, Karan and Param become quick friends with Viddhi.

Vikram(In his mind): I wish I could just hug and kiss Karam, He has grown up so fast! Big boy! But I have to control…

PRECAP: Vikram: Well, the reason we are here, is not for Karan but……

That’s It, guys! Thanks for reading! Are ull shocked? Don’t worry…I’m trying to re-work all the Vikram scenes so he is not a villain here, Don’t worry….Anyways, take care, do drop ur lovely comments and stay safe…till next week, Toodles!

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