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Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 65


Oberoi Mansion,

Shivika’s room,

Shivaay was standing with his arms folded across his chest and looking at Anika, Anika was looking down, unable to meet his eyes,

Shivaay: Will you say something?
Anika: Shivaay, I know you are angry…. I wanted to tell you…. But I didn’t want to worry you…. So…
Shivaay: So, you thought it is better to hide things from me. You thought you can handle everything on your own. Or is it that you don’t trust me enough (Anika looked at him surprised, hurt was clearly seen in his eyes) You know what, it’s no use talking to you, let it be (He is about to go but Anika holds his hand)
Anika: No Shivaay, you know that I trust you, more than myself. Please don’t walk away like this.
Shivaay: Then promise me, you won’t ever hide anything from me.
Anika: I promise, from now, there would be no secrets between us.

Anika hugs Shivaay,

Anika: I love you.
Shivaay: I love you too.

Ishana’s room,

Ishana was sitting thinking about Tej,

Ishana: Is it too late…. Will things never be better between him and me…. Did we take too much time…. Should I talk to him…. Can things change between us…. Om is right…. I do love him, I may not want to believe it, I may show that I am angry with him but deep down, I am his daughter…. I do care for him…. He may have done mistakes and been a bad father many a times…. But he is my father…. And no one can change the fact that we both care for each other…. We may want different things…. But that is our perspectives…. Our opinions may be different…. But I need him and he needs me…. And mom, she wants us to be together…. She will get her happiness… if I take a small step ahead…. If I try and make amends…. I should do it.

Next day,

All of them were ready in the living room, the haldi was going to start,

Jhanvi: Ishu…Om…. Come and sit here

They both sit down. One by one, all come and apply haldi to them.
Tej was standing behind,

Tej (thinking): It is my Ishu’s wedding. I wish I could be a part of it.

Ishana was looking at him,

Omkara (whispers in Ishana’s ears): Do it Ishana

Ishana looked at him, he nodded at her and smiled, she smiled back.

Ishana: Dad, will you not apply haldi to us and give us your blessings?

Tej looked up immediately on hearing her, he could not believe his ears, the word that he always wanted to hear from Ishana, she had said it, after fifteen long years, she had called him DAD, how much had he craved for this.
Everyone present there was shocked, Jhanvi had tears in her eyes, others were happy.

Ishana: Dad, I am waiting, please hurry up.

Tej nodded with tears in his eyes, he went and sat in front of Ishkara, he looked at Ishana, who also had tears in her eyes, he applied haldi to both and blessed them. He kissed Ishana’s forehead and she experienced the lost love of her father after fifteen years.

Jhanvi: Mummyji, I am so happy today. I have waited for this day since so long.
Dadi: Not only you Jhanvi, we all have waited for this moment.
Pinky: Today, this family got complete.

They all are disturbed by the sound of claps, all turned towards the door, a lady walked in, Tej is shocked seeing her, he gets up and so do Ishkara, all look at her shocked (except for ShivOmRu and Gayatri), ShivOmRu are confused,

Lady: Wow… Father and daughter reunion… This made me emotional… Thank God… I got to see it.
Tej: How dare you? How dare you step in my house?

Man enters from behind,

Man: You mean to say our house.

Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya are shocked to see him, as the man is none other than Tannish,

Tannish: I think you all forget, half of this property now belongs to me and my mom.

The lady smiles.

Anika: Tannish, how dare you come here? I think you have forgotten our last meeting.
Tannish: Oh sweetheart, I very well remember all our meetings. (He smirks)
Shivaay: Shut up and get out of here.
Lady: And who are you to tell us that?

All of them are shocked seeing Ishana so angry.

Lady: And you think… I’ll leave so easily, Ishana.
Jhanvi: Ishwari, just stay away from my daughter.
Ishwari: Oh so, you remember me.
Ishana: How can we forget you? The person, who is the reason for all our pain and problems.
Ishwari: This is not fair, Ishana, your dad is also equally responsible. Right Tej?
Pinky: I have never seen such a shameless woman. How can you come here with so much pride.
Anika: Leave it mom, this woman understands only one language, and that is throwing her out.
Tannish: Oh ho Anika, you and your temper. I have really missed this so much.

Tannish moves towards Anika but Shivaay comes in between,

Shivaay: You better stay in your limits. And don’t you dare look at my wife again.
Ishwari: It’s so nice to see this broken family united like this. And I never thought Anika, you would move on after my son left you and broke that heart of yours.
Tej: Enough of you and your son. Just get out of here before I forget my limits.
Ishwari: Oh Tej, please you have already crossed many limits. So just stay out of it.
Ishana: Don’t you dare talk to my dad like that. It is our family matter and you don’t have a say in it.

Tej and Jhanvi looked at Ishana proudly.

Tannish: You cannot throw us anywhere. (He takes out some papers) I hope you remember these papers, you three have signed them and as per them half of the property belongs to us.
Shivaay: Oh really, we signed them. Well I don’t remember signing any papers.

All of them look at him confused, while Anika smiles.

Rudra: What are you saying Bhaiya?
Tannish: I think you have suffered memory loss but I can show you your sign and then you’ll remember everything.
Shivaay: Please, do me a favour and show me the signatures.

Tannish shows him the papers and Shivaay smiles, Tannish looks at him confused and checks the paper, he is shocked.

Tannish: How can this happen?
Ishwari: What happened?
Tannish: How can this happen? You had signed the papers in front of me.
Anika: And now the signatures vanished on their own. How did this happen? Your plan failed badly.
Shivaay: Don’t stress yourself so much. I’ll tell you. The signatures vanished because we had signed the papers with a special ink that disappears after sometime. Anika had given me one such pen in case of situations like this and I just used that. You thought you could defeat us, but see your bad luck, what you had got, left you easily.
Ishana: Now that things are clear, I think you know the exit or shall I show you.
Soumya: No worries Ishu, I’ll show them their way out.
Ishwari: I won’t spare you all. I’ll come back.
Tej: Enough. No one here cares about your threats. Just get lost and don’t you dare come back here.

Tannish and Ishwari leave.

Pinky: Thank God, problems left this house.
Omkara: But who were they?
Tej: The biggest mistake of my life.
Jhanvi: Please Tej, let’s not remember those bad days today.
Tej: No Jhanvi, all this happened because of my mistakes. I trusted that woman more than my family and I cheated on you for her. If I had not brought her in our lives, nothing like this would have happened ever. I am sorry Jhanvi, I am sorry Ishu and I am sorry everyone.
Ishana: Please Dad, don’t talk like this. The good thing is that you realized your mistakes and you repent for them. Nothing matters now.
Anika: Bade papa, it’s not only your mistake, I too have made the mistake of trusting the wrong person.
Shivaay: No Anika, please. Don’t ever say things like this. He wasn’t worthy of the love you gave him.
Soumya: And it is good that he was out of your life, otherwise how would you have met Shivaay jiju.
Pinky: Right Soumya. Whatever happens is for our good. They both have left and will never dare to comeback.
Dadi: Okay now. Enough of these talks. Let’s get back to work, we have a wedding to prepare for. Anika, you have called the mehendi wali.
Anika: Don’t worry Dadi, they’ll come on time.
Jhanvi: Ishu, Om, both of you go and freshen up.

All of them leave to their respective works.

That’s for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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