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Piya Albela 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Naren’s foster sister Meghna to enter the show

Piya Albela 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pooja romantically talking with Naren and tells that her bangles and everything is living for him. She then dances on the song leja leja……..Naren also dances. Neelima tells Rahul that this can’t happen, and says blo*dy Surbhi, she is useless. She says she will make the end of party. Rahul asks her to give punishment to Surbhi. Naren, Pooja and others dance with each other. Neelima comes there angrily. Everyone pampers Surbhi. Dada ji hugs her. Neelima claps shocking everyone. She drags Surbhi out and asks pushes her. She tells that Surbhi don’t deserve this love and asks them to send Surbhi to her parents. Harish asks guests to leave. He asks Neelima what happened? Supriya says she is bahu of the house. Neelima says we have no relation with Surbhi, it is over. Everyone is

shocked. Surbhi says mom. Neelima says what shall I do, shall I dance on the song. She says you couldn’t fulfill our expectation, we want a son and you couldn’t give us that. She tells that Surbhi is not giving us son, but a daughter. Pooja says it is illegal to check the baby gender during pregnancy and says Rahul and you can get punished. Naren asks her why she is differentiating between son and daughter. She asks Supriya if she will celebrate if Pooja gives birth to baby girl.

Supriya says she will welcome Lakshmi more grandly. Dada ji says it doesn’t matter if she gives birth to baby girl or baby boy. Neelima says they will never accept Surbhi. Dada ji asks them to leave and tells Surbhi that her baby will get Vyas family name. Naren promises Surbhi that he will never let any injustice happen to any girl. Supriya says Meghna our daughter will come now. Harish says she is not our daughter and tells Supriya that they have two daughters in the house, one is Harsha and other is Surbhi’s daughter. Naren asks why can’t he accept Meghna. Harish argues. Supriya asks them not to fight. Pooja thinks why Papa is upset. She asks Supriya who is Meghna? Naren says you wants to know who is Meghna…he says Meghna..from where to start. He says Meghna was 7 years old when Maa adopted her from orphanage. He says our business had downfall then, but since she came our business prosper. He says Papa couldn’t bear to see Dada ji giving credit to Meghna. He says she was good at studies and is returning home from London. Pooja says she is excited to see her. She says very soon Meghna will be part of our family pic.

Naren comes to temple and waits for Pooja. Danish comes there and gives him Inspector Shivani Singh’s letter. He reads it. Naren comes to pooja and says I came to light diyas here. Pooja says your plan flopped to make me jealous and says lets do darshan of God. Naren says lets do darshan. Pooja prays in the temple and prays for happiness in her house. She sees a woman’s foot with blood coming out from him and she screaming for help. She sees a book kept there. She asks God to give her full sign. Naren gets Hardik’s call and he informs that Meghna’s flight landed. Pooja comes to Naren. Naren says what she shall gift him. Pooja says I don’t know her. Naren says she likes music and plays piano also. Pooja thinks everyone is happy now, I will not tell about it. Naren and Pooja’s car stops by the police. Naren comes out of his car and says you don’t know you have stopped whose car. Lady Inspector tells that if you need introduction.

Lady Inspector threatens Naren and determines to punish him for all his crimes. Naren says he is changed now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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