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MUHABBATH (TeVar ff) Pt 1 by Aliya


Again a new story even after many pending stories…from now i won’t start a new story until i don’t complete all pending stories and spare me😉

From many days i wanted to write a story on RagSan with a Muslim backdrop..i don’t know you would like this or not…but still tried….

Zeeshan Ahmed(Played by Varun Kapoor):belongs to a wealthy family..he have name and fame but he doesn’t like it.. Wants to live like a middle class people..spending his time with poor people equally he is an intelligent person understands the situation fastly and loves his family mom dad and younger brother and a sister…and grand mother…bur sometimes doesn’t like them because of there carefree nature and always likes the people of status..and dislikes the poor…

Shanum Ahlam(played by Tejasswi Prakash):belongs to a poor family..her father wants her to get married to wealty oldy from foreign countries..to which her mom and brother are agaisnt to it but they cant do anything..
Sometimes shanum admires get friend huda’s family who is also belongs to a poor class but her parents respects her decision…

Other characters would be introduced once the story progresses

Here i start the first chapter…

“Barbaad karne mein hamesha unke haath kyun hote jo sir pe haath rakh ke hamari khushiyon ke liye dua maangte hai”a girl closed her eyes tears passed through her eyes
(Why its always people who blesses us by keeping their hand on our head and pray for our happiness are the reason our destruction)

She was sitting at a corner of dargah

“Ya Allah hum aapke ek aziz bandhe ke ke maqbare ke saamne hai…abbu aaj hamare liye ek rishta lekar aane wale hai …mujhe darr lagta hai..har ladki ki tarah nikaah ke armaan tho nai hai par jaise quran pe likha hai koi bhi ladki akeli nahi rahegi aur uske duniya mein kadam rakhne se pehele hi uska jeevan saathi chun gaya hota hai.. ya Allah kya tumne hamari zindagi mein yahi likha hai (she looks at the clock which showed 4 in the evening) hum apne zindagi aap pe chod dete hai.. Allah kya mujhe dekh hi nahi rahe hai?”
(Oh Allah.. Today i am in front of a your loves persons grave..dad will bring a prospective groom for me…i am scared…like every girl i don’t have wish to get married but like the Qur’an says no girl in the world live alone ..her life partner would be chosed even before her birth..oh Allah did you written this on my fate? But i will leave my life with you… Or Allah doesn’t see me only!”)

Her tears were passing from her eyes and her niqab was wet…

Just then she heard a voice

“Meine kahin pada tha ki..jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai…mein aapse maafi maangta hoon meine aapki baatein sunli.. mein nahi jaanta ki aap konsi museebath mein hai..par ek baath kehna chahta hoon..Allah apne aziz bandhon ka imthehaan leta hai kyunki Allah dekhna chahta hai ki aap usse kitna MUHABBATH karti hai..Allah imthehaan zaroor leta hai par apneaziz bandon ke haath nahi chodtha…maaf kardijiyega agar mein kuch zyada boldiya ho tho”

(I have read somewhere that whatever happens.. Happens for good..i am sorry i have listened you..i don’t know in which problem you are! But i want to share you something that..Allah tests his favourite just because to see you till what extent you love him..Allah tests but he never leaves their hand…sorry if spoke much)

It was like Allah has sent a maseeha to fill some hope in her

When his words played in her mind… She turns and sees out of a window and sees a man moving…she sees him tying a kerchief on his head and he mves to poor people and lends them some money…they blesses him.. Something reflected her eyes She noticed a ring in his left hand little finger which had a shiny green colour stone..

She was not sure that did he did to her or not..but his words filled some hope in her…

She then moves to her home…

And there a guy:SHANUM

She removes her niqab and she is revealed to be Shanum(played by Tejasswi prakash)

And guy is her brother Ahyaan:shanum i want to talk to you….

He takes her along with him to the room…

He makes her sit in her bed

He was trying to speak: woh

Shanum smiles sadly: did abbu found a groom

It hurt him…!

Ahyaan:bhaag ja shanum

Shanum: how can i leave you and ammi bhai jaan

Ahyaan: you call me bhaai jaan…i am just elder to you for 5 minutes….and being an elder brother go far from here

Shanum: where will i go bhaai..? If suicide was not haram..i would have liked myself long back when abbu forcefully tried me to marry me to the old Arab… She cries

Ahyaan: you know dad brought a relation from dubai…he married thrice and it’s the 4th time… tommorrow morning he is coming to get married only.. Plz go from here

Shanum cries: where will i go… i don’t even know other place than this!and abbu will get hold of me through akram(cousin)

Voice: this time you will go..if we take the police help they will help us.. But these people will come out with money power and you will be their target.. So better you should run far away from here!


Its her mother shaheen

Shaheen:ahyaan is right.. You hv to go

Ahyaan:i will do the arrangements somehow… And be ready ok shanum…

He goes

After sometime

Her dad suaad comes

Suaad:shanum… Tomorrow is your nikaah and you get read in this..
He gives her a dress

Shanum cries: par abbu…

He has already left…
She sees a bag in his hand which had bundles of notes

It was like her father sold her!

She remembered stranger’s words and her brother’s words..

She decides to leave the place but she was scared to hell but still she had hope!

To be continued…..

So how is this story…?
This is the inspired one for me.. As i heard many stories like this…a young girl married to some old arabs and all…
You may have read in news or something…

So if you like this story then only i will continue! So be frank and tell me!

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