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Mehrya My version Part 78

Part 78 02/05/2018

In the car both listening to the songs, they reached a hotel at CP. They walked into the lobby and Shaurya intertwined his hand with Mehak’s. They entered the lift and press the floor level Shaurya keep looking at her. Mehak can see his naughtiness dancing in his look and she asked him to why is he looking at her like that, he move closer to her cage her between his arms and said Mehak can we go for honeymoon just you and me away from all these business and daily hassles. Mehak yanked at his forearm and ask him to behave himself as they are in public space and what is the need for honeymoon now? Concentrate on work first, Shaurya denies and said since you came back my full concentration will only be on you. He look deep into her eyes, ding the floor arrived. They step out and proceed to walk to the meeting room. Upon reaching the meeting room, Shaurya adjusted Mehak’s hair and ask her to smile both looped their arms and walked in. Investors sees them and clap for them , Mehak overwhelmed sees all and she looks at Shaurya, he winked at her and signed her with his eyes that all will be fine. She nodded and walked in with him. They shake hand with all and the meeting started. Shaurya introduced Mehak to all as Khanna’s Industries major shareholder, she gets up and nodded to all as she is still have the crowd fear. After a while Mehak took her seat and they discussed all their upcoming projects and plans. One of the investor raise his concern as past few months from their collaboration they didn’t see much result so what is the future investment plans and how soon it will kick in? Shaurya wants to get up and explain but Mehak holds his shoulder and she gets up. She explained we all are aware that you have trusted and invested with us. Please bear with us. The past few months my husband was actually taking care of me I met a terrible accident, I know it’s our problem but not to worry we will work hard together and we will prove that you never go wrong investing with us. Just give us some time. Immediately investor calm down and thank you Mrs Khanna for the assurance we believe in you. Shaurya was really impressed on Mehak’s speech. He never expected her she is so professional even far much better than him handling investors. The meeting went well and it was over with good note. All leave from there Shaurya and Mehak get into their car. Shaurya haven’t started the car but he was staring at Mehak with all love. Mehak buckled up and waited for him to start seeing there is no further movement she turn and look at Shaurya. She asked him what is he waiting for lets go. He asked her now where did you get sudden guts and confidence to talk and convince the investors. If I were in your place I would have ruined the meeting with my usual what I care kind of talk and finished. That investor surprisingly after you gave assurance he calm down immediately. How did you do that? Mehak replied I learned from you Shaurya. You always knows how to convince all with your sweet talks and you have changed my mind many times. Also you are very confident even when you do things wrongly so I decided to take some lessons from you. Now start the car lets go to White Chilies we have many works to do. He shakes his head as how much Mehak admires him he ignited the car and they head to White Chilies. On the way Mehak was happily singing and humming song tapping her fingers. Shaurya as usual teasing her and enjoy looking at Mehak being happy.

They reached White Chilies, Mehak enters with Shaurya and confetti’s fall on her. She was surprised and giggled as the confetti rains on her. Then she saw the welcome banner which reads as Welcome Back Boss. Mehak smiled as Priya, the chefs and others came to greet her and give her flower bouquets. Vicky give her bouquet and welcomes her. Mehak thanked all and asked what the necessary to do all is. Vicky said bhabhi you are coming back after so long so proper welcome its necessary. Later Mehak together with Vicky and Shaurya sat together discussing their plans for the next 3 months. Mehak told them she will work on the new recipes and other promotional activity to boost up the revenue. Shaurya interrupted and said you just recovered so please don’t be stressed, just take one at a time. It’s okay. She assured him she is fine and with all they can work together. He agreed to her.

Evening they leave early from White Chilies and headed home. They reached home and Harish papa asked how her day beta, Shaurya replied your bahu now can confidently reply tough investors. He told them how she handle the investors and other things. The entire family was so happy. As they chit chat Awara came to call Shaurya as he have a guest. Shaurya went to see his guest. He bring in the guest to the living area. Mehak was surprised to see it was none other than Jaggu, she gets up and went to receive him and asked him it was indeed it is a surprise. She asked him how come you are here. Jaggu replied ha madamji after you patch up with your husband you forgot your friend. Tomorrow I am returning to my duty so I called Shaurya Ji and he asked me to come for dinner. Mehak was so happy seeing Shaurya gesture inviting Jaggu to have meal with them. Shaurya introduce Jaggu to rest of the family and Karuna maa invited all to dining table as dinner already served. They enjoyed their meal and had a good chat. After dinner over Shaurya, Mehak and Jaggu walks around the garden and took leave as it’s getting late. Jaggu wished Mehak all the happiness and blesses her. Later Jaggu leaves from there. Mehak rested her head on Shaurya’s arms and hold him tightly saying thank you so much, he asked for what, she replied for everything. Shaurya holds her tightly and asked okay since I am your teacher for your confidence and business management where is your guru dakshina? Mehak raise her eyebrows as she is not aware of his request. You can repay me with this he saying as his thumb trace over her lips. Mehak realized what he wants she pushed his arm and retorted him your mind will only go in one track is it. Shaurya rested his hands on his waist and replied then you expect me to read Bhagwad Geeta like Daduji is it? Mehak pecks on his cheeks lightly. He turn and looked at her asking what this is, it’s like giving a 5yrs old candy. I am not a kid I want the pouty juicy smooch. He takes a step towards her.

Mehak sees his postures and turn back run quickly to the room. Mehak speed to the bathroom and lock herself quickly, after freshen up change to her kurti sat on the bed writing some notes. She was falling asleep. Shaurya came out from bathroom and saw her already sleeping with the books in her hand, he took the book away from her and cover her with the blanket caressing her gently as he kiss on her temple and joined her sleeping as well.







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