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Love makes a change CHAPTER 38

Sanskar was constantly trying to call swara but she didn’t pick up.

SAN: Y she is not taking my call.

He was trying once again
Suju: Maybe she is busy in buying vegetables and because of the crowd noise she is not hearing I guess. Y r u getting tensed?

SAN: Mom I don’t know I’m feeling restless about swara.

Swara entered inside the hall. Sanskar saw her and he immediately ran to her and caught her.

SAN: Swara what happened? (Worriedly)

He looked at her foot which was bleeding and her forehead too.

Suju: Swara…..

SWA: Mom I’m fine.

SAN: I can see that.

Saying this he instantly took her in his arms and placed her in the bed. He took the first aid box and started to dress her wound while she winced in pain. Sanskar blowed air on her wound and finally finished dressing. All the way swara was looking at sanskar seeing his love and care for her. He came and sat closed to her.

SAN: How did this happen?

SWA: (told what all happened) I really didn’t know who it was sanskar.

SAN: For this only I told that i will also come with u. (Stood up and facing the other side not swara,). U never listen to me and see what happened now (sat beside and side hugged her) u very well know I can’t see u in pain. (Kissed her forehead).

He was leaving and he very well knew swara will try to come down. So he stood at the door step but didn’t turn fully towards her.

SAN: Don’t u dare to put yr foot down, it’s a swear on yr sanskar.

Swara smiled

SWA: K my prince.

She said which made him smile even though he was angry. Days were passing and swara’s wound was getting alright. Sanskar was quite angry on her but still he u used to take care of her without uttering a word. Swara was now able to walk and her bandages were removed. Swara was making attempts to make convince him any how but all invain everything flopped.

One day:
Sanskar entered inside the room to take his car keys. Here swara was totally frustrated. Sanskar smirked inside but didn’t show out, he took his keys and was about to go but she immediately blocked his way.

SWA: Sanskar it’s enough I have asked a million times sorry but u r not reacting to anything.

SAN: Swara leave me I have to go.

Now swara was highly frustrated so she pinned him in the wall. He was highly suprised but didn’t show off. She immediately placed her lips on his and started to kiss him showing how much he was missing him and frustrated. Sanskar fisted his hands tightly to control himself not to kiss her back. She broke the kiss and sanskar left. He was walking in the corridors.

SAN: Uff seriously swara u r so unresistable even if u have kissed me a second more than that I could have definitely lost my control. Moreover my anger all went away that time itself it’s just that I’m waiting how and all u find ways to convince me 😜. Com’mon Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari I’m expecting more from u.

Saying this sanskar went to his office.
@swasan room

SWA: Swara com’mon think think how to convince him.

She heard suju calling her so she went down.

Suju: Swara I’m going out to meet my friend with ram ji and even Raglak r also going out evening for a function. So take care beta.

SWA: ha ma.

Suju left and swara went to her room thinking something.

It was raining heavily outside and
Sanskar came inside and the whole mansion was dark as no lights were on.

SAN: How come lights r off? He thought. Swara (shouted).

He went towards their room shouting her name. A sudden fear engulfed his heart. He entered the room and was shocked seeing the scented candles which were burning and giving light to the room and a big SORRY was written in the floor with rose petals and candles surrounding it. Sanskar smiled seeing this.
“Sorry” he heard a sweet voice. He looked at her. She has drapped herself into his favorite saree and both her hands were on her ears and a small pout making her cute as ever. Sanskar was still looking at her. This is enough for swara she said.

SWA: This much attitude not good for health.

These words made him smile and she too smiled.
Both came closer to each other.

SAN: Not bad I loved this sorry.

He said seeing it.

SWA: It took me 2 hours and my hands were paining badly u know.

SAN: So should I reward something?(smirked).

Swara was about to answer but she heard the rain showering sound so she went to the balcony. Sanskar followed her rain. Swara stood very close to the railing of the balcony and now she is completely drenched and she enjoying the rain showers happily. Sanskar couldn’t control himself anymore so went close to her and hugged her from back and started to give wet kisses on her neck to which she moaned his name. He slowly turned her towards him and took off the wet hairs which were on her face. He started to bring her more closer to him through her waist and she closed her eyes showing her acceptance. He smiled and placed his lips on her soft lips, after sometime both parted away due to lack of oxygen. Swara was blushing hard his gaze was making her more and more to blush so she hugged him and he too hugged her. Soon he took her in his arms and placed her in the bed and leaned towards her………soon the room was filled with her sweet moans due to pleasure and both dozed off into each other’s arms.


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