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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya realizes his mistake and diet to become fit and lean

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanhaiya’s nightmare. Prema comes to him and says I have come and see what I have brought. Panjiri says from where you got it. Prema says the place where I worked, they were throwing it, I asked them to give it to me, it is just two days old. Panjiri and Prarthana gets emotional and happy, and says they are seeing Paneer after many days. Kanhaiya asks Prema, how she can have stale Paneer. Prema says stomach don’t get filled up by love. Panjiri asks Kanhaiya to give a bit to them. Pratibha comes and says I have brought three tiffins. Panjiri says we will distribute the rice grains. Pratibha says I got it with much difficulty after teaching her employer’s children for 30 days. Prema says bad thing has happened with pari. Pari comes there and says selfie is not coming

in my phone and cries. Kanhaiya asks her to take selfie with him. Pari says how? She says you don’t come fully in selfie. Panjiri says she is trying to take selfie from toy phone since they sold her phone. Kanhaiya thinks how did this happen. Prarthana says this all is happening since he had samosa. He couldn’t see his wives’ misery and says he will leave. Kunti says I can’t hear what people tell about you.

Pratap comes and asks kunti to give chain. Kunti asks him to leave her chain and says it will be useful if she takes Kanhaiya to hospital. Pratap takes Kunti’s chain and asks them to vacate the house. Kusum asks Kanhaiya to stop him. Kanhaiya tries to run after him, but couldn’t run. Kunti cries. Kanhaiya’s dream ends. Kanhaiya wakes up and thinks that god, it was a bad dream. Kunti says she feels bad to see Kanhaiya eating boiled food. Prema says health is our real health. Pari says we shall throw the money then. Pratibha explains to her. kanhaiya realizes his mistakes and comes to them, says they were right about his health. Prarthana says if you are healthy then we will be happy. Kanhaiya says I know you tried to make me diet, but I had samosa and that too many. Everyone is upset. Prema says you did wrong. Panjiri and Pratibha says you shouldn’t have done this. Pari says I would have eaten samosa.

Kanhaiya says he will diet so that his wives will not have any problem. Kunti asks if everything is fine. Kanhaiya says I got fine for the first time and asks them to give him a chance. Kunti gets happy. Prema says ok, we will work to lessen his fat. Pratibha asks Panjiri to make food, and says now Panjiri and Prarthana don’t need to go with him. Prarthana says now Pratibha and Prema can go on a walk with him. Pari says she will take selfie. Prema says how he will get healthy with your selfies. Pratibha says we will see the changes seeing in the selfies. Panjiri says she will make halwa. Kunti asks what you are saying. Panjiri says we all will eat, and not Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says ok, I will be happy seeing you all eating. Kunti hugs him. Later his stomach gets back to normal. Kunti and bahus get happy. Prema says I am very happy. Pratibha says we all are happy seeing him fit. Prarthana says we all are happy with his fitness. Kusum says you are kamaal. Pari says kamaal is our neighbor. Pratap taunts kusum. Kanhaiya touches Kunti’s feet and gets weight machine from there. She checks and says I have lost 10 kgs weight. Prema says I must have lose 2-3 kgs and shouts saying 2 kg weight increased. Pratibha says our weight will be less as we worked hard behind him. Pratibha checks her weight and shouts.

Precap: Bahus, Sarla and others complain to Kunti that their stuff is stolen. Pratap comes as spy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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