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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Devika kills Alek

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Devika is in washroom. She ties towel around her body and asks Alek to leave room, she has to change. He says ofcourse dear. Alek comes out of room but doesnt close door fully. Devika comes in room in towel. Alek hides behind door and makes video of her. Devika drops towel, Alek is about to shoot her but Dhani comes there and says Alek I have some work, come with me. He goes with her.

Varun comes to Devika’s room. She has changed clothes and is tying her dori. Varun turns her around and ties her dori, he says are you a fool? changing clothes while door open? Devika says I thought Alek closed it. Varun says shut up, there was about to be a big mishap, girls should be careful when changing clothes, I am taking you back from this resort, I am bringing car, you will

stay in this room, dont come out of this room, this door is lakshman rekha for you, he covers her dupatta and leaves. Devika looks.

Varun comes to Alek and slaps him infront of all, he says this is for tarnishing a girl’s image, Devika thought you closed the door but you were watching her change clothes, he slaps him again and says if you are seen anywhere near Devika then I wont spare you, he leaves. Alek shouts at resort staff to go and do their work. One man says right thing happened with you, man like you should deserve this, you cheap man. Alek fumes in anger and says how dare he raise hand on me infront of everyone? he tries to act like Devika’s bodyguard but wont be able to save her respect.

Devika is in a resort room, she gets a call from Dhani, Dhani says Devika save me.. Alek dont come near me. Devika says what happened Dhani? Dhani screams and call is disconnected. Devika tries to call back but there is no network. Devika says Dhani was taking Alek’s name, it means.. Alek.. is forcing himself on Dhani? She turns to go out of room but recalls how Varun asked her to not leave room at any cost. She stops herself and calls Varun but its busy. She says what to do? I cant wait anymore.

Alek locks Dhani is a room, she shouts for someone’s help. Alek comes near her and caresses her face, he says God made such nice beauty for me.. they stare at each other and laugh out. Alek leaves her. Dhani laughs and gives him a hifive. Alek says you acted nicely on phone. dhani says I did a mistake so had to rectify it, I didnt want to send you away from that door, Varun asked me so I should to show him that I am with him. Alek says its okay, Varun’s plan is not going to work. Dhani says as soon as Devika come out of room, make her yours and then Varun will be mine forever. Alek says you are sacrificing Devika for your gain. dhani says I just want to win my love and for that, I can do anything. Alek says same here.

Scene 2
In room, Devika says I have to cross this door to save Dhani. She takes a deep breath, comes out of room and searches for Dhani. Alek comes there and asks what happened? Devika says where is Dhani? she called me and said you were forcing yourself on her. Alek says what rubbish? I didnt see Dhani. Devika says I will believe you once I see her. Alek says this is a plan to dishonor me, fine. He calls a waiter and asks if he saw a girl who is in room 207? Waiter says yes I saw her in garden. Alek says listen Devika, now come and see her. He drags Devika from there. They come out of resort and see Dhani leaving from there. Alek says see she is fine. Devika says let me ask her why she pretended. Alek says this must be Varun’s trick to spoil my image. Devika says no Varun would never ask Dhani to lie like that. Alek says so you trust Varun so much and told me that you dont trust me till you see Dhani? Devika says no I dont trust you. She turns to leave but Alek grabs her and pins her to car, he says this is the problem, you trust Varun more than me. Devika is scared to see his rage. Alek says if you dont trust me then I dont have to pretend more, I like flying birds. He grabs her, throws her in car. Devika tries to fight and says Varun told me to not come out of room, I came out to save Dhani. Alek says it was all my plan darling. Devika is stunned. Alek says you did nice by not hearing Varun, his loss and my gain, I dont like to be Ram, its fun to be Ravan, he locks her in car and drives away.

Scene 2
Varun comes to Devika’s room and sees her missing. He calls her but she is not picking up. He comes to Dhani and asks if she saw Devika? Dhani says no I saw her phone on floor, I was going to her. Varun asks where is Alek? Dhani says dont know, his car is not here too. Varun says that Alek must have taken her. Dhani says no, please save my sister, what if Alek does something bad with Devika? Varun leaves from there. Dhani smirks and says he wont be able to save Devika, she will be finished now.

Alek brings Devika to a jungle and throws her. Devika says Varun was right, you are an animal, I came to see this face of yours, my doubt was right. Alek says yes you and your Varun were right but now you are in my clutches, where will you go now? he takes off his vest. Devika says dont come near me and slaps him. Alek glares at her and says enough, he slaps her harshly and shouts at her. He says now I will tell you why I wanted to marry you.. because I just wanted this silky body of yours, he takes off her dupatta and ties her to a tree, he tears off her sleeve.

Varun is running to save her. He tries to run as fast as he can.

In jungle, Devika tries to fight against Alek. Alek says fight as much as you want, from the moment I saw you, I wanted you, I thought my game was finished when brought that Jiya so I made you believe that Jiya was mental, you trust my words against Varun’s, you are so innocent. Devika shouts that Varun was right, you did that with Jiya. Alek says yes, I played with Jiya’s body and emotions, I made her a mother and left her, you thought I was your hero but I am actually a villain for you, he laughs hysterically. Devika shouts that I was a fool to try to love an animal like you, thought you are right for me and kept saying Varun is wrong, he was just trying to save me. Alek says he cant save you now, see where we are, how he will know? he will try to search you but wont be able to find you.

Varun is running around to search for Devika.

Devika says to Alek that its my mistake, I should have listened to Varun. Alek says now you will bear punishment, you have made me wait a lot but not anymore, he leans into her, Devika looks away and shouts no. He grabs her mouth. Devika kicks him groin, he falls back and cries.

Varun is running and falls down on road. He gets up and shouts to God that you cant let this happen with good people, show me some path to save Devika, this cant happen with her. He looks around and finds Alek’s car near a street. He says this is Alek’s car? he runs in that direction.

Devika frees herself from ties. She pushes Alek on floor, she takes tree stick and says I did mistake of not believing Varun but you did mistake of thinking I am weak, now I will give you punishment, Devika will take Devi’s avatar to teach you a lesson, woman will take Devi’s avatar to finish animals like you so people like you dont try to think any Devika is your slipper, today I will finish a filth like you. She takes tree stick and stabs him with it. She keeps stabbing him till he dies. Devika throws away stick and leaves from there.

PRECAP- Devika is walking on streets, she trips and is about to fall but Varun comes there and holds her in his arms, she gets emotional seeing him. Varun covers her with his jacket and hugs her tightly, she cries in his arms.
Naina says to family that I came here to see if Varun and Devika’s relation is genuine but from the time I am here, weird things keep happening, I thinks this marriage cant work out, they have to get separated. Varun and Devika are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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