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Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 40

long time again naa… but now I have reason.my papers are approaching and I am hell worried that would I be able to complete the syllabus in time so I am trying to balance it.never mind that. you should know that my writer side is much more heavy on my conscience than my academic side.

so without much Ado let’s start.


after 29 minutes sanskar comes out of washroom all bathed with the water droplets seeping from his wet hair giving his face a pearly white complexion.ragini felt mesmerized seeing him smiling softly lost in her thoughts.sanskar waved his hand in front of her after realizing her gaze breaking her trance.”what? checking me out?”sanskar smirked mischievously as ragini felt herself going red in her cheeks and tip of her ears due to blushing.”no reply…then toh you were surely checking me out”sanskar moved closer to her so that she felt his hot breath on her cheeks arousing erotic feelings in her.she looked into his eyes as sanskar held her chin with one hand and his other hand grasping her waist.ragini’s breathing unevened feeling her mouth go dry due to the closeness ,she just wanted to grab him and kiss him till Oblivion.sanskar cupped her face and with a naughty glint moved his face to her neck.”ragini you should…. you should… brush your teeth first”she had felt her heart in her throat but the last line broke her trance as sanskar stood in front of her clutching his sides laughing hysterically.ragini huffed making some of the foam fly in air making sanskar laugh some more.stamping her foot ragini went to the bathroom to freshen up.sanskar fell on bed feeling himself falling again for her child like nature.

ragini came out wearing a red colour lehenga looking beautiful as always.sanskar lifted his head to see her as she moved to the dresser to get ready and this time he was lost in her.ragini sat on the stool with a haughty expression on her face feeling his gaze.”who was teasing me some time back for ogling at my husband only and now see”ragini put her earrings and taunted him.sanskar got up from bed and took the Vermillion box from her and filled her hairline himself.ragini looked at him through the mirror as he kept his chin on her head staring in the mirror at her reflection with pure love.ragini’s anger vanished seeing such strong emotions in his eyes and she bit her lower lip shying away.

sanskar snaked his hands from her waist to her stomach making current pass through both their bodies.their skin made contact and the area there felt extremely warm with the heat radiating from their bodies. ragini gasped as sanskar leaned his head and started placing wet kisses starting from her ear to her neck filling her every being for the craving of his touch.she moaned as sanskar bit her neck smoothly and placed a soft kiss there.sanskar moved away as the room was filled with the sounds of only their deep breathings while the whole world was forgotten.sanskar looked at her reflection and found her all pink and his breath hitched as their eyes met in the mirror and ragini gave him a soft shy smile.they looked at each other with their eyes screaming that they want more than the moment that just transpired but a knock on the door broke their trance.

“ji”sanskar opened the door schooling his expressions to  neutral and looked at his mom.”you are awake and ready also”sujatha gave an impressed look and tried to peek inside.sanskar rolled his eyes and opened the door for his mother.”arre ragini you are also ready”sujata looked around at the room and gave ragini a wink to which she gave her a confused look.sujatha cleared her throat and smiling mischievously went out of the room.”is she my mom?”sanskar asked puzzled sitting on the bed.ragini giggled looking at his cute expressions and rubbed his head soothingly with an amused smile on her face.”ohh and also come after 30 minutes for the Pooja….I didn’t saw anything I swear”sujatha said entering the room again covering her eyes.sanskar shook his head at sujatha’s nature while ragini chuckled.”waise since our moment passed just like that I should ask this question.are you sure you want to wear this… this heavy lehenga… won’t you be tired easily and what if you start feeling hot in it then…. how will you manage?”sanskar asked rubbing soothing circles on back of her palm to ease his anxiety.ragini looked at her hand then him and squeezing his hand said”sanskar it’s my choice that I want to wear this… not because of tradition… don’t worry if anything like that will disturb me I won’t back off from telling you… and actually I wanted to wear lehengas after my marriage and I am happy to fulfill my wish and you don’t worry if I feel uncomfortable I have suits and sarees I will wear them without second thought”. sanskar nodded and ragini kissed his cheek and pulled away quickly before sanskar could react.”you are the best husband in world…. worrying about even this trivial thing just for me”ragini said as sanskar gave her a confused look.ragini shifted and sat on his lap leaning her forehead on his listening to their mixed breaths as sanskar rocked her back and forth smiling softly content in the comforting silence.


“ragini beta it’s our tradition that the newly Weds do the first aarti”Annapurna handed her aarti thali smiling.ragini nodded and ragsan moved to the center circling the thali around the idols.the diya in aarti was tilting towards sanskar’s hand due to which ragini titled the thali towards herself sliding the Diya her side.sanskar smiled at her making ragini nod. ragini gave the aarti to everyone as both ragsan touched elders feet.the males moved aside to talk about some deal as sujatha held ragini’s hand and moved to the dining area.”you had a good night”sujata tried to keep her voice neutral but her excitement gave away.all the ladies chuckled as Annapurna warned in a light manner”sujatha you are her mil not sister that you ask these things”. sujata pouted shrugging and said”so what…I am her mother only and she can share her experience with me”. ragini blushed remembering the morning incident due to which sujatha gasped then squealed happily.”see…see how she is blushing…I knew you had a great night”sujatha clapped her hands behaving like a small kid.”Chachi it’s not fair you are destroying my suspense I wanted to ask her first about last night”swara pouted sadly to which sujatha smiled sheepishly.”ragini you are really lucky that your mom is like this… you can complaint about sanskar if he does anything”parineeta winked at ragini making her go red as sujata smirked looking at her.”don’t tease my daughter more”sujata warned hugging ragini close to her who just wanted the earth to open up and swallow her due to all the teasing.”mom I am going to wake up kanav”ragini composed and went from there without waiting for a reply.she had never thought that the traditional looking marwari ladies can also behave like this.”ragini”she turned around hearing sanskar’s voice as he moved towards her.”going to wake up champ?”ragini nodded and sanskar rubbing his name said”can I… can I wake him up today?”. ragini threaded her fingers into his and they moved upstairs.sanskar wished to keep his son close to himself and now he wanted the first one to be to see his little life opening his eyes,he had missed his 5 years but now no more wastage of time.

sanskar took a deep breath and moved to the slumbering form of his son as ragini left his hand giving him an encouraging smile.even without words they could understand each other’s mind with only actions that made their relationship more beautiful.”champ”sanskar whispered clearing his throat.”sanskar he won’t wake up if you whisper like this”ragini said softly as to not wake kanav herself.sanskar nodded and leaning towards his son keeping hand on his shoulder shook him saying softly”champ wake up it’s morning”.kanav stirred in his sleep as sanskar patted his shoulder softly.kanav sat up with closed eyes yawning and rubbing them.sanskar smiled as soon as kanav’s eyes fell on him with a bright sleepy smile covering his face.”good morning papa”kanav stood up and hugged him yawning again.sanskad felt that he is somehow mending for missing his son’s birth till he met him.kanav broke the hug and hugged ragini and went to washroom.sanskar felt moisture on his cheek and wiped it.ragini stood beside him shaking her head in no to which sanskar smiled but still his eyes shined with tears.

“good morning”kanav wished everyone as ragsan and he came downstairs.”ragini beta it’s your first rasoi rasam today”Annapurna said attracting everyones attention.ragini nodded as kanav sat in sujatha’s lap.sanskar looked sadly towards ragini as now he don’t feel to part with her for even some time.”sanskar”sujata glared at him and sanskar gulped seeing her to which sujatha cracked a smile.”budhu go and help your wife… it’s her first day and if you have forgotten let me remind you that even pari and swara were hepled by thier husbands and we should carry on the tradition”sujatha exclaimed as sanskar looked at parish who held each other’s hand tightly while laksh shook his head looking at a giggling swara.”go”sujatha warned and he jumped going in kitchen smiling widely thanking a ritual for first time.

“what are we making?”sanskar asked ragini as ragini started taking out things.”we have only to make sweet so I thought let’s make kheer”sanskar nodded taking the dry fruits as ragini took out the rice.ragini put the utensil on stove with the milk boiling as they both sat busy in cutting dry fruits.sanskar popped a cashew in his mouth and felt something hit his forehead.”ouch”he glared ragini who was glaring back with rice in her hand.”it’s for cooking not eating like that”sanskar pouted angrily as ragini turned to the stove.”you can be a really strict mom”sanskar complained to which ragini shrugged saying”if children are like you then mom have to be strict”. sanskar grimaced making ragini chuckle.sanskar put the dry fruits in the milk and stirred it not looking at ragini.he smiled as he felt a cashew touch his lip with ragini batting her eyelashes smiling innocently.he bit the cashew giving her a toothy grin.

“you sit down ,we will serve ourselves”Annapurna said and ragsan took their seats smiling nervously.”I didn’t know papa you were also an amazing cook”kanav complemented as he ate another spoonful of kheer.”yaa it’s from the experience of midnight cooking”sujatha said casually to which ragsan looked at each other widening their eyes.”yes only sanskar Bhai knew how to cook a delicious meal and we insisted him every night”laksh said with a dreamy expression and looked at adarsh who nodded.ragsan visibly relaxed knowing that nobody has a sliver of knowledge about their last night.ragsan were praised by everyone and the ritual ended as all elders gave them gift.”mom these”sujata cut off ragini saying”it was my mother’s and now it’s is yours so accept it happily or I will think that you don’t consider me family and I know you can’t see your mom sad”. ragini accepted hugging sujatha with happy tears.”now it’s time for much dikhayi rasam”parineeta said taking ragini’s one hand while swara held her other hand.sabskar felt frustrated with these silly rituals as sujatha patted his cheeks giving a sympathetic look.”if mom wants to be perceptive she can surely be… but she won’t do anything to stop these rituals”sanskar muttered under his breath seeing ragini being taken by others as they giggled.

after 1 hour when the whole house was again decorated for the arriving neighbours sanskar huffed and went to his room.”you came…I was just discussing with swara when you will come”parineeta smiled mischievously teasing him.”bhabhi”sanskar drawled in frustration as pari let him in.sanskar felt his breath hitch as ragini turned around from her seat and looked at him for his approval.”ragini.. you… you… I don’t have words”sanskar fell on his bed clutching his temple in his hands sighing heavily.”what happened devar ji”pari asked .”you… you people dolled her up like she is an exhibition model… god are you going to show her off or introduce her to others?”sanskar chided the ladies who stood blank.ragini looked at him puzzled but with a relief reflected in her eyes for his words.sanskar met her eyes and felt all doubts that he is over reacting for this go away as ragini thanked him through her eyes,if this is what an eyelock feels like, pouring every single emotion without words and still understanding everything than it was the most beautiful part of love.


so finished for this part.my head feels like someone has hammered it continuously.arrrggghhh I hate exams.

but this is my solace,my writing.

thanks for reading whatever I wrote which I am not able to comprehend completely but still I will forever be grateful for you guys understanding.

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