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Gods Most Beautiful Gift SIBLINGS-Episode 5

[Shivaay was a bit surprised to see Amaya she looked different in picture than in front of him he thought to himself “maybe because her hair are tied up messy and she was wearing casual clothes” where as Omkara and Rudra were still processing the fact they have another sister]

Shivaay:[Shivaay was relieved to notice that Amaya knows them but still for his assurance he asks Amaya]Do you know us?[pointing at himself and his brothers]

Amaya:[Amaya folded hands and looked Shivaay in his eyes and said pointing to each one respectively]Shivaay,Omkara,Rudra heirs to Oberoi empire my second cousins is this enough or should I talk more?[Amaya was about to leave from there but Shivaay stopped her]

Shivaay:[Amaya stayed there]We wanna talk to you[Amaya was surprised]

Amaya:[Amaya said with a little chuckle]about what?[Amaya stopped her chuckle and said] I mean it’s understandable if you want talk to Veerji because he recently fought a case for you but maybe until today or yesterday you  didn’t even knew that I existed so what do you wanna talk about Shivaay?[Shivaay got a little bit upset as well as angry]

Shivaay:[Shivaay got upset because he didn’t knew his sister existed until yesterday and fact that she addressed Shivaay by his name made him angry]Okay, I admit that I got to know about you yesterday but that doesn’t changes the fact that we’re family and you have to come and stay with us you can address me  as Veerji if want I won’t mind[until now Abhay who was listening all the conversation quietly watching his little sister handle situation maturely jumped in to save Shivaay from Amaya’s attack but he failed miserably]

Abhay:Amu I wanna talk to them alone please can you give us some space[Amaya understood her brother’s feeble attempt to save Shivaay from getting a blunt answer from Amaya]

Amaya:[Amaya looked at her brother and said]of course I will but first I wanna make something clear here[Amaya stood foot away from Shivaay and said looking into his eyes] okay Shivaay firstly,I won’t come with you anywhere.Secondly,for you family exists by blood or marital relation for me family exists by people that I love and care for and that list certainly doesn’t include you and Thirdly,maybe sometime in future I may address you as bhaiya but I will never address my Veer remember these thing because i don’t like repeat same things to sane people[Amaya looked at Abhay and left from there as Amaya was talking to Shivaay.He felt her every word was true to her heart]

Abhay:[Abhay let Amaya go far enough that she can’t hear them and then Abhay apologises on behalf of his sister]I am really sorry guys Amaya[Abhay paused to rethink his words]she has missed a lot of things that a girl child should get and all those missed things made her blunt and matured far earlier than her age[there was a awkward silence for a moment between Oberoi brothers and Abhay Rudra broke the silence]

Rudra:[Rudra asked in looking at photos hung on wall few of them were Amaya and Abhay’s childhood pictures]What things exactly did she missed?[he walked towards photos and says] she looks so happy in this photos[Rudra was still looking at photos and Omkara and Shivaay also went beside Rudra and started staring at the photos examining them one by one trying to interpret when and why it must have been taken]

Abhay:[Abhay stands behind Oberoi brothers and says]She missed mother’s love[Abhay paused for a moment]our maa died giving birth to Amaya me and Dad loved her as much we could tried to handle her with as much as motherly affection we could but we kind of never were able to fill in that gap[Abhay stopped as he noticed all three brothers were looking at him]

Omkara:[Omkara had a small layer of tear in his eyes but he managed to let out his thoughts]I am sorry about your mother[Omkara gave Abhay a moment to compose himself again]

Abhay:[Abhay looked down for a moment and then looked at Omkara and said]It’s okay everyone has their share of pain and suffering maybe this was Amaya’s

Rudra:[Rudra hesitated to ask but he couldn’t be without asking]How does she celebrate her birthday[Shivaay and Omkara were about to hit Rudra but Abhay answered him anyway]

Abhay:[Abhay smiled at Rudra’s question and also his talent to lighten the mood without knowing]well until she was 14,we celebrated her birthday grand it was always lots of new dresses lots of gifts but none from me I just used to wish her in morning that’s it,then she didn’t knew that our maa died giving birth to her but when Dad passed away I was compelled to reveal everything to her because I was afraid that if she know from someone else or from gets any clue from the certificates my relationship with my sister would always have knot that could never be undone so I told her and since it’s been just family celebration me and her and Dev

Shivaay:[Shivaay asked about Devansh]Who is Dev?

Abhay:[Abhay told them who Devansh was]My childhood friend Devansh Agnihotri[before Abhay could talk any further doorbell rang and Abhay went to open the door]

Omkara:[Omkara talked to Shivaay while Abhay was gone to see who was on the door] Shivaay we tell everyone in the family about Amaya and please I request you don’t compel her to accept us as a family the more you will compel her more she will go far away[Omkara stops talking when he sees Abhay back again but with Ranveer the person who rang the doorbell as Ranveer he was wearing civilian clothes instead of uniform]


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