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Forbidden love (Four and Tris) – Chapter 1: New leader!

Chapter 1: New leader!

Heya Twistinians, I’m back with this story. This story will be mainly in Tris’ pov and maybe sometimes her mysterious not so mysterious loverboy’s pov.
I hope that you guys liked the prologue, if not then I’m sorry, but to be honest I loved it;-)

“BREAKING NEWS OF TODAY…” One of the Erudite reporters said with a slight smirk while the other one looked like she has seen a ghost. “WE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE SUDDEN DEATH OF THE ABNEGATION HEAD LEADER MARCUS EATON.” The reporter completed his sentence.
“But the real question is how did he die and if the allegation of child and spousal abuse is true or not!” The female reporter asked the other reporter.
“To be honest Berta I think that the allegation is true.”
“But Bob maybe the allegation isn’t true at all and we should interview his son and wife!”
“Yeah that’s a great idea Berta, but his son isn’t in Abnegation anymore!”
“Then where is he?”
“He is in Dauntless. Maybe he has changed his name, so that no one knows that he’s Marcus’ son!”
“It could be possible!”
“Who do you think will be the new head leader? I personally think it will be Micheal Black but it’s possible that it will be Andrew Prior or even Gregory King!”
“I would say that it will be Andrew Prior! I don’t think that it will be one the other two candidates! Andrew Prior was in leadership for 13 years now.”
“Thank you so much for watching the breaking news! We will be coming back soon to reveal the new Abnegation leader till then stay tuned!” Berta said with a genuine smile.

“These Erudites are so brainless, they don’t know that our new leader is Beatrice Prior and not me!” Dad said with a smirk while he was cursing his old faction.
“Yeah you are right but our son Caleb is in that faction!” Mom said with distaste for that faction.
“Mom, he is an Abnegation spy and he doesn’t believe in faction before blood like others do!” I said while a smirk was playing on my lips.
“I know, but still I hate that faction!”
“Same here!” Dad said while raising his hand.
“Dad when’s the all faction meeting?” I suddenly asked and he answered back: “it’s tomorrow at ten o’clock in the Dauntless headquarter!”
“Oh thanks for saving me dad! We’ll be having a blast while the other leaders will be shocked!”
“Yeah they will be, because we rock!” Dad said with a smirk and mum was laughing.

A few hours later we had dinner with Evelyn Eaton as she had invited us and we know that she feels lonely after what happened to her husband. “Thank you for the amazing food Evelyn!” Mum said and Evelyn just hugged her while crying.
“Shh, it’s okay Mrs Eaton, we are here for you and we will always support you!” I said while trying to calm her down.
“Thank you so much Beatrice, Andrew and Natalie for coming and for being there for me.” She said with a small smile. When I look at her I can see the love she still has for Marcus and I have seen the same love for her in his eyes. I wish that I’ll find someone that loves me so much that it’ll be painful for him to leave me. After helping Evelyn in clearing out the table, washing up the dishes, we went home and I fell asleep as soon as my head fell on my fluffy pillow.

After my beauty sleep, I woke up at seven o’clock, went for a shower, got dressed in my typical Abnegation dress, ate a piece of toast and drank a glass of water. Soon dad and I went to the train tracks where we met our fellow leaders. We all bowed our heads down as we were greeting eachother and then we conversed for a while until the train came. The train journey went by rather quick, we had to jump out of the train, then we jumped down a seven story building, through an hole and then we were in the actual Dauntless headquaters. Two Dauntless leader approached us, they greeted us by shaking our hands and then one of them asked: “Why is a Abnegation woman here with you?”
“That’s my daughter Beatrice Prior and she is one of the newest Abnegation leader!” Dad proudly said.
“Oh hi my name is Eric Coulter and this gentleman next to me is Tobias Eaton better known as Four here in Dauntless!”
“Nice to meet you both! I’m so sorry Four for your dad’s death, he was a great man and he was the one who taught me, how to be a leader!” I said with a sad smile.
“Thank you so much for your kind words Miss Prior!” He said in deep but quiet voice!”
“No need to call me Miss, because you can call me by name!”
“Okay then I will call you Tris as Beatrice doesn’t suit you at all!” He said with a slight smirk, while dad winked at me.
“Like father like son!” I mumbled to myself, but I think that Tobias heard me, because his smirk grew wider and wider. They lead us to a room, where other leaders were already seated.
“I think that the head leader of Abnegation should start the meeting!” Jeanine Mathews said with a smirk and I would love to wipe it away from her lips by punching her in the face, from the corner of my eyes I could see that Tobias was smirking at me, because of my weird expressions and oh gosh I love his smirk so much. Stop it Tris, you can’t like him as he is a leader from another faction.
“As the head leader of Abnegation…” I started to say, but was interrupted by that blo*dy witch Jeanine saying: “how can a woman be the head leader of Abnegation!”
“Just like you are the head leader of Erudite Jeanine!” I “politely” answered back to her and soon after that dad bursted out laughing.
After he calmed down and Jeanine’s face turned red because she felt insulted by him, she stormed out of the room after saying: “watch your back Abnegation, because you won’t last any longer!”
“Are you declaring war with us? If it is like that, then let me tell you something Jeanine, your army won’t last any longer than ours, because our faction has learned, how to defend themselves! And I won’t back down Jeanine, because I know a lot about this ignorant and selfish faction of yours!” I spit at her and she looked like she has seen a ghost, she came closer to me and tried to slap me, but someone stopped her and it was…

Who saved Tris from that slap?

Disclaimer: Sadly I’m not the owner of the Divergent series or else it would have ended differently. Four would have never ended up with Christina. Eric, Tris, Uriah, Lynn, Marlene and many more characters would have been alive. But what I actually own is the plot of this story.

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