Sunday , September 20 2020


Ragini and shivanya enter the khurana mansion..

Aditi : You guys.. came thank god. now go and get ready..

Shivanya was about to go.. just then Dada holds her hand.

Dada: What happened about the addmission

Shivu : Actually.. i.. got it..

Just then Kavya , Tanvi and Abhimanyu comes..

Tanvi : I know our shivu is so ralented that no one will say no to her..

Kavya : Aarti .. how is she.

Aditi : She is fine.. now you guys go and get ready..

Kavya : But where are our husbands..

Manish just enters the scene..

Manish : Mahesh bhai and Manav said to me that they will reach straight to party..

Dadi comes..

Dadi : Don’t waste time.. go and get ready.. otherwise what will they think of us..

All leaves to there respective room to change..

Dadi : You clearly remember what i said right

Dada ::Is it necessary to do so..

Dadi : Don’t you want your grandchildren to get married.. and in case of adi only this will work..

Just then Karan and sameer enters..

Karan : About whuch screte are you two talking about..

Dadi ::Nothing …

Sameer: Where are others..

Dada : All have reached and went to get ready..

Karan : I should also get ready.. I heard that badimom’s friend have two daughters..

Dadi : Yeah and that two of your bhabhi’s age..

Sameer: What did you say..

Karan : She meant that they are older than us..

Sameer : Now.. i undestood what kichdi were you two making .

Karan looks at sameer confused..

Sameer : They have said.. that they are of our di’s age but they used bhabhi instead..

Dada : Okay.. We have just planned now don’t tell this to anyone and go and get ready.

After a few minutes.. Aditi , Tanvi and kavya comes down getting ready..

Aditi is wearing a blue saree with golden boader with an uncut jellery..

Tanvi is wearing a peach colour saree having black net at the boader with a simple diamond pentant..

Kavya is wearinga plain purple and white saree with a temple jewllery..

Two car arrives at the Mansion ..

first on was of mahesh and manav with a 3piece suit..

Second one was of Mehrotras..

Mahesh and manav invited mehrotras inside..

Ashwin was also in a 3piece suit..

Jhanvi was in a yellow and green saree with ethnic jewellery..


They all greets eachother..

Manish and Adi enters to the hall while talking  to eachother


Adi accidently looks at zoya and he stands still seeing her beauty

Manish goes to others and greets everyone..

Arjun comes downstairs and sees adi lost


He taps on adi’s shoulder and he comes back to sense..

Arjun sees Maya..

Arjun(to adi) : Wow!!

Just then Zoya comes and stands next to Maya

Arjun : Oh.. twins..

Adi : Excatly..

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