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Ek Deewana Tha 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajan and Madhvi worried over Radhika

Ek Deewana Tha 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

KK agrees that there indeed is something strange about this house. We must leave it before something goes wrong.

The guy scratches the wall. You (Radhika) wont be able to leave the house even if you wish to. It is time to complete the incomplete story.

Radhika says that door was there till last night. That woman is not something that I made up! Rajan says you saw wat the spirit wanted to show you. Radhika insists she isn’t lying. That woman exists. You are instead speaking of leaving her here even when she can lose her life? I wont leave this house. She isn’t my illusion. Trust me. Akash keeps his hand on her shoulder / head while telling her to calm down. Shivani looks on. He tells Radhika not to worry so much. We will find her if she is indeed here. Radhika knows she isn’t

lying but she cannot tell the truth to anyone. It will break Shivani’s heart. Akash asks Shivani to bring something for Radhika to eat. He takes her with him.

Shivani is upset with Radhika and Akash’s proximity. Why did he ask me to make something for her? Am I her servant? What’s wrong with him? Why is he getting so close to Radhika? He calls me special but now he is getting close to Radhika. What has happened to him?

KK finds Akash too smart. he has Shivani on his side as his girlfriend and is now showing sympathy to Radhika. He calls himself a fool for letting Akash take away the girl he likes. This is no movie. I will have to do something. I have height, killer looks, voice like Amit ji, good style! Relax KK! Radhika is yours. It is because you like her, right? KK smiles. It is ok Akash. Try whatever you want to but you don’t know me. I will make Radhika swoon in my love. She will forget everything and will only take my name.

Rajan says what we hid from years seems to have come out in open anytime now. Madhvi tells him not to say so but Rajan says first it was just KK. Now Radhika has also seen everything. She knows everything. I think she has seen us. She went quiet the moment she saw us. Her eyes said everything. She seems to have found out everything. Madhvi asks him what will happen now. Rajan tells her to pray that Radhika does not tell anyone anything.

Akash asks Radhika what she saw yesterday. Who were those people who took that old woman? Radhika says I hope you will not stop believing me after what I am about to tell you. Akash reminds her that he is concerned about her safety as she is Shivani’s friend. Now you are my friend too. Your safety is my responsibility. You have to trust me and I trust you. Radhika tells him it was Rajan and Madhvi. Shivani asks her if she has lost her mind. The guy peeks at them from the keyhole. Shivani questions Radhika on what she just said. Radhika apologizes to her. Shivani tells her she cannot understand. You are saying this even when you are my friend? You think my mom and dad are murderers and are torturing that woman? How dare you? Akash advises her to let Radhika complete atleast. Shivani tells him to shut up. Stay out of this please. He sits down dejected. Shivani continues to reprimand Radhika for blaming her parents. Radhika insists that that is what she saw. Shivani reminds her that they all saw what she was saying. We found nothing there. Youc okoed up so many stories yet my parents are taking care of you. You still don’t understand? Radhika tries to explain but Shivani talks to her badly about not having parents. Akash asks her where she is taking things. Shivani is hurt with him for taking Radhika’s side. She just came in this house and you? He tries to explain but she walks out of the room. Radhika looks upset. Akash makes her sit down. She dint mean all that. She normally does not say things like that. He goes after Shivani. Shivani’s words echo in Radhika’s head. The guy is peeking at her from the keyhole. I saw tears in Sharanya’s eyes. Shivani did not do the right thing!

Akash comes to talk to Shivani. I know I shouldn’t have shouted on you but you were being rude. She points out that she was talking to Radhika. Why did you have to intervene? He says you cannot tell an orphan that she is an orphan. She asks him why he is so concerned about her friend. He says she is your friend. We have to look after her. She tells him what she saw in the kitchen. You support her so much now. What’s going on?

KK comes to Radhika’s room quietly. She notices his shadow on the wall and is about to scream when he covers her mouth. Don’t shout. I know you weren’t lying back there. I am with you. She smiles.

Akash says I will have to take care of her all the more now. No one else could make you insecure till now, not even in London but Radhika did it. She turns to go but he holds her hand. He says I love you to her. I really do. There is no one else but you in my life. I was lost in life but you gave me a reason to life; supported me and even made me a part of your life. I am lucky to have you in my life. Forget about loving someone else, I cannot even think of anyone else but you. I love you a lot. Shivani tells Akash not to break her heart and faith ever. Kill me before doing that if you have to. He asks her why she keeps talking about taking her life always. One day I will do it. They share a hug.

Precap: Radhika tells KK that she saw Rajan and Madhvi taking the old lady. I will find out the truth a any cost. He agrees to support her and extends his hand. let’s do it? She readily agrees.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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