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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Anu learns Vibhu is accused as thief

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tikka says he was so good with you even when you were stealing,Makkah says Tiwari is good man you see,Vibhu walks to them at tea stall and starts crying but controls himself,tikka asks what happened all good,Vibhu says Tiwari is robbed and bhabhiji lost all her jewellery,Malkhan says that’s sad,Vibhu says the saddest thing is she takes me as thief,that thief won’t live in peace,he will die dogs death,Malkan says enough May be he was in need,Vibhu says he is robber there’s no need.

Happu joins them,Vibhu says I beg of you find the thief,tikka says happu should rest why run behind a thief,happu says stupid people That’s my duty and Vibhu you are right once I find that thief I will beat him to death,Vibhu says beat him like a dog.

Tiwari walks to Anu,anu asks what’s wrong

you looked worried,Tiwari says I’m robbed and so I’m here to share my pain and my pain vanished seeing your beautiful smiling face,anu says thank you anyways what all did you loose,Tiwari says jewellery and I feel giddy hold me,anu says let me call anguri,Tiwari says I’m fine,anu says anyways I’m busy packing you can leave,me and Vibhu are going Manali,all on vibhus expense,Tiwari asks where did he get money from,anu says he is working with insurance company,Tiwari says so I am right it was your Vibhu who robbed at my house.

Anguri crying in bedroom,Vibhu climbs through window,anguri says yesterday you came same way,Vibhu says don’t cry,anguri says you are the reason behind my state,Vibhu says shall I jump from here to prove you that I haven’t robbed,anguri says you are liar I won’t trust you,Tiwari walks to Vibhu and says die please die,Vibhu says I may get disbalance please don’t,Vibhu bites tiwaris hand and runs away.

Tiwari complaints happu that it’s Vibhu who is robber,happu asks any proofs,Tiwari says no I don’t,my heart says so,happu says nonsense,so shall I arrest him on the fact the your heart says so,anguri says enough tell him the truth now,and tells happu whole story.

Happu says anguri Bhabhi get me tea till then I will sort your mess,anguri says sure I will just get me my amajis necklace,anguri leaves,happu says Tiwari come with me now,Tiwari says you are our own,happu says nothing will work,Tiwari and happu finalise bribe on 10000,Tiwari says my jewellery,happu says you will get,Tiwari says punish that Vibhu and then your money and don’t forget my amajis neacklace.

Happu walks to Anita,happu asks how are you,anyways I’m here to talk very important to solve important case,anu says go ahead,Happu asks why are you bearing that useless Vibhu,anu says what nonsense question is this,happu says didn’t you ever feel like ditching that man and marry a well earning person,anu says never and will never have,happu says I knew it,and don’t you feel like watching movies on fridays,anu says stop it and what it has to do with case.

Vibhu hides seeing happu in kitchen,happu says ok let’s have Rapid fire round,anu sees Vibhu and says happu let me get coffee from kitchen I’m having heavy head and leaves.

Anu says Vibhu you are the thief,Vibhu says no baby I’m trapped,anu says don’t lie I know whole story,Vibhu says yes but I was sleeping with you,happu says I hear Vibhu,anu says that robbed money was the one you gonna take me to Manali,vibhu says baby I love you,happu walks in and says freeze and Vibhu you are under arrest,Vibhu says I’m innocent,baby tell him,Vibhu throws flour on him and runs away.

Happu says can I have some water,anu says there’s no water here and runs away,happu says it’s so good you didn’t leave me alone,so wassup,oh you ran too.

Anguri in garden,Vibhu walks to her covered in blanket and says I’m here to tell you I’m innocent look at this knife,anguri says oh no you wanna murder me,Vibhu says oh no I will cut my hand with my blood will write I’m innocent,anguri says will that prove You are innocent,look so whatever you want to just give me my amajis necklace.
Vibhu says let’s do a thing come to temple with me,Tiwari slowly approaches Vibhu

Pre cap: anu to Tiwari says you can’t without any proofs say my Vibhu is the thief and now leave I’m sleepy.
Tikka malkhan drinking say poor Vibhu caught in this mess because of us,Vibhu hears that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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