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Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne (Episode 1)

Bepannaah Chaha Dil Ne

Episode 1:

Dehradhun, India.

A beautiful sunrise is shown. Chirping of birds can be heard. A girl is seen standing in the balcony of a huge bungalow. Her eyes are shown which had tears in them, a deep pain can be seen through them. She looked towards the sky and said,

Girl: Ammi, Abbu, aaj uss dokhay ko aur aap dono ko guzre hoye poora ek saal guzar chuka hai. Siddique house ab wo siddique house nahi raha jo kabhi hasta khelta ghar hoya kerta tha. Mijhay nafrat hai aaj ke din se. ( Mom, Dad, today marks one year of your death. Siddique house is not the same siddique house which used to be happy. I hate this day. )

Saying this she gasped and held the railing tightly, a tear escaped her eye. She closed her eyes tightly and continued,

Girl: Nafrat hai humain apne aap se Abbu. Aapne humain bohat samjhaya magar humari ankhoun per, humari ankhoun per uss andhe bharosay aur pyaar ki patti bandhi hoi thi jo hum samajh hi nahi paye aapki baat ko. Humain maaf kerdain? Please Abbu? (I hate myself Dad. U tried so much to explain me, but I were blind in that false trust and love that I couldn’t understand you. Forgive me Dad? Please?)

Saying this she started crying badly remembering some happy moments with her family. Suddenly she remembered some painful memory


( It was raining badly. A maid came and said that this thunder storm feels like something bad is going to happen listening to which the girl told him that don’t take tension, everything will be fine. This is just a small thunderstorm when suddenly the phone rang. She picked up the call but listening to something she was hell shocked. “ Zoya Aapi! Sab khatam ho chuka, sab! Ammi aur Abbu ab humare beech nahi rahe. Aur iss sab ke zimedaar sirf who hain! Sirf who!”)

The phone fell from her hand and she ran outside of the house. The scene shifts to the hospital where three dead bodies are shown under white cloth. A girl is seen crying badly when Zoya called her name,

Zoya: Noor!

The girl ran listening to her name and hugged Zoya tightly and cried badly.

Zoya( while pointing towards the dead bodies): Ammi? Abbu?

Noor( while nodding): Sab kuch khatam, sab kuch. (Everything has finished, everything)

Zoya leaving Noor started moving towards the dead bodies when the officers came in front of him with the third stretcher when the cloth fled revealing a face. Zoya got shocked seeing the face. The officers covered the face telling her that he is the murderer who fired the bullet killing both of them but your father before his last breath pulled the trigger of his gun to kill the murderer as well.

Listening this Zoya fell on the ground in shock. As if someone has taken his breath.)

Flashback end.


Noor: Appi!

Listening to Noor’s voice, Zoya wiped her tears and calmed herself. The door opened and Noor came in smiling.

Noor: Appi!

Zoya turned towards her smiling,

Zoya: Haan mera kohinoor! (Yes my kohinoor!)

Noor came and hugged her tightly. After few minutes they broke the hug. Noor’s eye escaped a tear which she immediately wiped and smiled looking at Zoya.

Noor: Appi, office nahi jana aaj? Chalein, late ho rahe hain! (Appi, don’t u have to go office today? Let’s go, we are getting late!)

Saying this she turned her face to hide her tears and with her back towards Zoya she said,

Noor: Hum aapka wait ker rahe hain car main. Jaldi se aa jayein. (I am waiting for you in car. Come fast. )

Saying this she left from there so Zoya cannot see her crying.

Noor’s POV
“ Bohat koshish kerte hain in aanson ko rokne ki. Magar yeh aapka dard dekh ker ruk hi nahi paate. Bohat pyaar kerte hain aapse appi. Aapko her din ghut ghut ker merte nahi dekh sakte. (I try my best to stop these tears but they don’t stop after seeing your pain. I love you very much appi. I can’t see you die everyday)

She looked at the sky,

Allah! Aap sab jaante hain. Humari appi ka dard, unka dhooka. Nafrat hai unhe pyaar se ab. Apni zindagi se. Unko kese samjhayein ke unki koi galti nahi hai. Woh yeh baat samajhne ko tayar hi nahi hain ke in sab main unki koi galti nahi thi. Please unhain itni himmat de dain ya kisi ese se milwa dain jo inhe sachi aur bepannaah mohabbat de sake aur inke sare gum bhula sake. “
( Allah! You know everthing. My appi’s betrayal and pain. She hates to think about love. She hates her life. How do I explain her that it was not her fault. Please gave her that much strength or let her meet some one who can make her forget this pain)

Zoya on the other side in her room,

Zoya’s POV
“ Hum jaante hain noor ke aap humse apne ansoun chupati hain kiyonke aapko lagta hai hum bohat kamzor insaan hain. Magar hum kamzoor nahi hain! Humne apna dard chupana seekh liya hai. Iss be matlabi Zindagi ko jeena seekhlia hai, aap keliye hasna seekh liya hai. Magar humain nafrat hai iss Zindagi se jisne iss dard keliye humain chunna. Nafrat!”
( I know Noor that u hide your tears from me because you think I am weak. But I am not weak! I have learnt how to hide my pain, I have learnt to live this life, for you I have learnt to laugh but I hate this life which chose me for this pain, I hate it!)

She left her room as noor was waiting for her to go office.

The scene shifts to another location:
Toronto, Canada.

A huge mansion is shown. Lots of staff is seen working for some event. A lady is seen instructing the staff to decorate properly. A boy was seen coming downstairs.

Boy: Maa!

The women turned and is revealed to be Anjana. She smiled looking at the boy,

Anjana: Haan bolo Arjun? (Yes Arjun?)

Arjun smiled and said,

Arjun: Maa, itni tension nahi lain. Sab ho jaye ga. ( Maa, Don’t take tension. Everything will be fine. )

He came towards Anjana and hugged her saying,

Arjun: Wese jis keliye sab tayariyaan ho rahi hain, who kahan hain? (By the way, for the one all these arrangements are being done, where is he?)

Anjana broke the hug side hugging Arjun again, both of them while looking at each other smiled and at the same time said,

“ Work out”

They both laughed and Arjun started leaving when Anjana told him,,

Anjana: Beta tou jab uske paas jaa hi raha hai tou tell him, ( if you are going to him then tall him,)

Both of them together again,
“ Poo aa rahi hai” ( Poo is coming)

Anjana laughed while Arjun left from there.

In the huge garden of the lavish mansion, a boy is seen doing push ups. His body is shown which is in perfect masculine form and all sweaty.

Boy: 298, 299 and 300.

When a voice called his name.

Arjun: Adi bhaiya!

His lips are shown. He smiled and stood up. Picked up the water battle and poured it upon himself. He turned and is revealed to be Aditya.

Arjun came and was about to hug him when he realised Adi’s sweatiness. He stopped himself which Adi noticed.

Arjun: Happy Birthday bhai!

Adi smiled mischievously,

Adi: Ese kese? Hug kahan hai meri? Aja aja main ho pyaar tera. ( Just like this? Where is my hug? Come come my love)

Saying this he started coming towards Arjun but he started running away saying

Arjun: Ewww!

While running from Adi, he didn’t see the girl coming towards the garden. Both of them collided and the girl fell down. Realising, Arjun started apologising and helped the girl to get up. The girl stood up and cleaned her dress and rudely replied,

Girl: Dekh ker nahi chal sakte kiya?!? Pura dress kharab kerdiya. Poo ka dress. (Are you blind?!? My whole dress is ruin. )

Arjun: Dekho pooja, sorry keh raha houn na? (Pooja, I am apologising na?)

They were about to start the fight when Adi stopped Pooja saying,

Adi: It’s okay pooja. Arjun ne sorry bola hai na? (It’s Okay pooja. Arjun did apologise na?)

Pooja was about to reply him when some lady called her name.

Lady: Poo beta?

Pooja glared Arjun and then turned towards the women who is none other than Sakshi.

Sakshi: Come beta. Your dress is spoiled. Come inside so that u can change the dress. Pooja went from there to go inside while Adi asked Arjun if he is fine to which Arjun nodded that he is fine. Don’t worry. Both of them then left to get ready for the party.

The evening went by and it was time for the party. Everyone was seen there including Pooja, Sakshi, Arjun, Adi and Anjana. While mother and sons were welcoming the guests, the mother-daughter duo were discussing something.

Sakshi: You should behave in front of Adi. Otherwise how are you going to trap him.

She smirked while pooja nodded,

Sakshi: Mr. Hooda shall soon going to announce you as his daughter in law so try to charm Adi.

Pooja smirked and took a glass of drink from the passing waiter and left towards Adi.

Pooja: Adi, you are looking so handsome.

Adi gave her a fake smile and then ignored her. He as well as Arjun and Anjana were well aware of her motives.

The party was going in full swing when some one grabbed everyones attention on the stage. Aditya turned to see the man who is none other than Harshvardan Hooda.

Mr. Hooda: Good evening everyone. Hope you all are enjoying the party. Since it is a very blessed day because of Aditya’s birthday. I would like to announce my future daughter in law. Meet soon to be Pooja Hooda!

Everyone applauded as Pooja joined the stage smiling while sakshi smirked. On the other hand the mother-son trio was shocked. Aditya got angry and was about to leave the party when Mr. Hooda called him on the stage. He angrily glaring his father went on the stage and stood in front of the media. Mr. Hooda made another announcement of shifting back to India.

The episode ended on the faces of Hooda family.

Hope you guys liked it. Do tell me your views. Thank you everyone who commented on the promo. It means a lot. Thank you soo much.
I shall not post too often due to exams so I apologise in advance. Sorry. But i’ll try my best to upload it soon.

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