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For you and with you (Episode 8)

Episode starts with Riddhima waking up.She sees window,gets up and sees the sun brighten.She smiles and then sees the clock.
Riddhima to herself: Oh my God..its too late…I have to do fast…
She got ready and tied her hair quickly and was about to leave but then stopped.She again came back in front of mirror and looked at herself.She then smiled and rushed but again stopped.She hit her head lightly…stupid Riddhima..notes you made by waking up whole night..who will take them..she lift them ..and smiled…Now Vansh don’t need to bother.I made these notes for him already.he will be too happy.
She reached college.She sat on first seat.She thought to herself that today I am not going to allow anyone to sirt here ,afterall its Vansh comback.She kept her bag on the bench…no one will be allowed.
She then was waiting.She told herself that don’t give him a very big smile okay..give only little.Firstly he will say hello..not me.
And as she was telling her all ..she saw Vansh entering the class.
All her thoughts stopped.She had made herself understand that don’t give too big smile but all in vain.she was smiling heartily and just looking at him.She lifted her bag so that he may sit.She was about to speak to him but to her amazement he just passed by her without even looking at her.
She got shocked .She turned back and looked at him all shockingly.
Vansh hugged Neha.
Neha: Darling..where were you from some days…we all missed you.
Vansh then sat with a group of boys and girls all talking with them.Riddhima was all shocked.
She turned forward ,her eyes were filled,she was not able to understand that what happened so sudden.
A boy asked Vansh….Are you not going to sit at front sit today Vansh?
Riddhima turned back at stared Vansh to listen to his answer.Vansh looked at Riddhima.He said No..I just want to sit with you my friends today.Riddhima got furious…Her eyes w`ere red and teary.But Vansh’s eyes..they seem to had no emotions at all.they were just cold..as he doesn’t recognise him.
Cllass started.Riddhima was continously piercing a paper with pen..all that happened..that first day with Vansh..that friendship hand..that call she made him..that wait she did for him in past 5 days..and today what he did with her all were mixed up in her mind and she was continuosly piercing paper.Her mind was stunned.She got cosciousness when period end bell rang.
She got up hard .She saw Vansh going out with his group.
She rushed to waterpoint.She washed her face continously.
She then looked at herself in mirror.

Riddhima to herself: Why are you crying now…you should slap yourself.You always knew that boys are cheater..still you made him your friend.And friendship was done na..why you took everything over heart…what had you expected fromhim…he would come to you..talk to you..you will give him notes..will tell him that you made them by waking up all night..and he would be thankful to you? Riddhima laughed at herself.
Riddhima to herself: You know you deserved this.All that happened..you deserved this.Vansh did right with you.He showed that friend is always a friend afterall it was friendship then why are you feeling broken ya…She wiped her tears.
She looked at notes..
“Wait a minute Riddhima…it is not only you at fault.First hand was forwarded by him na..so go and ask him..why he forwarded that day his hand when he don’t even recognise you today.Go and ask him Riddhima…” She told herself.
She rushed from there.All finding him all college.Her eyes were full of anger .
She found him sitting in library and copying notes from his friends notes.He was sitting in group and laughing with them.She was full of anger but her innocence…she had no words to speak.She knew that when she will go to him and ask him then she is definitely going to be filled up of tears and her voice will definitely trembel.
Yet she was not ready to leave..she had to ask him..why he cheated …
She moved to him.
Vansh felt shadow over books and he looked aside and found Riddhima standing over there besides him.Here eyes were red teary and her look…it was as if he had committed a sin.All his friends suddenly became quiet looking at Riddhima.
Neha: Do you want somehing…?
Riddhima showed her hand and said keep quiet.
Vansh again started writing …she took his pen and threw it away.
vansh: Excuse me?
Riddhima: You excuse me..how cheap..how cruel hum you are…you are pretending as you don’t know me..you forwarded your friendship..
She started crying her voice trembeled but she held herself and spoke with full rage.
Riddhima: You asked me for being friend and now you are pretending as you don’t even know me ..may I know why had you done this..
Vansh: You…

He pretended as he is trying to remember her.
Vansh : Riddhima? Right? Ya I remember..I sat with you on first day..sorry yaar I am very tensed that’s why I didn’t remember to meet you today…but why so much envious? I don’t meet everyone everyday.
Vansh’s friend: He is right..Vansh seldom meets people.
Neha: And just because he sat with you first day and called you his friend ..it dosen’t means that you became his girlfriend that he cheated you..what cheating are you talking about? Just that he didn’t meet you today?
They all laughed and so did Vansh and Vansh sat back.
Vansh: Please sit with us all and hang out na…Comeon have a sit.
Riddhima’s tears had stopped,although eyes were filled but now tears were not on her cheeks.She looked away and took deep breath.She had thought that she will throw the notes on him but now..she didn’t want to.She didn’t want to show him that she did so much for him.So she left without saying a word.All she could hear was all their laughs.Vansh’s laugh was not as natural as he did on call..but now she didn’t bother to even think about him.
She moved out of library ,sat on stairs with notes.Now she was calm.Ya he was same as everyone else.She teared her notes and made them out from window and those pieces were now flying in air ,all here and there,Riddhima was seeing them silently.

Precap: Some goons snatched Riddhima’s dupatta,she ran behind them and ended up reaching forest.

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